50 Top Sites you can Download Free Fonts

50 Top Sites you can Download Free Fonts

Fonts,fonts,fonts.are you looking for some cool fonts? There are lots of good sites where you can download fonts. Talking about fonts Here is a list of 50 Sites that you can Download Free Fonts. These are the most recommended sites for downloading some cool fonts for your computer.
Check them all and get as many Cool Free Fonts as you want for your computer. Enjoy!!

1. dafont.com

2. 1001freefonts.com

3. urbanfonts.com

4. fontstock.net

5. gmkfreefonts.com

6. highfonts.com

7. fontshop.com

8. pimpmyfonts.com

10. acidfonts.com

11. fontparadise.com

12. coffeecup.com

13. fontcubes.com

14. typenow.net

15. fonts101.com

16. searchfreefonts.com

17. freemacfonts.com

18. freefonts.co.in

19. simplythebest.net

20. dailyfreefonts.com

21. pickfonts.com

22. fortunecity.com

23. graffitifonts.net

24. showfont.net

25. bestfreefonts.com

26. getfreefonts.com

27. languagegeek.com

28. fontspace.com

29. adigitaldreamer.com

30. liquidfonts.com

31. fontfox.com

32. abstractfonts.com

33. eknp.com

34. wantedfonts.com

35. fontica.com

36. fontfiles.com

37. wonderfonts.com

38. philsfonts.com

39. identifont.com

40. fontation.com

41. fontcenter.com

42. fontreactor.com

43. fontmenu.com

44. a-zfonts.com

45. fontriver.com

46. fontmagic.com

47. fontarchive.com

48. onlyfreefonts.com

49. fonts500.com

50. fontutopia.com

Hope this helps….

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17 Replies to “50 Top Sites you can Download Free Fonts”

  1. very very nice list ^^
    thaaaaaaaanx so much Nald


    ( I dugg it ^^)

  2. OMG 50 sites , oshi 😮


    thakns a ton mate, i only knew dafont till now, thaks for more 49

  3. thank u buddy realy likee ur spirit very well i have downloaded total 100 fonts from fontmagic and 23 from urban fonts thank u for helping me

  4. cb ur are saying just bookmarked this topic i have bookmarked his full site dude 😀 his site gonna rock on photoshop luv u buddy doing a realy nice job

  5. I always prefer dafont.com

    Didn’t know there was 50 sites like this.. Thanks dude..

  6. Nice collection of websites, i usually visit dafont and others, but this a invaluable link resourse, thanks alot

  7. This any site you can download +5000 Free font ,
    simple and easy to download and more spical font
    example . Disney font , barcode font etc.

  8. very nice man, it will helpful to the beginers also
    keep doing like this and this collection is very good for photoshop food and thank u so much! keep it up man and all the best.

  9. thanks!!!
    your’s is a very nice site and most of all very useful.
    thanks and keep with this great job!

  10. Thanks alot! These are great – I have quoted you on my website. Take care.

  11. Found a new site called http://www.fonts2u.com. These guys have over 20k free fonts nicely categorized
    and what I really liked is the extended search they offer. You may search thru all character
    maps. I was trying to find fonts with Japanese characters. I simply selected desired character
    map, hit search and got fonts supporting them. Really cool and effective.

  12. Im gonna forgive you for forgetting Font Squirrel and their @font-Face generator

    This time!

    Great list, thanks!

  13. thanks for sharing.. dafont.com is the best! just add fontsquirrel.com and fontsc.com as well