We are sure that you have heard about blogging especially if you are a freelancer who do a lot of work online. There are so many blogs that tackle on various niches. There are some who merely creates a blog to have a personal outlet in expressing their own thoughts and opinions. Others share their works like digital arts, photographs and a lot more. You can observe that people really have different interests and experiences if you try to dig into some blogs. Looking at these blogs may encourage you to create one for yourself.

As a designer, you have so many things to share to the world. Even your daily tasks can be a good point to share especially when you are working on a project. Some designers give some tips on how they did a certain design. There are even some who are generous enough to share screenshots of their workflow. You can do the same too if you decide to make your own blog. If you are still hesitant to create one, we will be giving you some guides on how you can get started and how you can create your blog posts.

What is Blogging?

Know what you want to share about

Blogging refers to the act of writing or posting for a blog. A blog is a website wherein a person or a group of people share their thoughts, experiences and informative articles. A blog has a personal approach. One gets a lot of writing freedom since he can show what he wants to share using the blog. Some create blogs to post their experiences in their daily activities while others create it in order to share various stuffs to the readers. A blog is more flexible and it is easier to update it than your website. But you have to make sure that your blog matches your website.

There are some designers who have a blog and a website at the same time. More personal posts are shown in the blog since freeform writing is used here. For a website, one has to use a more professional tone. So, if you just want to speak your mind and share what you want in your niche, then go for a blog. You will see that blogging can be so much fun!

Getting Ready for Blogging

In order to get started, you have to know some things and prepare on them, too. So, we will give you some points which you need to work on first before we give you blogging tips.

1. Know your goals. It is important for you to know what your blogging goals are. This can serve as your guide all throughout your blogging activities. This can also help you to be on the right track in blogging. Here are some goals you can might have for your blog:

  • Express your feelings
  • Teach new things
  • Inspire people
  • Promote business
  • Show your expertise
  • Earn money
  • Create a network of people
  • Offer entertainment

2. Find your niche. Now think of what your niche is. Well, for a designer, you would be blogging about design of course. But you still have to be more specific with your blog. Photographers can also create a photoblog where he can posts his pictures and share it to the world. You can also share how you did this and that. Being specific with your niche will allow you to look for topics easier and will also be helpful for your blog’s growth.

3. Decide on your branding. The best way to create a brand for a blog is to integrate your personality into it. This is shown not just on how you write but also on how you present your stories. Doing this will let the readers see that there is really a real person behind the blog. Aside from that, work on other aspects of branding like your logo, tagline, colors and others.

4. Know how to promote your blog. Before your start, you should already have the idea on how you can promote your blog. This way, you will not suddenly take a pause not knowing what to do next. Decide how you want to promote your blog. There are many ways for you to do that. Check the 16 Ways to Promote your Website.

5. List your expectations.Having a list of your expectations encourages you to work harder in order to attain it. It will also be like an assessment if you did well with your blogging or not. If you make expectations, it has to be realistic. If not, you’ll surely find it hard to meet that.

Blogging Tips for Newbies

Now here are for the part where we will give you tips on how you will create blog posts. Just to be clear, this is more about what and how you will write for your blog. This isn’t about how you will design your blog. But if you want design tips for your blog, you can read Tips to Create an Effective Graphic Design Blog. Well, designers and freelancers are already good in their own fields but blogging is a different thing. Some are even hesitant to start doing it thinking that it is hard. But, actually, it isn’t. Take a look at the tips we have below:

1. Know what you want to share about.

Know what you want to share about

Before you start, decide what you want to share to your readers. For sure, you have already thought of what you can share prior to creating a blog. But this time, you have to organize your thoughts so you can come up with the categories in your blog and you can also decide on what articles you will be writing about. Try to know what you want to read in other blogs, too. Basically, what you want to read is also what you want to share to others.

2. Ready articles before beginning.

Ready articles before beginning

Well, most bloggers become so excited in starting a blog. So, instead of making articles first, you might launch your blog first. But it would be much better if you already have some articles prepared for posting. This way, you can keep your blog updated and you will not be worrying about the articles since you already have them prepared. But of course, you also have to keep on writing.

3. Choose interesting topics.

Choose interesting topics

What are the topics that interest you? Start with that. After you have determined those topics that you find interesting, check on what interest others. Or you can also check if your interests also interest others. This way, you will be ensured that it is not only you who would like to read what you are posting because if you will share stuffs that only look good for you, then there is no point in sharing it at all.

4. Schedule posts.

Schedule posts

Think of how you will manage your blog’s posting. Like if you are planning to create list posts, feature some designs and have how-to articles, you have to create a schedule for it. Doing so will not make your blog look monotonous. Create a variety of posts so it will look interesting for the readers.

5. Use captivating titles.

Use captivating titles

You must have read this tip before. Repeated mention of this means this is really important. Captivating titles will help you get your audience. Once they will see a catchy title, their interest will be provoked which will make them check the entire story. So, in making blog posts, make sure that you will think of catchy titles.

6. Content is always king.

Content is always king

Of course, your good title will still be of no use if your contents are poor. Always make sure that your blog’s contents are worth reading and worth sharing. Also, you have to observe correct grammar and spelling all the time. Some readers are particular of these areas. Some consider blogs with many misspelled words as cheap and unprofessional.

7. Create articles for scanning.

Create articles for scanning

Aside from long posts of tips and other features, you should also create some posts that are good for scanning. This includes list posts. This is good for people who would spend only a little time on the internet and would choose to just browse on some items that are interesting for them.

8. Have a writing identity.

Have a writing identity

Each one of us writes differently. So, do not try hard to write the same way as someone else. The easiest way to do that is to write like how you speak. Just put them all in writing. Having a writing identity will help create a brand for your blog. When they read it, they’ll know it’s yours. Also, you have to be consistent with your tone. Consistency is always a key to make your audience stay and will also help you establish your own name and brand in the virtual world.

9. Be creative and unique.

Be creative and unique

When you blog, make sure that you use your creativity and you make it appear unique. For sure, there are already articles similar to yours posted on other sites and blogs. So, it is crucial on your part to make it look totally your own. Present it uniquely and be creative with your presentation, too.

10. Be original.

Be original

It is very important to be original in all your contents. It will not look good if you will be posting contents that come from other websites. Stealing contents will only compromise your blog and it will be very unprofessional. So, create posts that are original. This can also be helpful in promoting your blog and you will have a good online reputation. You might want to read something about the differnce of inspiration and plagiarism.

11. Update! Update! Update!

Update! Update! Update!

It is also good to always be updating your posts. If you do this, you will be able to show a lot of stuffs to the readers. A busy blog is also good because this gives more chances for your readers to get hooked to your blog.

12. Convey relevant information.

Convey relevant information

Most bloggers are sharing their own experiences or own creations. But aside from that, you can also share some interesting and relevant facts. Not all your readers know that. So, why don’t you write one about it and share it to them? They’ll surely be happy to get new information from your blog.

13. Teach something new.

Teach something new

Aside from sharing vital information, creating tutorials or how-tos is one thing that would look interesting for the readers. Share new things that you create. You can also make some tutorials like how to design something using Photoshop or others. Apart from being able to help, you will also be considered as an expert in your field.

14. Use pictures.

Use pictures

Your posts will look a lot better if you add pictures to it. Blogs usually make use of pictures that you take especially if you want to share some stuff you have created. But you can also share pictures from others as long as you give credits to the owner of these images. Be sure to always give credits to the original source so you won’t get busted.

15. Know SEO.

Know SEO

A blog without readers is like a cake you baked without anyone having the interest to eat it. Make the most of your blog by knowing the right way to promote it. Aside from using social media, you also have to know some important things about search engine optimization. This will help your blog grow. As your blog appears in search engines, you will have more and more readers.

It’s Your Turn Now

Blogging is a great way to express, share, network, enjoy and earn! You should not be afraid to create a blog because you actually have a great amount of freedom in it. Just enjoy what you are doing and for sure, you will end up blogging and blogging! We hope that this post about creating your blog posts was helpful. How many of you here have your own blogs? What were the things you did before getting started and what are the points you consider in creating your blog posts? Feel free to share to us your own blogging experiences.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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