Brochures are one of the most effective promotional materials you can use. With it being cost-friendly and efficient in disseminating information, it is really one of the best go-to when you want to promote your products and services.

One example of a business that can gain advantage by using brochures is spa services. You can use it in many ways such as a menu for the services being offered with their respective prices, seminar schedules, or maybe a coupon ticket brochure if you offer coupons.

If you’re thinking of creating one for yourself, then we can help you get a great design.

Here we have gathered some of the best spa brochure designs that you can observe on to gain some ideas and inspirations for your own project. These samples deliver a relaxing and enticing vibe that can surely allure customers.

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Spa Menu

This brochure’s design capitalizes on the background images. These images alone can entice its viewer to have a break and take a relaxing experience in spa.
spa brochure design

Trifold Brochure Spa

Next in the line is this trifold brochure design that utilizes a brown motif. Its layout comprises the services that are offered – along with their respective prices, contact details, and more.
spa theme brochure


Spacio brochure design has this beautiful material that can be used for many beauty-themed businesses.
booklet brochure design

Gloria Palace

This heme aims to exhibit quality service through this elegant design.
elegant brochure

Red Lane Spa

Here is a uniquely folded brochure that majestically opens to show you its content.
unique design

Nav Spa Brochure

This next one is also a portrait trifold brochure design utilizes more on background images as well as text descriptions to allure the customers.
green spa

Qatar Airways Premium Terminal Spa

Here we have a full greyscale background for the front part, and a minimalistic approach on the content part. The clean white background makes the texts and images pop out.
beauty brochure

Spa Brochure

This template displays various designs, each with its own color palette and layout.
spa brochure template


Atiscent has a booklet format that uses enticing background images on left-side pages and some menus and descriptions on the right side.
wellness catalogue design


Spahan has a landscape trifold brochure that was designed with a neat total layout. The designer placed all the images on the side flaps and the list of services being offered on the center.
landscape trifold brochure

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Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.