When we say single-page website, these are sites that have all the necessary contents on the same page. Instead of seeing lots of pages where you can see the site’s contents, you will only see a single page. They are all connected and you can view it while scrolling vertically or maybe horizontally. You can also click on navigation buttons which will bring you to that certain section of the same page. It is unique and would wow users who have seen it for the first time.

The popularity of one-page websites happens because this kind of site really works. This is usually used for portfolios, product promotion, brief announcements and others that do not need much content. There are also many advantages and benefits that you can pinpoint. So, for today’s post, we will show you the benefits of having a single page website. You may not exactly know the reason why single-page websites become popular, so we will lay those reasons for you. Come take a look at our list below.

1. Better user experience.

Better user experience
Site: C People

Your users will surely have a better work experience if you have single page website because there aren’t much to navigate to. They have easy access to information and they do not have a problem on how they can get into a relevant material of the site. Your users will surely have a good time browsing your site.

2. You can easily inform.

You can easily inform
Site: Jlern Design

With the amount of available space, you will surely make use of it in a good way by using words that are direct and specific. This would make it a lot easier for your users to get your point and the information you would like to tell. They also do not need to go far just to know what you are supposed to tell them.

3. Easy navigation.

Easy navigation
Site: Inspiration Dormant

One advantage of a one page website is its easy navigation. Since there is only one page, your users will not get lost. You do not have to worry about the navigation and if the users will see what you have in the page. For sure, they’ll get to rest their eyes on everything in the page. It is an advantage that the users are only a few scrolls or click away from the information they want to know. Also, most probably, you would not need a navigation bar or at least you only need to use one

4. Allows you to focus on quality.

Allows you to focus on quality
Site: Eric Steuten

With a single page website, you will be able to give more attention to quality and not quantity. You can focus on your website without thinking about the other pages of the site. You will be able to have a better website with good quality having better results.

5. No need to direct users.

No need to direct users
Site: Salon Lafolie

On a simple one page website, you will not have a headache on how you will lead the users to a certain page. Everything will be a lot easier for you. You will not have to worry about your users not finding their way towards the information that they want. You can do away with huge navigation and quickly show the users what they need.

6. Gives you a chance to show your best.

Gives you a chance to show your best
Site: Skittles

You might be spending a lot of time thinking on what to do on every page of your website. But with a one page site, you would not have to think much about that. You only have one page to do and you can give all your best to create the best design you’ll ever think of.

7. Easier site maintenance.

Easier site maintenance
Site: Logo Time

Of course, with a one page site, it would certainly be a lot easier to maintain it. Making some changes is a lot simpler than that of a site with many pages. You only have to worry about a single page and you can surely give it the best maintenance you can. That would also be hassle free for you.

8. Higher chances for better ranking on Google.

Higher chances for better ranking on Google
Site: Bell Creative Studio

Since you only have one page, there is more chances for increased Google ranking. This means that the ranking will be applied to the entire site because there is only a single page. You will have more chances for search engines which can lead to higher traffic.

9. Easier to organize content.

Easier to organize content
Site: A Tented Affair

With the lesser content, you will find it a lot easier to organize everything. You can make use of headers to separate sections. This way, the user will know where they are at already and what section they are reading. That would be simpler than having many pages and having the need to organize all of them.

10. A good impression on visitors.

A good impression on visitors
Site: G’nosh

Why is this so? Because single page websites are not really common. When a user get into your site and find out that yours is done differently, they will surely be impressed. They will love to look into your site for it is unique and also easy to navigate

11. Have reduced bandwidth.

Have reduced bandwidth

Although, it is not much of a problem these days, it would still be an advantage for you because your site will easily load. You can do away with boring the user while waiting for the entire site to load. This is important especially if your site has increased traffic already.

12. Have minimal content.

Have minimal content
Site: Chleon

You do not have to think much on what to place in your site because there are only minimal content. Although, sometimes it is more challenging to think of brief contents that are direct, clear and specific. But when done well, your site will surely be effective.

It’s Your Turn Now

A single–page website poses different advantages but not all would opt to use this kind for it depends on the type of website one has. But with the above things, you will surely choose to use one if it is appropriate for your website. Have you come across interesting designs of single-page websites? Would you like to share that to us? Or you might want to add something to our list above?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.

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