Hi there! Here is a High-Quality Photoshop Brush set that I made for you for dropping by here in Naldz Graphics. This is a set of Splatter Paint Brushes that consists of 7 High Quality Brushes which you can download for free. These were made in Photoshop CS4 and you may use them where ever you want. I would really appreciate if you consider to give a link back from this post if you used them or share it with others. Design is love. Share the love!

Also, if you need more of this stuff we have a second batch of these brushes that you can also download for free.

free splatter brushes photoshop


Oh, one more thing. If in case you don’t know how to upload the brushes to your Photoshop yet, here’s a quick and easy guide that you must check out and learn.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


  1. i subscribe your feed via email yesterday…
    and now start to download a lot of cool photoshop stuff from you 🙂
    thanks for sharing this..

  2. These are one of the best splatter brushes I have downloaded. That is saying much, because usually they are not interesting or the edges aren’t clean or they are so small that you can’t do much with them. Thanks!

  3. I cant download it 🙁 i realy like the thumbnail on some site that linked me here, but i cant use it 🙁

  4. Thanks guys.im glad you like it:)

    @ Kiki

    I can download the Brushes. have you try click on “Download Now”?

  5. i must be very dumb 🙁 cant see any download button anywhere on the page, i’ve looked over and over again but still nothing.

    Do i have to register or subscribe?

  6. @Kiki

    hmm.thats weird.ok please click on the image so you can download the brushes=)

  7. For some reason it’s acting like an image.
    I’ve download brushes before, I put it into the brush folder and everything, but that doesn’t do any good when it keeps acting like an image file. I only get an icon and the only option I have is to open it in CS4, but then I can’t because it’s not the right file type. I’m so confused as to why this is happening.

  8. These brushes r awesome. :3 Thx for the hard work, dude. Keep it up.

  9. Sweet as! I’m a huge fan of Splatter brushes, so thanks man.

  10. Thanks!, ill make a design for a arcade stick for street fighter 4, thanks for share ! 😀

  11. Thanks for these, they are great. You can never have too many splatter brushes.

  12. Hey, thanks for these! I’m looking forward to incorporating them into a piece!

  13. I’ve try ur brushes and its very nice keep on doing that thanx

  14. Thanks for the share… I am designing a t-shirt for kids at a Deaf Summer Camp in Hungary… thought I’d like to try these!

  15. How to Put it in the Photoshop Folder?.. Should I extract it?

  16. How about Photoshop CS5, it is can in use? or just for photoshop CS4?

  17. Thank you for sharing. I am going to use the brush for designing wallpaper for the Design Contest of Japanese Game.

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