1. Great article so creative could use some of these for my new project 😛

  2. It’s a great article, I like to design like this too.
    Simple designs especially, knowing the costs of printing multi colours I think a one colour design can be just as effective.

  3. My own opinion is that I think simple logos generally have a longer life span. More complicated ones, because they have more detail and embellishment, can be subject to changes of fashion and can date more quickly.

  4. To me the logo should not be much simpler, and not too complicated. Primarily due to the fact that it has been truly unique in the minds of consumers. An example for me just the logo, which is not unique – the Honda logo on the cars. There was a company Hyundai with its logo and now the two are almost the same logo. Honda – H straight Hyundai – H canted. Many inexperienced users think Hyundai is actually a Honda. But this is completely another brand.
    Now about the complex logos. Just in case there Heineken. So, for many (I will not give a reference to the research, lost it once), Heineken is the same as Carlsberg. In both there are green and red, both European brands… I had just hanging around to ensure that the logo should be simple, with small chips to a clear identification of its

    Thanks for the article

  5. ill’ go for the simple Logo. To me they are more effective, and the message seem more clear.
    -I just made my new Portfolio Logo, its visible at behnance; http://bit.ly/qvJnLJ
    Please let me have your opinion or appreciation!

  6. interesting article! 🙂
    any logos either simple or complex as long as it is unique and easily remembered, then serves their purpose.
    btw, i like simple and minimal logos… thanks for sharing! 😛

  7. In my opinion truly great logo design should have layers whether the image is simple or complex. an ideal logo should be easy to describe but also be visually complex.

    for example apple logo shown here is a good example of that. described simply as: its an apple with a bite out of it. but closer inspection shows that it has a lot of complex detail; highlight, gradient, multiple colors, and a drop shadow this adds to the visual complexity of a simple to describe logo.

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