If you have been looking for way to brand yourself, then a logo would be the best bet. It summarizes your company in one image and it evokes your values and goals. But it should be chosen with care. With this, it is important to find artists that will truly understand what kind of logo design you need. You will need someone who can reflect on what your company stands for and create a logo from there.

However, artists have different perspectives. Not all logo artists will look at your company in the same way you do. You may have thought of looking for an artist that reflects your thoughts but this may result in your disappointment if the artist happens to think otherwise. With this, there is no better solution than a logo contest so you can get the ideas of various artists and choose the idea that comes closest to what you are thinking.

But hosting logo contests can be a bit messy. You wait for applicants and you moderate the contest. Also, in some informal logo contests held at forums, some artist may bug you on giving them feedback on each logo they make. This is not only irritating. It wastes a lot of your time which you should be dedicating into conducting your business.
Logomyway helps you in this aspect. It lets you create a contest with dozens of artists waiting to create your logo. This makes it easy for you to get artists who are experienced in logo making as well as view the entries to see which appeals to you the best.


A Wide Array of Designs to Choose From

In Logomyway, you will never run out of designs. You will be able to view over 200+ custom logo designs. Also, with dozens of artists waiting to create your logo, you will surely find the logo that is right for your company.

Let Artists Come to You

So if you are still searching the internet looking for an experienced and artistic logo maker, then you can do yourself a favour by using Logomyway. With this you do not need to search or approach artists. You can simply put up a contest and all of them will come flocking to you. Now this saves you energy as well as your time for you do not need to wait for entries. In just seven days, you will see dozens of entries and all you will need to do is choose.

Save Time and Money

In Logomyway, you will see progress in hours and you will not only get one design but lots of them. There is also a money-back guarantee if your contest did not get enough contestants. That way, you can be ensured that there will be at least 20 logo design concepts you will choose from. This will provide a real value for your money.

Ready-to-own Logos


After you have tried Logomyway, you will get your desired logo in a universally accepted vector format. With this, you can easily add this to your website template as well as your letters, business cards and other company publications. You are given full ownership of the logo and it will not be used for other companies again.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.

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