Some people choose to work for multiple types of job and they have mastered the art of multi-tasking. They could be working for a day job and also do freelance at the same time. If you come to think of it, it is quite hard, isn’t it? But for some, it is already their way of living and losing the other makes them feel incomplete. There are actually advantages that one can get from keeping both jobs. We will take a look these advantages today.

With the right attitude, one can succeed for both their day job and a freelance job. But not all people can do that or maybe not all people are confident and positive enough that they can do it. If you want to try that, you can check on our Survival Tips: Your Day Job and Freelancing in One. It can give you tips on how you can do both your day job and your freelance job. For now, we will look into the reasons why you can both of them. Here they are:

1. You can earn more.

You can earn more

Of course, you really will be able to earn more when you have multiple jobs. Your day job can already give you a certain amount of income but your freelance job can give you additional earnings. There are instances that freelance earnings are even bigger than the regular salary for a day job. That could surely help you a lot especially if you have lots of expenses for the family.

2. You can learn more.

You can learn more

Some people said that the things they do for a day job are just the same over and over again. That would be true since day jobs are given certain job descriptions. You would be doing the same or similar jobs the whole time. This means that you could have mastered your task already. Being so occupied with a day job can also hinder you to learn more. Working for freelance will allow you to learn especially if your freelance jobs are challenging, urging you to study.

3. You can use your time wisely and productively.

You can use your time wisely and productively

Instead of just watching television or going out with friends every day off from work, you can use your time wisely. You can use it to work for your freelance jobs. This way you can be productive. You will surely be happy that you are able to use your time wisely. But this doesn’t mean that you will no longer have time for rest. You have to take a break, too. You can even pack your suitcase for a vacation. See Reasons Why One Should Consider Taking a Break from Freelancing.

4. You can pursue your dreams.

You can pursue your dreams

Your freelance career is a good thing when it comes to financial stuff but if we speak about reaching career goals, your day job can give you that. Like if you want to be a doctor or an engineer, you can be one with your current job. So, keep it. You can do freelancing anyway even if you have a day job.

5. You can develop skills.

You can develop skills

Since you have mastered your skills that you use for your day job, it would be time to develop new skills. If your day job cannot let you do that, your freelance job can. There are lots of new skills that can be developed while you are freelancing. Some of them you cannot imagine you will be doing. When freelancing, it is like you will be doing lots of things on your own which will oblige you to learn and study skills like accounting and others.

6. You can improve yourself.

You can improve yourself

If you are into so many different tasks for both your day job and freelancing, you will obviously be able to improve yourself a lot. With new learnings, new skills and others, you will surely see yourself growing not just in one field but of different aspects. This is one sure thing that you will love about your jobs. You will even feel that you are more competent to work now.

7. You can expand your network.

You can expand your network

Having a network is a must for freelancing. You have a network for your day job too and you will also have another network for your freelance job. If you combine both, you can see that you have a wide range and a huge number of prospect clients! We just can’t imagine how big your network would be!

8. You can acquire benefits from a day job.

Acceptance of rejection

One thing that you cannot get from freelancing are health benefits and other regular benefits you can get from a day job. So, if you have both, you are already free of some stuff like insurance, check-ups and others. You can get this from your day job. There would really be a balance since some good stuffs are also obtained from your day job.

9. You can have a regular source of income.

You can have a regular source of income

Freelancing is a type of business where you are uncertain if you will be getting a job contract or not. There would be times that you will only have few clients especially that the competition on freelancing is quite high. But with your day job, you will be assured that even if you do not get clients for your freelance job, you will still have earnings. A day job is a sure source of income. No matter what happens to your freelancing career, you are certain that you’ll be able to get your needs.

10. You love your job.

You love your job

Even before you started freelancing, you were already in that job and you love your job! So, why quit doing something you love? Or if you went freelancing first before you worked for a day job, for sure you have got used to doing freelance and you love it, too! So, why don’t you just do both jobs? Nothing is wrong with doing both as long as you can manage it.

It’s Your Turn Now

Doing multiple jobs is not easy but with the right time management, attitude and dedication to work, you will be able to handle it well. But if you have tried doing it and you think that you cannot handle it well or you always compromise the other job, then you might as well choose one. It really depends on your situation. But keeping both jobs can surely give you many advantages. Do you agree with the points we have above?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Yeahh freelancing is not a bad think, there are some people thinking that this is not good but is not true…

  2. freelancing is a good job because you don’t have a boss but your self,right?!!

  3. Freelancing is a good job. If you can combine a daily work whit your freelancing work, you made the best!

  4. @Neshtoto: Well, some people think that way since they really do not know the nature of freelancing but what they are unaware of is that freelancers are “silent achievers”. Freelancers are successful people and would not need to brag about it. 🙂

    @Charlot: Yes! When you are a freelancer, you are your own boss.

    @Stefano: You are right about that. As long as you could handle both freelancing and your day job, then things will go well. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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