Business Cards are very essential tools used for formal introductions which serve as a memory aid. We have already posted several creative examples of them in various colors like green, purple, and more. For this post, we aim to help you enhance your skills in your artworks for the field of business through the use of extra elements to increment Black and White for Design. Business cards doesn’t require any style. It’s your way of presenting your business the way you want it to be perceived.

2014 Update:

For this new update, we have added fresh new business card designs in black and white. Expound your inspiration and ideas with these nice designs that you’ll love. Scroll down and check them all out. Come, take a scroll, and go on a roll.

Aeris Network Business Card
Fairly Nice Business Card
By: simonbouchard

Black Inc Free Business Card
Simply Cool Business Card
By: robbythedesigner

BearSoft Business Card
Amazing Business Card
By: s-a-t-i-n-e

Hello there! Make to a point to check out these another set of cool collection you’ll love.

Business Card for Photographer
Captivating Business Card
By: yuliusstar

Zen Business Card Black
Cute Red Business Card
By: inkrush

Floating City Business Card
Attractive Business Card
By: truefreestyle

Elegant Damask Business Card
Elegant Business Card
By: inkddesign

Studioish Business Card
Charming Business Card
By: studioish

Business Card Blokk
Alluring Business Card
By: treeleaf

Zebra Logo and Card
Enthralling Business Card
By: skizzm

JF Design Business Card
Dazzling Business Card
By: macspiffy

Minimalistic Business Card
Clever Business Card
By: lemongraphic

Appealing B&W Business Card
By: Lee Miller

Samantha Szczerb Fashion Marketing
Amazing B&W Business Card
By: freddythor

Music Business Card
Sensational Business Card
By: styletheweb

David West Photography
Simply Appealing Business Card
By: Taste of Ink Studios

Spot Gloss Business Card
Really Rewarding B&W Business Card
By: Scott

Snap Business Card
Indeed Captivating Business Card
By: kaixer

Stylist Business Card
Fancy Business Card
By: Taste of Ink Studios

Two in the Bush
Really Cute B&W Business Card
By: Paddy Duke

Simple Business Card
Simply Rocking Business Card
By: roblfc1892

Fairly Nice Business Card
By: Imaginary Design

FA Business Card
Engaging Business Card
By: FA Design

Phil Gauthier Card
Exuding B&W Business Card
By: Phil

Creative Business Card
Outstanding Business Card
By: Graphic Lunch

Unique Business Card
Really Neat B&W Business Card
By: EightSevenZero Signs & Designs

Radar Identity Business Card
Cool B&W Business Card
By: Adam Morris

Patricia Staelens
Indeed Awesome B&W Business Card
By: Chilli design & MultiMedia

IPhone Monster
Up to Date B&W Business Card

Orient Express
Going Oriental on Business Card
By: Malota Projects

Amusing Business Card
By: Fuse

First View Business Card
Simply Eye-Catching Business Card
By: FirstView

Fred Duba
Adorably Simple Business Card
By: Fred Duba

Kunnguyen Design Studio
Thin and Neat Business Card
By: kunnguyen

Alpis Design Business Card
Glowing in Style Business Card
By: Pipo Zoft

Kinos Arrau
Really Rewarding B&W Business Card
By: Heinz Wild

Brenna Quan BC
Style Stands Out for Business Card
By: The Mandate Press

CV Wine Bar Resto
Exactly Engaging Business Card
By: Aris Goumpouros

Grunge Black and White Bcard
Grunge Style Business Card
By: MosheSeldin

Photossee Bcard
In Perfect Style Business Card
By: m1

Business Card
Great B&W Business Card
By: Jordan Metcalf

Blaudesign Identity
Monochromatically Amazing Business Card
By: Jozsef Deak & Elekes Istvan

Sensitive Designs
Delightful Business Card
By: Sensitive Designs

Mix Tape Generation
Fabulous Business Card
View Source

Laser Cut Black Business Card
laser cut black business card
By: Smriti Kariwal

Black And White Business Cards
black white business cards
By: Lauren Vajda

Letterpress Business Card Design
letterpress business card design
By: The Working Assembly

Wood Hot Foil Stamped Business Card
hot oil wood business card
By: Nina Hans

Bright Neon Red Edge Painted Business Card Design
red edge business card design
By: Principle Design

Vintage Typography
typography business card designs
By: Sideshow Press

Dark And Mysterious
dark business card design
By: Staci Paul

Gold Embossed Business Card
gold embossed business card
By: Foxtrot Studio

Beautifully Textured Vintage Style
vintage business card design
By: Moontree Letterpress

Subtle Edge Painting
edge color letterpress business card
By: Little Peach Co.

With the monochrome travel through the world of Business Cards, we certainly hope you were able to get to choose what fascinated you the most and what could inspire you much for your next project. Ever had the heart for Monochromatic Style?

Ebrian Acebedo

About the author: A Licensed Medical Practitioner who apparently likes web design and business.


  1. Not just inspiring but truly awesome collection, thanks for sharing with us..

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  3. Coolest design ive ever seen, black and white are perfect it..

  4. How amazing stuff you got here.. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I’m a big fan of bold black and white minimalist designs. I especially like “Blaudesign Identity” and “Alpis Design”.

  6. Wow Cool collections….
    Like it very much. Thanks for sharing……..(-_-)

  7. A collection of really nice business cards… so many in fact that you could remove the ones that aren’t completely black and white. The spot blues, oranges, or reds in my opinion exclude them from this category.

  8. Like it very much. Thanks for sharing……..(-_-)

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