There are particular designs for a particular trademark for a field in business but sometimes, it’s the uniqueness that matters and how effective it is as a marketing strategy. We are talking about Business Cards. From the different types and colors, we may narrow it down to particular fields to distinguish the uniqueness and even the impact it gives to clients. Photography is one of those fields which is growing very fast and the competition too. When it means business, it would mean creativity in marketing strategies too. Most photographers advertise their service through business cards that obviously conveys the name of the business while some would choose to make theirs look simple and others in their own special ways. There are several designs you might want to be inspired of.

Your strategy as a Photographer lies on how you’d market your product. It’s quite worth it to give it all in terms of letting others know what you can do and what you love to do. So here goes 33 Cool Photography Business Cards you may want to check out today. We have narrowed it down for you…

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FE Photography Business Card

Romantic Photography Business Card
Image: atim’s
A business card of a freelance photographer.

SNAP Business Card

Creative Photography Business Card
Image: kaixergroup
This business card measures 10.0″x5.9″ and fully editable.

Diba Photography Business Card

Nice Photography Business Card
Image: Sepidehgraphic
A simple yet elegant type of Photography Business Card.

Feather Nest Photography : Business Cards

Cool Photography Business Card
Image: Luxecetera
One of the few elegant examples of a letter pressed Photography Business Cards.

Photographer Business Card

Awesome Photography Business Card Design
Image: Lemongraphic
One of the corporate photography business card designs of Lemongraphic.

Janelle Joy Photography: Business Cards

Eye-Catching Photography Business Card
Image: Luxecetera
This is another letter pressed business card design with rounded corners.

Excellens Business Card

Excellent Photography Business Card
Image: KaixerGroup
The card measures 2.0×3.5 inches with bleed.

Photography Business Card

Idealistic Photography Business Card
Image: glenngoh
A neat business card design aimed especially for photographers.

Photography Business Card

Well-expressed Photography Business Card
Image: glenngoh
A photography business card design which used one of the best shots in a photographer’s portfolio.

Free Photography Business Card

So Nice Photography Business Card
Image: DarkoAb
A business card design that’s highly customizable and ready to print. CMYK colors has been used with 300 dpi.

Team Wasted Business Card

Really Creative Photography Business Card
Image: basurero712
A personal photography business card for a team of photographers.

Wedding Photo Business Card

Fresh Photography Business Card
Image: danbradster
A business card particularly designed for wedding photographers.

Dan Schenker Photography

Relevant Photography Business Card
Image: nodannyfilm
A design created by the photographer himself.

Krissi Lea Photography Business Card

So Inspiring Photography Business Card
Image: zachabre
The client is the designer’s girlfriend.

Business Card: Smiths

Simply Nice Photography Business Card
Image: br8086
A photography business card where the artist used portrait shots to express the business’ genre.

Business Cards

Classic Photography Business Card
Image: ScotchMegafleet
Business card design done for a graphic design class.

Garibaldi Photography Business Cards

Inspiring Photography Business Card
Image: dolcepress
A letterpress type of a photography business card.

Business Cards

Rewarding Photography Business Card
Image: T Becker Photography
Amazing business cards created by MOO.

Embark Photography

Crunched Photography Business Card
Image: Jacob T Photo
A creative photography business card shot.

Photography Business Card

Elegant Black Photography Business Card
Image: lemongraphic
A simple yet elegant photography business card with some colors to complement with black being the base.

Ltterpress Business Card

Cute Photography Business Card
Image: dolcepress
A creatively printed letterpress business card.

Translucent Photographer Business Card

Really Awesome Photography Business Card
Image: Alexandre Thomas
CMYK color mode has been used in this design with 300 dpi.

Blue Dog Photography Business Card

Superb Photography Business Card
Image: DilemmaStudio
The business which owns this business card is located in Madison, WI.

Translucent Photographer Business Card

Fabulous Photography Business Card
Image: sammy g.
The card actually measures 2″x3.5″.

John Lauren Photography Letterpress Cards

Really Nice Photography Business Card
Image: dolcepress
Another letterpress photography business card design. This time, green and yellow colors has been used.

Sarah Kate Photography Cards

Very Cool Photography Business Card
Image: dolcepress
A square type of a photography business card. Simple but professionally designed.

PBD Card

Really Elegant Photography Business Card
Image: omni6us
A really elegant design of a photography business card.

ABM Photogarphy Business Card

Expressive Photography Business Card
Image: ABMphotogarphy (Trialsmaster2)
A Nikon D80 was used to capture this business card design.

Photographer Business Card

Colorful Photography Business Card
Image: maigrane
A business card design that the artist made for a friend.

Denise Lin Photography Business Card

Attractive Photography Business Card
Image: Denise Lin Photography
A personal photography business card creatively designed.

Business Card

Stylish Photography Business Card
Image: AniekPhotography
The artist describes the design to be classic and stylish.

Galeon Photography BCard

Classy Photography Business Card
Image: jestrenytemare
A simple yet well-expressed example of a photography business card for the artist’s friend’s freelance business.

Kari Polak Photography BizCard

Clever Photography Business Card
Image: cardboardmonet
Simple yet creative design for a Photography Business Card.

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How important has a business card been for your field? How would you want to make your cards look this year? Since the year 2012 has just begun, you might as well want to update your business card design. For those in the field of Photography, with that creative angle and the click of that shutter, for sure you’ll get the hang of what you’d want your cards to look like and even inspired with one of the design inspirations we have posted today.

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About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


  1. Thanks for these! i’m tryin’ to design one for a friend… 😉

  2. I like the Translucent Photographer Business Card from Alexandre Thomas… good job!

  3. I love what they did to make Team Wasted Business Card look creative!

  4. I’d want to make my card look as though it’s gonna burst with fire like a dragon.. altho i’d still have to figure out how it’s gonna be done.. lol

  5. The Denise Lin’s b-card looks nice, it has a unique touch of design. One can connect all four and create a pattern, very creative!

  6. Very helpful indeed, thanks to this now i know what i want for my company’s anniversary bussiness card design. Thanks anyways! =)

  7. wow! these designs looks elegant, this makes my business card look trash.. better design a new one.. hope you’ll post some tutorials about designing business cards on photoshop..

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