Deciding to go on freelancing is not easy especially when it comes to photography. That entails much hard work and it also means working alone most of the time. But of course, aside from the challenges of freelancing, one can also munch on the advantages freelancing can give like taking hold of your own time, being your own boss and many others. So, before you start freelancing, make sure that you have the gut, the skill, the confidence, the patience and the determination.

So, if you are a photographer and you decided to do freelancing, you have to make sure that you are ready for it because if not, you will not succeed. You can check out our Tips on Getting Ready for Freelance Photography. And if you are already ready to start, the next thing that you might ask is, “what should I do to succeed in this career”? Well, the tips below could be part of your to-do list in taking your steps towards a successful career as a freelance photographer.

1. Have your own style.

Have your own style

When you are into photography, it is also important to have your own style. Doing that can set you apart from the rest and can also make you known because of the style you have. There are so many photographers and you can never compete with them if you haven’t created your own style. While you practice photographing different subjects in varying locations, you will be able to discover a certain style that you can call yours. Some clients choose a certain photographer to work for him because of the photographing style.

2. Know your camera.

Know your camera

It is of course important to know your camera. It would be similar to taking an exam in school without studying your lessons if you accept clients even if you are not yet well knowledgeable on how to use your camera. Familiarize everything about it. Befriend it since it will be your working buddy.

3. Be inventive and creative.

Be inventive and creative

With the numerous types of photography, you can surely experiment which ones you’ll love and be good at. You can also be inventive on what to do with your shots. Do not just stick on what a normal scenario can give you. Be creative and think of ways to make the picture look better. Do not be afraid to try new things. Some may fail but you will surely be pleased when something succeeds. When you do unique and exceptional shots, you will catch other’s attention.

4. Know your market.

Know your market

In every business and career, it is always important to know your market. But knowing them is not enough. You have to study them! Doing that can let you find out what they need and what you also have to do. You will be able to determine what you have to improve so you can be chosen by your target market to work for them.

5. Continue learning.

Continue learning

Improve more by learning a lot. Everyone still has room for improvement no matter how good he or she is already. So, always open yourself for new learning. While you do your work, you will get to learn lots of new things. You can also learn from fellow photographers and even from your clients. You can succeed in freelance photography if you never stop learning.

6. Create a blog.

Create a blog

It would really be helpful if you have your own blog about photography. Share your experiences there and also your photos. You can also post some inspirational ideas for your fellow freelance photographers. Creating a blog is a good way to get clients especially if you are just starting. People will be able to see how good you are with what you are doing and clients will even approach you instead of you looking for them.

7. Have a portfolio.

Have a portfolio

Of course, it is a must that you have a portfolio. Prepare an online portfolio that showcases your shots well. Choose a design and layout that would best tell what kind of photography you are into. Make sure that you will update your portfolio all the time. This can show your audience that you are still active with your freelance photography career. You can read our Relevant Design Tips in Creating a Photography Online Portfolio so you can be guided on how to design your portfolio.

8. Work for free.

Work for free

You will not be successful if you will not start by working for free. Working free of charge can also help you to develop your skills. It is a good practice and exposure. You can work for your friends and relatives at first. Then other people will already request for your service, this time with fee especially if they have seen how good you are with the outputs you have for your free photography services.

9. Respond to emails and phone calls.

Respond to emails and phone calls

Being a professional means that you have to communicate with people. They might merely be inquiring at first but who knows, they can be a prospect client. So, make sure that you respond to emails and phone calls. This is one way of showing that you are interested to work with them and that you can offer them a good client service.

10. Know how much to charge.

Know how much to charge

It is important to know how much you should charge. You can determine that by checking on how much other photographers charge for a certain service. Aside from your photography, determine how much you will charge for other services like still portraits, digital retouching, special effects and others. You can also offer printing if you have the equipments.

It’s Your Turn Now

Succeeding as a freelance photographer would be possible if you have prepared yourself well before you embark on the field. You can also try applying the tips we have above. Along with that, make sure that you have self-confidence because without it, you will not be able to get client and get great shots, too. Are you into freelance photography? What did you do in order to succeed? Would you like to share some points to us?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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