Internet businesses make a big blunder if they lack a good and powerful logo design around their website pages. The existence of an effective logo in an e-commerce website is able to greatly boost the quantity of purchases that the website gets. Placing an attractive emblem on your website provides an even more reliable look for the website and progresses for some time in winning the trust of your clients. Consumers are naturally thorough with regards to doing business on the web, especially when they are using your services for the very first time. They are on the lookout for signs that your online business is a dependable one. Once you exhibit a professionally-crafted logo on your internet site, people will notice that you value quality and may be more willing to trust you. In today’s logo design inspiration post, we provide you with a collection of logos in which the primary image is the bird known for its colorful tail feathers – the peacock logo. Peacocks are male birds which can be seen in most part of South Asia. These creatures are amazingly lovely birds and are recognized for the rain dance fanning their tail.

Here are the 30 Splendid Designs of Peacock Logo for your Inspiration. Have a look at these birds with amazing fans of color feathers being incorporated in the logos of different companies. You are sure to find one on the list which will inspire you to create a peacock logo for your next design project. Have fun browsing!

Blinking Peacock Productions

Blinking Peacock Productions logo
A logo design of a peacock with film strips for tail feathers.

Eazl Creative

eazl creative logo
A logo designed for eazl creative.

Australian Art Supply

Australian Art Supply logo
A logo design of a peacock with the tail feathers shaped like Australian continent.

Light Peacock

Light Peacock logo
A logo design which is great for a creative agency or photography where colors play such an important part.

Tim Peacock Photography

Tim Peacock Photography logo
A logo design which can be used for a photography company, spa company or art company.

Purple Peacock

Purple Peacock logo
A logo design which is suitable for almost any business.

125 Colors

125 Colors logo
A logo created for web design agency based in Belgium.

Kuri School

Kuri School logo
A logo designed for a school in Pakistan.

Bela Vista

Bela Vista logo
A logo design created for a residential complex.


PLUME logo
A logo designed by chaytoo.


Pencock logo
A logo design which is ideal for education, office supply, book store, art and design and more.


RuralArts logo
A logo designed by tickey.

Peacocks & Lilies

Peacocks & Lilies logo
A logo designed for a Brisbane based image styling company.

Nougatine Logo

Nougatine Logo
A logo design for a local chocolate store.

PAUN (Peacock)

PAUN (Peacock) logo
A logo design combination of a sun, landscape and a peacock.

Yoga Peacock

A logo designed by gobrayrosse.
Source logo
A logo which is great for a company selling makeup online, compare prices for different makeup brands, etc.


Pavlin logo
A logo which is ideal for a dancewear company, shoes and accessories boutique.


Aleynn logo
A logo designed for a spa center.

Peacock On The Run

Peacock On The Run logo
A logo designed for a web developmentcompany specialising in developing websites for photographers.

The Luxury Beauty Company v2

The Luxury Beauty Company v2 logo
A logo designed for a beauty product company.

Modish Maternity

Modish Maternity logo
A logo designed for a maternity store.

Peacock Indian Cuisine

Peacock Indian Cuisine logo
A logo designed by eplicanic for a restaurant specializing in Indian cuisine.

Peacock Crest

Peacock Crest logo
A logo designed by Chirag.

Peacock Totem

Peacock Totem logo
A logo designed by Razvan Baban.

Blue Bird Events

Blue Bird Events Logo
A logo designed for an exclusive event management company which specializes in corporate events.


A logo design which suits well to any business or industry.


bodhi logo
A logo designed by woelve.

Beige Peacock

Beige Peacock logo
A logo designed for a bookstore.

Sheen Boutique

Sheen Boutique Logo Design
A logo designed by nosKILL1343.

Do you find this collection very inspiring? Out of all these different designs of peacock logo, which are your favorites? Spend some time to add your feedbacks below.

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About the author: A mechanical engineer who finds article writing as one of her newest love career.


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  3. Peacock on the run is so colorful and cute.
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