There are a lot of ways in making business card designs attractive and engaging; one of these is using bright neon colors.

This kind of colors tends to glow and be bright more than usual and thus can get more attention from observers. They can also incorporate some playfulness, creativity and more.

For this post, we have collected some of the handpicked examples of Neon Business Cards. Get some ideas and inspirations on how the elements of neon colors give life and extra impact to the design.

Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and be inspired!

Edge painted b.card 4
green neon business card design

A clean and elegant design made even brighter with the green neon edge paint.

Calling Cards, Edge Painting
orange neon business card design

Here an orange neon design was used as edge painting.

Edge painted b.card 8
blue neon business card design

In this card, the logo, name, and edges have been applied with a nice blue neon color.

edifix neon business card design

The striking logo has been printed in four different neon colours all of which draw the eye straight to it.

Anke Van Esch
anke van esche neon business card design

Bright purple and neon red are an unusual colour combination but they work very well together on this card to create a bright statement with a lot of impact.

Die Continentale
die continentale neon business card design

The back of the card is an impossible to ignore neon coloured card stock and when the black layer has been laminated to this layer the bright colour shows through the laser cut areas.

Broderie Architecturale
bright neon business cards design

These cards have been completely contrasted with the bright, eye-catching neon coloured edge painting which really makes these cards memorable.

Preciously Me
neon pink business card design

In using bright neon pink for the front of the card with hot foil stamped super shiny gold calligraphy the designer has pulled no punches with this design

infinity neon business card

Using a process known as duplexing, a bright neon coloured card has then been laminated to the black card to show as a contrast through the laser cut areas.

nice orange neon business card design

Letterpress printed silver metallic on duplexed French Smart White with fluorescent orange painted edges.

Marta Mateo
bright neon letterpress business card

There’s really no way anyone can ignore these business cards.

red neon business card design

The bright neon red edge painting is the finishing touch which makes it stand out from similar designs.

Bernhard Burger
neon orange business card design

The simple addition of a bright neon orange edge paint is the finishing touch which really makes these cards pop and attract attention.

holistica neon green business card

This sleek set of business cards combines the sophistication of a neutral colour palette with the stark contrast of bright neon green edge painting.

Johannes Hornig
brown red neon business card

For this design a bright neon red has been used for the back card stock and to print on the front of the cards.

Exit Stage Left
exit stage left neon business card

The company logo has been laser cut from thick black card stock and then this has been laminated to a bright neon red card stock which has the company details printed on the back.

IS Creative Studio
IS creative studio neon business card

They tried quite a few different combinations on this business card, with the favourite being the neon pink into neon orange combination.

Miriam Skalli
Miriam skalli business card neon design

The cards have been printed on a thick, high quality cotton card stock and finished with a bright neon red edge paint for a punchy, eye catching look.

Fort Heavy
yellow neon business card design

The quirky illustration and text have been letterpress printed on a high quality thick cotton card stock in black with an extremely bright yellow edge paint which keeps the upbeat feel of the card.

Michaella Dirkes
michaella dirkes  pink neon business card

You can’t fail to notice a business card which is this pink bright!

wrk neon green business card
This card has been given an eye-catching zing with edge painting in a bright neon colour to ensure that it’s one that will be remembered.

impepro neon business card

Black and yellow are colours which, in combination, are difficult for the human brain to ignore.

Homer Liwag
homer liwag neon business card

These beautiful black business cards use a deceptively simple design coupled with a complex printing process and neon edge painting to really pull off the effect.

Julien Hauchecorne
julien green neon business card

The same lime green foil has been used on the card edges as a spectacular finishing touch.

nurture green neon business card

This business card uses minimal design and a bold neon colour palette to create a unique effect.

Liquorice Studio
liquorice neon colorful business card

Different colour variations were made in the edges of this business card design.

D2 Gallery
d2 gallery business card red neon

These minimalist design business cards use just the simple typography of the business logo printed onto black with a punch of red neon color for extra impact.

Kenny Kim
Kenny kim neon red business card

A dash of red within the logo and reflected on the edge-painting brigns the card to life.

Maria Bernal Photography
pink neon business card

This business card has a pink and black combination which achieved the goal of being a striking and memorable card for the photographer to hand out to her clients.

Retro fluorescent business cards
retro fluorescent business cards

These business cards look bright and alive with the various neon colors at the front.

Ronald Bien

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