1. Flowww, News Certified Exchange, and Mossburg have got it going on. Those are fantastic.

  2. The most beautiful to me is Web Deliverer logo. Thanks for great resources.

  3. Nice and very creative design..

    Thank you so much for posting..

  4. This article inspired me to create a cool logo for my site. thank you guys!

  5. another great article of logo’s design, glad to look back for a second and think about what is ahead. Thanks!

  6. brilliant post! it gives me some insight how logo developed, these logo is very eye-catching with those colors part across it.

  7. Hi All!

    Thanks for your comments, rounding up good logos always takes a while but this was a very inspiring lot and really got me thinking about it.


  8. Awesome logos. I really like the clean styles, they have a much greater impact over time.

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