Were you one of those fans of Simba in Lion King? Well, the big cats there never seemed so scary because of the illustrations. Lions are really big cats that belongs to the family Felidae. Other than tigers, lions are the next larger living cats today but sad to say, their population has been declining. But even so, those who are into the field of Photography have made it possible for people to see through behind the ferocious built the lions have; may they be in the wild or in the zoos, may they be cubs or female ones.

With their untamed nature it can be very challenging to get a great shot. It is essential to know some points in wildlife photography to be able to create impressive pictures of wildlife animals.

This collection contains 30 Fearless Lion Pictures to look over, look beyond and somehow see through their eyes. Let the art of photography bring you to the world of the King of the Jungle.

Baby Lion
Cuddly Lion Picture
A photo of a baby Barbary Lion.
Image: woxys

Lion Cub III
Adorable Lion Picture
The photo was taken using a Canon EOS 20D.
Image: jay-peg

As White as a Lion
Unbelievable Lion Picture
Haldir is the name of this African Lion.
Image: woxys

White Lion Haldir
So Cool Lion Picture
Another angle of Haldir, the white lion.
Image: woxys

Sleeping Lion
So Inspiring Lion Picture
A cozy shot of a sleeping lion.
Image: orestART

Sleeping Lion
At Peace Lion Picture
The photo was taken at a zoo during a summer day.
Image: BriDesign

Lion Family
Lovely Lion Picture
This family pghoto of a Barbary Lion Family was taken in Belfast Zoo.
Image: TheSilverLotus

Lion: Bad Hair Day
Really Engaging Lion Picture
This photo was taken at Belgrade Zoo.
Image: TVD-Photography

Amusing Lion Picture
A lion’s photo taken at KL Zoo in Malaysia using a Canon EOS 40D.
Image: N1roj

Amusing Lion Picture
These are 5 month old lion cubs in their usual playful day.
Image: zooaholic

Impressive Lion Picture
A Canon EOS 50D captured this really ferocious photo of a male and female lion.
Image: zooaholic

Lions of the Masai Mara
Sad But nIce Lion Picture
The above photo shows one of the lions of the Marsh Pride.
Image: miacat63

Really Sad Lion Picture
Here goes a photo of a lion in Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia.
Image: -yury-

Incredibly Adorable Lion Picture
A Nikon D700 with a focal length of 340mm captured this adorable lion photo.
Image: LOmbre24

Lion Eyes
Creepy But Cool Lion Picture
An innocent look of a lion captured in the wild.
Image: waas1982

Lion & Cub
Heartwarming Lion Picture
A sweet moment of a lion and cub captured through a Nikon D50.
Image: Paul Mansfield

Intelligent Lion Picture
This wise photo of a lion was captured using a Canon EOS 50D.
Image: Zooaholic

Lion in Etosha
So Fierce Lion Picture
A photo of a lion taken in Etosha National Park Namibia which was captured by a Nikon D90.
Image: Sempreingiro

Lion Blanc du Timbavati White Lion
So Touching Lion Picture
The lion is from Hemmingford, Quebec which was captured by a Nikon D80.
Image: meunierd

Really Touching Lion Picture
An engaging encounter with a baby lion.
Image: Supervliegzus

Lion (HDR)
Inviting Lion Picture
This lion’s photo was taken at the Orana Wildlife Park.
Image: PJL Photography

Lion (HDR)
Exciting Lion Picture
The photo was taken using a Canon EOS 1000D.
Image: PJL Photography

Lions – Masai Mara National Reserve
Pretty Lion Picture
Relaxing lions at the Masai Mara.
Image: vanbikkel

Lion (HDR)
Undeniably Cute Lion Picture
A cute lion at Christchurch, New Zealand.
Image: PJL Photography

Eye-Catching Lion Picture
A Canon EOS-1Ds Mark III captured this shot.
Image: Merv Colton

Lion Resting
Bright Lion Picture
It was a Nikon D80 captured this lion at rest.
Image: bencartland

White Lion
Nice Lion Picture
The lion’s photo was taken at the Paradise Wildlife Park.
Image: alannahILY

Really Sweet Lion Picture
A sweet photo of a lion and its cub captured using a Canon EOS 1D Mark III.
Image: day1953

Inspiring Shot Lion
Lion shot was captured using a Kodak Z740 Zoom Digital.
Image: jonescrusher

So Heartwarming Lion Picture
A sweet photo of a lion and its cub captured using a Canon EOS 1D Mark III.
Image: day1953

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It’s not at all scary to shoot for Lions, isn’t it? Once you’ve got a good camera plus magificent lenses with you or even tripods, you’ll be good to go. Photography would always see through those in the wild and not, wouldn’t it? How much is it in you that wants to try Photography of the wild?

Jamae Corregidor

About the author: A teacher turned disc jockey turned online writer who has the love for teaching, music and the passion for writing since then.


  1. Lion is these photos looks very beautiful 🙂
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  2. just looking through the beautiful pictures of lions & zebra’s, love the big male’s with their huge mane’s they must be scary in real life, thank you, tina

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