You have seen many artists who have used paper in creating their artworks. But despite the number of paper artists, each one still appear unique because they are able to create a brand of their own through their works. It is indeed amazing how every paper artist could come up with totally distinct outputs. We are certain you have seen the Paper Bird Sculptures that we have featured. Today, we will feature another set of paper sculptures.

The works of Carlos Meira has impressed the world. He has a beautiful and detailed style of creating paper sculptures. He has done various projects for advertising, publications, exhibits and many others. Meira was born in Rio de Janeiro. He started his artistic career when he entered the School of Fine Arts at Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. From there, he devoted his time for his illustrations and paper sculptures. Take a look at the work of Carlos Meira below:

Carlos Working
You can see Carlos Meira working on one of his series that is carnival themed as part of an exhibition called “Folia de Papel”. Look at how meticulous his work is!

Paper Scuplture
Note how every detail of this sculpture was made! Even the confetti looked so real. The details of the building at the back is indeed lovely.

Pretty Carnival
Isn’t she an angel? You can see emotion from her face and she no doubt looked stunning with her dress. Look at the amount of details the dress has from the stars to the fluffy corners of the skirt and head dress.

Dance Carnival
The clothes of these characters were similarly done with the one above. The fading and gradient effect on the blue part made it look gorgeous.

Red Carnival
This sexy carnival performer looks hot and lovely in red!

Banana Carnival
How about bananas as costume? The bananas looked real. It makes you feel like peeling it open.

Enchanting Work
An enchanting and whimsical work with a wonderful story of love behind it.

Sun Paper
The background is well done because it did not look boring despite the amount of bushes on it.

Childish Paper
We think this is so cute with all the childish details in it.

Lover Paper
Talk about romance! Take a closer look and you can see that even the stockings of the lady was well carved!

Carnival Dancers
Also part of the carnival series, these dancers are certainly having a great time. Notice the wash painting Carlos did on the background.

Red Dress Paper
A full skirt of red and white with a doily like umbrella and top- this one is another lovely project for the carnival series.

Reading Paper
Reading can certainly bring anyone anywhere! This sculpture shows how the value of reading and how much learning we can learn from it.

Jungle Paper
This one makes me think of Disney’s Jungle Book. It really takes a meticulous hand and mind in order to come up with a jungle as realistic as this.

Flag Happy
Happy faces with a color flag on the background. Their clothes were still emphasized despite being white.

Healthy Lifestyle
Why don’t we live a healthy life like the one in the picture? This is created for Unimed Rio, Health insurance Company.

Newspaper Scuplture
Paper sculptures of the newspaper “Orange County Register” for their campaign to encourage reading on the printed edition of the paper.

Nature Paper
From the birds to the trees to the bushes- everything was created as if they were printed from a digitally designed project.

Bicycle Paper
Another one for the Unimed Rio, Health insurance Company. Making the bike requires a skilled hand!

Carlos Miera Paper Sculpture
The logo of Carlos Miera is of course made of paper sculpture that shows life.

Find the Artist

The above images sure had a lot of details in it. You can see more of his work on his website. When you get to his website take a look at the intro because we find it cute. You will see a boy who found a lovely picture of a girl and he fell in love with her. But the paper was carried away by a bird and he followed it with a balloon. They landed on Carlos Meira’s working table where he carved the picture of the girl. The girl then came to life and the couple was happy together. It shows how Miera give life to every piece of paper he creates. Truly magical isn’t it?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.