Guest posting is having a post on other people’s website pertaining to a topic that has something to do with their site. If it is a design website, you will be guest posting about design, too. This is considered to be one of the most effective ways of promoting your site and getting more traffic. It is a win-win situation for both the blog or website owner and the guest poster.

It is said that guest posting is one of the blogging trends these days because of the benefits one could have. But in making a guest post, there are some things that you need to consider in order for your post to be successful and be published. Not all guest posts are published or posted. So, to make sure your opportunity to make a guest post won’t be wasted, here are some simple ways to help you have a successful guest post.

1. Know your goals.

Know your goals

Before you guest post, think about the reason why you are doing it. Instead of aiming for backlinks for your website, it would be better if you aim for networking and branding. Think of how guest posting can make your voice stronger, how you could share your expertise and how you make your brand more powerful. If you have done all that, then you will get backlinks for sure. So do not just aim for backlinks because if you will, the result won’t be good. The quality of your article will be sacrificed. Always aim higher so will get better results for your guest post.

2. Choose a website.

Choose a website

Before you make a guest post, you have to know which website you would like to do it. Make sure you will choose a site that has the same topic as yours. Remember that making a guest post should show that you are an expert on the field. If you will write about designing, do not choose a website on health. You are exposing yourself as an expert on the field. The readers of the website you would like to do the guest post are interested in the field or are also experts. So, make sure that you will post the right thing on the right website. If the readers of the site like what you have posted, there is a greater chance that they will visit your site and be a regular reader, too.

3. Read and choose a topic.

Read and choose a topic

Do not just look for a website. Read their posts, too. This way, you could know what particular approach they use in their posts and what guidelines they have for guest posts. Also, read other’s guest posts in that blog. Try to observe the topics they had and then think of one topic for your post. Make sure that the topic you will write about wasn’t covered before. But if the topic you chose has been posted before, try writing about it in a new perspective so that the owner of the site will still choose to post it.

4. Make it top quality.

Make it top quality

In writing your guest post, write like you are writing for your own blog only that you need to write better. It should be your best article or one of your best articles. You have to do this so that readers will be impressed and will be interested to visit your website. Since guest posting is one of the best ways to advertise and promote your website, make sure you won’t be submitting something less. When you send your article, it should be ready-to-publish post with complete links and byline.

5. Know the technical details.

Know the technical details

In order to have a successful guest post, your article should fit the guidelines of a website. Read them and follow them, too. If they did not specify it, you can ask the owner of the blog through email or you can observe the website. If you can see that they use pictures, and then look for the appropriate picture for your post. Also, provide links that are necessary. The important thing there is to give less work to the owner of the blog. The less work they have, the more chances that they will publish your post. So, you have to make it easier for them.

6. Use correct grammar and spelling.

Use correct grammar and spelling

Avoid errors. After writing, reread it and edit it to make sure you used the right grammar and spelling. It would be better if someone else can check your work. There are errors that you couldn’t notice because you were the one who wrote it. If your post needs too much editing, it would be a hassle to the host of the blog and it won’t get published. There are hosts that do not really read the post well and won’t correct errors. It will boomerang to you. You won’t be able to promote yourself well and the readers will not like your post. Since, guest blogging is a rare opportunity, make the most of it.

7. Provide a good bio.

Provide a good bio

In your guest post, you will surely provide a brief bio in the “about the author” section. Make sure that you will have a good bio so that readers will find your post reliable. Make it compelling and convincing. Provide only information that is necessary and do not include details that are not really important.

8. Follow up.

Follow up

After submitting your guest post, be patient. Try to remember what is stated in the guidelines as to how long you have to wait before you get posted. Then you can follow-up by sending an email to the blog owner inquiring about your article. In doing that, you have to sound positive and polite. If the owner doesn’t respond, wait for another week or two and follow up again. Then if you did not get a reply, send them an email again and inform them that you would like to submit your article on another website.

9. Best time to submit.

Best time to submit

Some websites accept guest post anytime but if you find it hard to have your guest post published, then look for the right time. Check the website and determine the frequency of their posting. You can also check when the blogger is occupied with work. You could notice that because there are no recent posts. This is a good timing. You can contact the blog owner that you would like to help by sending an article. Aside from those, vacation time is also a good time for guest posting. Blog owners are usually having a break, so send your article. There is a greater chance that you will get published.

10. Promote and interact.

Promote and interact

If your post had been posted, it doesn’t end there. Promote the posts by tweeting it, sharing it and many others. Don’t forget to thank the owner of the blog. You should also be active in interacting with the readers. There are some sites that require guest bloggers to participate in the comment section. But even if the host blog doesn’t require you to do that, it is still better if you do. The readers took time to read your post and could be a potential reader to your own website. So, respond to the comments. The readers would like it that their comments are being noticed.

After your first guest post or your first guest post attempt, do it again. Look for other sites that accept guest posters. If you were rejected, that is okay. You can look for other websites that will accept your post. It could be that you wrote the wrong topic or the topic you wrote about doesn’t fit the audience of the website. Whatever the reasons are, do not be frustrated or discouraged. These things happen. So keep on trying until you get a guest post published.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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