Seeing a bunch of unfinished work gives you headaches. Seeing a long list of tasks posted on your work area makes you feel like giving up. Sometimes, you just want to grab that suitcase and go for a vacation just to free yourself from all the stress from work. But you know you can’t do that. You can’t escape work especially that you have committed to finish them. So instead of stepping away from it or go crazy thinking about how to finish it, start working on it- rightly.

How can you work on so many tasks rightly? First, stay calm. Second, remain sane. You won’t be able to work well if you panic and if you lose your sanity. Sort out your projects and decide which one needs to be done first. Then work. Once you start working, the workload will start to lessen. We have shared more tips to help you manage your workload. Brush the worries away and get your tasks done!

Check your current workload

1. Check your current workload.

How much work do you need to finish? If you have a lot of work to do, then do not accept new jobs to work on so that you can still have time to finish those that first came in. You can always say no and they would appreciate your honesty instead of accepting projects that you really can’t finish.

2. Review your deadlines.

It is important that you are aware of your due dates. This will guide you in working on your projects since you will know which one you need to finish first. It would be helpful if you post your deadlines on a piece of paper or mark it on your calendars so that you will be properly guided.

3.First things first.

Having a schedule is one important thing to be able to manage your workload really well. When you have a schedule, make sure that you will follow it. Do not skip tasks and follow it according to how you have planned it. Remember the “first things first” principle in which you have to do what is more important first. You can base a tasks’ importance on its dues date or its level of difficulty. You can work on harder tasks first because you will be spending more time on them.

Learn to reject jobs

4. Learn to reject jobs.

Saying no doesn’t make you look bad at all. You might feel bad about it but it is better to tell the truth and reject a job instead of accepting it but you won’t be able to work on it. Learn to say no and retain a good reputation as a designer.

5. Work today and finish today.

Well, we don’t really mean that you have to finish a project for just one day. Rather, you have to finish tasks at the same day instead of lingering and pass the task for the next day. Procrastination will not just kill your creativity for your ideas will go stale but it can also kill your career. So, do not procrastinate.

6. Inspire yourself.

Once you are inspired, it would be easier to deal with your workloads because instead of pouting, you would end up happy and blessed for all the blessings that you receive. Hence, you are happy and you will enjoy what you are doing. Inspiration is not just about the ideas you get for your work but it is also about how you fuel yourself to perform better at work.

Inspire yourself

7. Boost your productivity.

If you have lots of work to finish, boost your productivity. You can do that by avoiding activities that will slow you down like constantly checking your email or your social media accounts. Focus with work first. Work with the internet connection unplugged if you no longer need some data online. This will help you become more productive and more focused to work.

8. Keep track of accomplishments.

Since you will have a schedule of tasks, then check those which you have finished doing. You can also leave some notes that would remind you of what else is needed to be checked or reviewed. Tracking your accomplishments will make you feel better that you have finally finished some tasks and you are nearing the finish line.

9. Overtime.

If you really need to finish lots of projects, then work for more hours. You can continue working even late at night. It actually depends on you. Most designers would work till early morning just to finish projects. Anyway, when the project is done, you can go back to your usual work schedule.

10. Try multitasking.

Not all people are good in multitasking but if you are one of those who have mastered this skill then do it. Multitasking can help you finish lots of task if you do it right.

These tips can be helpful if you do it right because some would do these but still end up lingering or wasting some time. Well, each of us has different strategies on how we finish our workload. Do whatever suits you but make sure you will be able to get everything done with good quality.

Keep Yourself Fueled

Keep Yourself Fueled

One important thing about working is being ready and being able to work. If you are tired and you don’t feel good, then you won’t be able to work well. It is important that you are fully fueled so you are ready to work on whatever tasks you need to finish for the day. Yes, you can work even if you feel sick or you lack sleep or you are hungry but you will not get the best output and you will risk your health. Remember that you need to stay healthy so you can continue working and earning.

1. Get enough sleep.

Even if you need to work more, it doesn’t mean that you skip sleeping. See to it that you get enough sleep because if you lack sleep, you will tend to perform slower which will affect your productivity as well as the quality of your work. You can work for more hours but do not spend 24 hours just working. You are a human being. You need to sleep and rest.

2. Eat healthy food.

Take breaks to eat or you can also eat while working. Choose healthy food that will keep your stomach happy. Eat fruits and vegetables. You can have a salad and eat it while you work. You can also grab on some chips once in a while.

3. Exercise.

You would ask, “Are you kidding me? I have tons of work to do and you want me to exercise?” Why not? You can do that while working! There are exercises that can be done while sitting and working on a computer. Merely sitting with your back flat and then lifting your feet up and down is already exercising. Try to look for some videos online that will teach you how to do this.

4. Take work breaks.

It won’t hurt if you take breaks. Leave your workstation for a few minutes. Stretch and just relax your mind. Then go back to work again. This will recharge your brain cells and you will be able to work on the right track again. You might even notice some mistakes that you have done once you get back.

5. Listen to music.

Pick the kind of music that you love the most. Create a playlist of songs that will make you feel a lot better and would keep you going. Play that while working.

These things can be simple but it does help you a lot especially if you need to finish so many tasks. You can avoid being grumpy and stressed once you have enough sleep, your stomach is full and your muscles are stretched. You will also end up being more productive with music around and if you take some break. With this, no workload will become heavy for you because everything will be done swiftly and surely.

Other Helpful Articles on Managing Workload

Other Helpful Articles on Managing Workload

Like we said, you really don’t have to worry about workloads anymore because you can actually deal it with it well. Aside from the tips we have given you above. Don’t forget to always smile no matter how hard things become because with a smile, you will have a better perspective on things drawing your attention to the positive side instead of creasing your brows with worry. We also have other articles here that could help you manage your workload as a designer and freelancer.

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Now we are certain that after reading this, you have regained the spirit to work again. Remember that your workload will never be lighter if you just keep on worrying! You have to do something to make things a lot easier. Also, do not work hurriedly that you would miss some details of the project resulting into a major revision which is much worse! So, be sure to manage your workload rightly. We hope the tips we have above have helped you. How about you? What do you do if you have so much work to finish?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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