Trend is like a river that keeps on going and flowing, bringing different stuff on our sight. In the design world, trends are always important to consider when doing a new project.

Designers should be aware of the ongoing and upcoming trends in order for them to provide the needs of the clients.

As we continue our search for the trendy logo designs today, we find several works that are just exceptional and needs to be seen by many. They are all featured here for your easy browsing and discovery.

In this post, we share to you one of the trendiest ideas today which is Hexagon Logo Design. Designers have begun to use hexagons in various res such as icons, badges, web designs, and logo designs. Scroll down and discover some of the best hexagon logos today. Come, take a peek, and enjoy the designs!

The Land Contour
pink hexagon logo

hexagon logo design

hive logo design

Service Management Platform
service hexagon logo

diamond hexagon logo

New Dunked Logo
dunked hexagon logo

P Gem
p gem hexagon logo

Rockhouse 1
rockhouse hexagon logo

hexagon logo designs

bundle hexagon logo

hexagon shape logo

Hex Mark
hexagon line

Isaiah 40:31 Logo
Isaiah hexagon logo

drink hexagon logo

The Volcano
volcano hexagon logo

Hex Pen Tool
hex pen tool logo

Spider Strategies Logo & Stationary
spider hexagon logo

Creative hive
creative hexagon logo

letter hexagon logo

Cloudbau Logo
cloudbau hexagon logo

low-poly hexagon logo

atom hexagon logo

blue hexagon logo

amster hexagon logo

busb hexagon logo

HUVR Identity
identity hexagon logo

well hexagon logo

SM – Monogram
monogram hexagon logo

Logo Concept
hexagon logo concept

6 Layers
layers hexagon logo

G+A Monogram
monogram logo concept hexagon

Visa Travel mark
travel hexagon logo

polygon hexagon logo

Personal Logo v. 1
personal hexagon logo

Personal Logo & Branding
hexagon branding logo

Another Hex Bug
colorful hexagon logo

Gravity Interactive
gravity interactive logo

Flat Geo
geometric hexagon logo

Personal Rebrand
rebrand hexagon logo

contour hexagon logo

shutter hexagon logo

Blissett Textiles
textiles hexagon logo

logo hexagon concept

Bolt Data Logo Concept 2
bolt hexagon logo

rounded hexagon logo

Personal Logo
personal hexagon logo

Square Development
square development logo

hexagon shape logo

Identity branding
shades hexagon logo

recall logo hexagon

metropolis hexagon logo

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  1. These are such a great examples of creative designs! They have much inspiration for the graphic designers.. Thanks for featuring them all together..

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