In web designing, designers always aim to have creative designs that will captivate visitors while at the same time, give them an easy UI experience. It is important to be up-to-date with the trends in order to make the design that will fit to the current demands of the market.

Today, parallax scrolling is becoming a more popular choice in the world of web designing. Parallax scrolling involves displacement of elements and even the whole background, causing them to move in a different pace when scrolling through the page. When done right, this trendy technique can bring a subtle feeling and depth to visitors of the website.

In this post, we have gathered some of the best examples of parallax scrolling websites. Scroll down and check out how parallax scrolling are used in making websites more distinctive. Come, take a peek, and enjoy the designs!

Flat vs Realism
flat realism parallax website

space parallax website

parallax scrolling website

NASA Prospect
nasa prospect parallax

Boy Coy
boy coy parallax website

Lost World’s Fairs
atlantis parallax website

Lexus Asia
lexus parallax web design

parallax scroll design

parallax scroll web design

skinjay parallax site

Moto Oakley
Oakley parallax design

Mario Kart Wii Experience
mari wii parallax website

parallax website design

product parallax website

Alquimia WRG
particle parallax scroll

sony parallax website

Highway One
animated parallax website

Make Your Money Matter
money parallax design

The Beast
beast parallax web

Why Your Brain Craves Infographics
flat parallax website

Every Last Drop
cartoon parallax scrolling

Seattle Space Needle
space needle parallax

Peugeot Hybrid4
Peugeot parallax website

Cultural Solutions
bokeh parallax design

Soleil Noir 2012
animation parallax design

La Moulade
simple parallax design

Walking Dead
comics parallax website

Tomato Can Blues
new york parallax site

loop parallax website

Savings Challenge
art parallax website

savings parallax website

The Reykjavik Confessions
bicycle parallax web design

article parallax website

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