1. All designed logos are wonderful. I like “Handy Books” Logo

  2. There are a variety of logo designs… and those designs signify something about the org institution… thanks for sharin

  3. The attraction would also begin with a concept.. a good one. 🙂

  4. It’s great to have several logo inspirations. Thanks for always keepin’ us updated.

  5. what can i say? it gave me a “hand” in doing my work..hehe thanks joan! love your post!

  6. sort of fifty-fifty i guess.. some are good yet some are minimalist.. i don’t know.. i just think almost all of these are too formal..for me, what stands out is the primitive hand..

  7. you can say their minimalist because they are small. it’s really hard to create logos especially if it involves human body parts, expression of feeling should really matter and i can see in this post that they were very creative enough just to create this.

  8. nice collection, hope there are eyes and ears logo too.. i really need them in my thesis.. hope you can post.. thanks guyz! 🙂

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