There would be days when you notice the Google logo turned into something creative and fun instead of its usual multi-colored letters. These are what we call Google Doodles. Doodles are sudden changes that happens to the Google logo to give tribute to famous people, celebrate holidays and others. You will surely be surprised seeing these unique designs appear in your screen. Knowing the reasons behind using a particular doodle will surely impress you.

It was in 1998 when the fist doodle was made to show the absence of founders Larry and Sergey as they attended the Burning Man festival in Nevada desert. In 2000, Dennis Hwang made a doodle for Bastille Day as requested by Google founders which was appreciated by the users. Since then, doodles were seen more regularly with Hwang as chief doodler. Today, a team is created to brainstorm events to be featured and illustrate these events in a manner that it would be significant to the celebration. You will be amazed how these doodles are made especially with the concept of every doodle. Google has certainly succeeded in choosing the Google Doodle Team who has brilliant and creative minds. Today, as we welcome another year, allow us to give you a round-up of global Google Doodles in 2011 including the first Google Doodle in 2012. Take a look below and be amazed at their amazing artistry.

New Year’s Day 2012 (January 1, 2012)

New Year's Day 201

A blessed new year for 2012 shows a doodle with busy characters working for a better year.

New Year’s Eve (December 31)

New Year's Eve

As the world celebrates New Year’s Eve in closure of the year 2011 and to welcome year 2012, a Google Doodle of noisemakers was used.

Happy Holidays 2011 (December 23)

Happy Holidays 2011

Inspired by the winter solstice using lights as decorations on tree linings to celebrate the holidays.

Robert Noyces 84th Birthday (December 12)

Robert Noyces 84th Birthday

Robert Noyces is considered as the modern Thomas Edison being a co-inventor of the microchip.

Diego Rivera’s 125th Birthday (December 8 )

Diego Rivera's 125th Birthday

Known for his murals, Diego Rivera is an artist and activist from Mexico.

Mark Twain’s 176th Birthday (November 30)

Mark Twain's 176th Birthday

Showing one of the scenes in his famous writing, The Adventures of Tom Sayer, the Google Doodle gave honor to the writer and humorist, Mark Twain who is known worldwide for his works.

Louis Daguerre’s 224th Birthday (November 18)

Louis Daguerre's 224th Birthday

Daguerre is a master chemist who have discovered the daguerreotype process for photography.

Veteran’s Day 2011 (November 11)


A yellow ribbon tied in an oak tree is just perfect to give honor to the veterans and their families giving a nostalgic effect.

Marie Curie’s 144th Birthday (November 7)

Marie Curie's 144th Birthday

An icon in physics and chemistry, this Google Doodle gives honor to Marie Curie who have discovered polonium and radium and the development of the theory of radioactivity.

Halloween 2011 (October 31)

Halloween 2011

A video of people carving six pumpkin giants to show the celebration of Halloween.

Mary Blair’s 100th Birthday (October 21)

Mary Blair's 100th Birthday

Blair is a famous artists who is also known with her words, “live to be happy and paint to express our happiness” which is the reason why her work always show a sense of joy.

Art Clokey’s 90th Birthday (October 12)


Clokey is a pioneer in animation who worked with clay to create dynamic stop-motion sequences that are both entertaining and attractive. The doodle shows characters of The Gumby Show, Blockheads, Prickle, Goo, Gumby and Pokey.

Google’s 13th Birthday (September 27)

Google's 13th Birthday

The letter of Google were treated as characters in a birthday party surrounded by a miniature set complete for celebrating a birthday.

Jim Henson’s 75th Birthday (September 24)

Jim Henson's 75th Birthday

Combining his love for creativity and games, Jim Henson developed technology for animatronics and digital animation.

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi’s 118th Birthday (September16)

Albert Szent-Gyorgyi's 118th Birthday

A Google Doodle in honor of the scientist who discovered Vitamin C.

Freddie Mercury’s 65th Birthday (September 5)

Freddie Mercury's 65th Birthday

A tribute to Queen’s frontman, Freddie Mercury who have given music a different life.

112th Birthday of Jorge Luis Borges (August 24)

112th Birthday of Jorge Luis Borges

Giving honor to a writer whose concepts are in mythology and tradition yet managed to give relevance to modern civilization.

Pierre de Fermat’s 410th Birthday (August 17)

Pierre de Fermat's 410th Birthday

Pierre de Fermat wrote the Last Theorem which states that no three positive integers a, b, and c can satisfy the equation an + bn = cn when n is greater than two.

Lucille Ball’s 100th Birthday (August 6)

Lucille Ball's 100th Birthday

A tribute to Lucille Ball whose timeless jokes still live today as she showed her prowess in comedy in I Love Lucy of 1957.

Alexander Calder’s 113th Birthday (July 22)


An American artist known fro inventing the mobile.

Gregor Mendel’s 189th Birthday (July 20)


In honor of Austrian friar and scientist, Gregor Mendel who worked with genetics.

450th Anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral (July 12)


To show the 450 years of Basil Cathedral built in 1561 but is still standing strong today.

Father’s Day 2011 (June 11)

Father's Day 2011

Showing a tie and a business card like doodle to honor fathers in the entire world.

First Day of Summer (Jun 21)

First Day of Summer

A Japanese art done by Takashi Murakami to say hello to the Summer and Winter Solstice.

Total Lunar Eclipse (June 15)

Total Lunar Eclipse

Showing a live imagery of the rare 100 minute long total lunar eclipse done by Slooh Space Camera to allow people who cannot see it to have a view of this fascinating phenomenon.

Les Paul’s 96th Birthday (June 9)

Les Paul's 96th Birthday

To honor the genius mind behind the creation of electic guitars, Les Paul.

Martha Graham’s 117th Birthday (May 11)

Martha Graham's 117th Birthday

Showing Martha Graham’s style of dancing that revolutionized dance and theater worldwide.

Earth Day 2011 (April 22)

Earth Day 2011

The Earth Day doodle shows the environments of Asia, Africa, Antartica, Australia and America if this world is well taken cared of.

122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin (April 16)

122nd Birthday of Charlie Chaplin

Charlie Chaplin is the world’s greatest star for humurous silent film era.

50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space (April 12)

50th Anniversary of the First Man in Space

Looking back to Yuri Gagarin’s first launch to space in 1961, this doodle shows Vostok spacecrafts launched.

Anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae (April 3)

Anniversary of the Ice Cream Sundae

Everyone would be thankful that this day came for it was the day the ice cream sundae was first made.

Robert Bunsen’s 200th Birthday (March 31)

Robert Bunsen's 200th Birthday

You’ll always remember Robert Bunsen in chemistry class as you see a chemistry set with bunsen burners.

Harry Houdini’s 137th Birthday (March 24)

Harry Houdini's 137th Birthday

A tribute to Harry Houdini, a magician and escape artist.

Will Eisner’s 94th Birthday (March 6)

Will Eisner's 94th Birthday

Eisner is a cartoonist and comics creator who had been an inspiration and mentor to multiple generations of comic artists.

Constantin Brancusi’s 135th Birthday (February 19)

Constantin Brancusi's 135th Birthday

Romanian sculptor Constantin Brâncu?i’s work is seen in this doodle in honor of his creativity and great artistry.

Thomas Edison’s Birthday (February 11)

Thomas Edison's Birthday

Everyone knows Thomas Edison for his discovery of many things like the light bulb and the telegraph machine.

Jules Verne’s 183rd Birthday (February 8)

Jules Verne's 183rd Birthday

Showing a deep sea exploration relating to Verne’s book, the 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Cezanne’s 172nd Birthday (January 19)

Cezanne's 172nd Birthday

Depicting a Renaissance art to show Cezanne’s genuis work in playing with shapes, colors and other elements in a canvas.

New Year’s Day 2011 (January 1)

New Year's Day 2011

Latin numerals MMXIE was used to replace 2011 to celebrate New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day in 2011.

No doubt, aside from its great designs, doodles have reminded us of these important days and have united the people around the world. For sure, you had fun while looking at these Google Doodles. These are indeed fruits of intelligent and creative minds. There are already thousands of doodles made since 2000. This year, let us look forward for more doodles that give honor to famous people and show different celebrations worldwide. Are you a fan of Google Doodles? What are your favourite designs?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.