Business cards can just be as useful as they are noticeable. Mostly people use their visual sense to notice a business card, but what if you can expand the scope of your business card. Textured business cards have the advantage of being noticed not only through vision but also through touch. Just imagine feeling something different inside your pocket or bag, it would definitely catch your attention and thus do its work more effectively.

Today, we have gathered a series of beautiful and creative Textured Business Cards that could give you ideas and inspirations that can help you for your next business card design. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy browsing.

Metal Business Card For Ferrari
Ferrari textured business card
These sleek and stylish cards have been made using a thin aluminium sheet and a number of processes have then been applied to get the final effect.

Black And Red Business Card
red texture business card
The thick black card stock has had the logo completely cut out in a stencil like fashion and the background texture and lettering has been created via laser engraving.

Textured Letterpress Business Card
letterpress textured business card design
The texture of the background was printed with a blind deboss.

Apartment One Business Cards
apartment one textured business card
Authentic vintage wallpaper rolls were used and mounted to these printed sheets of paper.

clovestpress textured business card
This business card applied and transformed the MH monogram into a pattern that covers the backside of the business card.

Black Leather Textured Business Card
black leather textured business card
This business card design concept uses a leather texture.

wrapup co. business card
wrapup textured business card
While this design uses a weave-like texture with a shine finish.

Backside of RSVP
purple textured business card
This one used used letterpress, offset printing and had a woven texture to it.

Vanna business cards
vanna textured business card
vanna business card has a finish with spot varnish texture.

Brouillet 1
brouillet business card textured
Letterpress printed business card with a delightful combo of textures, colors, type and pattern.

Christian Garibaldi’s Business Card
Christian garibaldi textured business card
The yellow lining and the dotted textures are great touches to this otherwise all-white business card.

Andrea wiseman photography
andrea wiseman business card textured
This circle business card also has a woven texture on it.

honeycomb textured business card
A nice white business card with honeycomb texture – hexagons put together like in a beehive.

Letterpress Business Card
white textured business card
One side of the card is printed on thick white card stock in black ink and has also had a blind press applied which gives the card a beautiful and intriguing texture.

Textured Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card
textured edge business card
One side has been textured with a blind press technique around the logo whilst the other side has been left smooth.

Vintage Damask Wallpaper Inspired Business Card
vintage textured business card
An olive green card stock has been laminated to an unbleached chipboard stock which makes the cards extra thick and also gives a different colour and texture on the front and back of the card.

Unique Textured Letterpress Business Card
unique textured business card
The printing on this card has been expertly done to show off some great imagery and give some incredible texture which is reminiscent of the fabric on a pair of distressed jeans.

Bright Neon Textured Edge Painted Letterpress Business Card
neon textured business card
The logo has been cleverly integrated into a background texture which has been blind pressed onto the front of the card.

Elegant Textured Blue And White Letterpress Business Card
blue textured business card
A topographical map of mountainous land has been used as the main background and as an interesting texture.

Textured Letterpress Gold Foil Edge Painted Business Card
gold textured business card
This card used a blind letterpress printing technique to impress a geometric texture into the surface.

Textured Business Card Design
textured business card design
The backs of the cards are printed on an intriguingly textured white card stock.

Bright Red Textured Business Card
red textured business card
A blind deboss was used to overlay the texture of geometric lines on the front of the card.

Multi Textured Business Card
multi textured business card
The logo has been die cut into a nicely textured charcoal coloured card stock.

Textured Hand Stamped Business Card
stamped textured business card
The front of the cards was printed in silver metallic ink onto an unusual dark brown wood textured card stock.

Textured Vintage Style Business Cards
textured vintage business card
The design for this card combined the use of vintage imagery and a textured woodgrain to give the cards a nice feel and old-timey style.

Texture And Typography Business Card
typography textured business card
The beautiful texture and typography on these business cards gives them a luxury feel.

One Colour Business Cards
soccer textured business card
The tonal ink picks out the design without looking like an obvious print, leaving the texture to make the real impression.

Gorgeous Pattern And Texture Business Card
pattern textured business card
The texture provided by letterpress printing gives the cards a luxurious vintage feel which makes them extra special.

Textured Letterpress Business Card
textured letterpress business card
The most striking feature of these cards is the beautiful texture they have on the black side of the card.

Textured Letterpress Business Card
wedding textured business card
The lovely texture on the front has be achieved via blind printing.

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