Chocolates for Valentines, Candies for Christmas, Ice cream for summer, and more! Every day of the year we can enjoy these sweet treats that suit any seasons and celebrations – that includes artists and designers as well. It’s no wonder why many love it (and get mouth-watery) when they see sweet designs that has images of candies and ice creams. If you are planning to create one for yourself, then we can actually help you with that.

Today I have collected yummy candy brushes as well as other sweets brushes that you can download and apply for your sweet-themed design. What makes it even sweeter is that they are all for free, so go ahead and enjoy browsing. Take a look on some of the beautiful resources below and maybe find the right brushes for your design. So come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

Candies Brushes
Sweet candy brushes
This Photoshop brush set includes 15 brushes that you can use for any of your projects.

Japanese Candy
Japanese candy brushes
This cute set consists of 20 Japanese candy brushes with 4 origami paper background brushes that you can use to advance your design.

Brushes Candy
Doodle candy brush
An 8-brush set of cute and adorable candy brushes that you can use for your next design projects.

Sweets Brushes
Sweets candy brushes
A beautiful set of Photoshop brushes that consists of 15 wonderful sweets brushes available for Photoshop CS3 and above.

Candies Brushes
Free candies brushes
This nice pack includes 25 candy brushes that you can use for your personal projects only.

candy brushes
Simple sweets brushes
Give your design some sweet treats with these candy brushes that you can use for your design projects.

Candy Brushes
Realistic candy brushes
This set includes photorealistic candy brushes that come in 5 different high resolution designs, perfect for your sweet-theme designs.

Brushes Varios 3
Various sweets brush
Enjoy these various designs of sweets brushes that you can add to your cool design.

Candy Hearts Brushes
Hearts candy brushes
Add some valentine-feel to your design with these candy heart brushes. You can use them for your personal or commercial projects.

Drawing candy brushes
With your creativity, you can effectively use these sketchy candy brushes to enhance your design that everyone will love. The pack includes 26 brushes that are compatible for Photoshop Cs and above.

Cute Megumi Brush Set 1
Megumi sweets brush
This yummy brush set includes ice cream brush, lollipop brush, candy brushes, and many more for you to use on your next design project.

Cute Yummy Dessert Brushes
Cute dessert brushes
If you’re looking for resources that will give cuteness and sweetness to your design, then this dessert-brush pack will totally help your design look better.

Fancy Candy
Candy brush set
Try creating a sweet design using these mouth-watery candy brushes that you can use on your Photoshop.

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