Textures are great tools that can help designers create eye-popping background elements and effects.

If you’re working on a graphic or web design and you want to add some kick to an otherwise ordinary design, then you may want to consider adding some textures.

In this post, we focused on finding some of the most beautiful painted wall textures that you can download for free. All of these textures have interesting elements and come in high resolution so they can be easily applied to your work.

Take your time to check them out and feel free to grab them all.

Faded Green Paint on Concrete

green concrete paint

Weathered Painted Wall

scratched wall texture

Flaking Paint

yellow paint texture

Painted 02_quaddles

cracked wall texture

F. Lockwood

grainy yellow wall

Painted Wall Texture

brown wall texture

M. Conlin

grunge wall texture

Texture 37

peeling paint wall

T. Thyne

dirty peeling paint

Stock 5024

dark brown paint

Brown Wall

rugged concrete textures

Secret Cellar

free stock resource

Red Painted Metal

red metal stock

Wall Texture – 12

grunge wall stock

Peeling Paint

dirt painted grunge

Red Painted

commercial textures stock

Paint Spattered Wall

paint splatter design


green wall paint

Free Wall Texture

brown mud textures

Stock Texture

cracked paint wall

Texture 111

black peeling walls

Painted wall

grungy drip paints

Egyptian temple

eroded temple design

Paint Spattered Wall

black paint design

Painted Wall 1

greyscale wall texture

Painted Wall

orange concrete painting

Peeling Paint

teal paint peeling

Egyptian Temple

Egyptian symbols pattern

Texture 1335

pink concrete design

Light Brown

blobby texture concrete


green white concrete

Painted Wall Texture

stock image free

Blue Paint

blue gradient color

D. John-Jules

hi-res stock images

Painted Wall Texture

cracked free stock

Light Grey

rugged concrete style


orange rust style

Cracked Paint

colorful painted layers

Crusty paint

crack dirty paintings


old peeling paintings

Rusty stripe

dripping rust style

Blue Fibrous

exterior painted walls

Wall Texture – 41

peeled off paintings


chipped concrete style

Light Brown

patched concrete pattern

Texture 80

cracked painted concrete

Painted Wall

colorful eroded textures

Spattered Wall Texture

splash paint styles

The Crazy Paving Sky

blue cracked walls

Old Painted

faded blue painted

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