Street photography is indeed an interesting field. There are so many things that could be seen there. Different kinds of people roam around the streets even on ordinary days. These people of different traits are potential subjects for photography. Aside from people, other things can also be interesting like some buildings, street art and others. Animals can also be a good subject for street photography. They can also tell a unique story through their actions. Real life occurences are what one can see for this type of photography and it is very much appreciated by many people.

It can truly be very exciting and full of fun when street photography is being done. So, if you want to venture into this field, you can take some of our tips for today on how to give life to street photography outputs. This is important because what you see on the streets may look interesting but it depends on how you get the shot that would give life to it and would give it a great story. Read on the tips below so it can help you.

1. Do not hesitate to take a photo.

Do not hesitate to take a photo
Image: Vincenzo Di Giuseppe

One of the secrets for a successful street photography is to have that courage to take photos of people whom you do not know. It can be a bit nerve-racking to do that but you can still do it. People won’t mind if you do. They will just continue doing what they are doing and might even feel flattered. So, when you see a great moment, take a shot and you will get a good candid photo in the streets.

2. Try it during daytime.

Try it during daytime
Image: Auster

It would be a lot easier to take street photography images during the day. This is advisable especially for first timers. If you are already good at that during the day, then you can do that at night time. Although, night photography would be more challenging because of the street lights and other city lights. You have to be good on dealing with those lights. In daytime, you can make use of flash and get great images but it would be a different story at night.

3. Have a companion.

Have a companion
Image: Parham Didehvar

You can ask a friend to go out with you to take pictures. You would need someone to let you know what is happening while you do your thing. When you are already looking through the camera lens, you won’t tend to notice what is happening around you or how people would react. Some might not like the idea of you taking pictures of what they are doing. So, when you have companion, he can immediately let you know that you should leave and stop taking pictures.

4. Just have fun.

Just have fun
Image: Explicit Studios

You will have a better output if you will not be too serious while taking pictures. Just have fun while you do your thing. As you take pictures, look around you and enjoy what you are seeing. Try to talk with different people, too. It would surely be an enjoyable experience for you while getting great photos at the same time.

5. Choose interesting subjects.

Choose interesting subjects
Image: Livelys

There are so many interesting subjects that you can try. There are different kinds of people on the streets and each one of them could create a different story once you take a photo of them. See to it that these photos are candid for it can be more effective in telling a story. It will also be more interesting if you could get a shot of actions, interactions and expressions.

6. Experiment with your own styles.

Experiment with your own styles
Image: Herman Damar

There are different styles and techniques that you can use for street photography. Compose each of them well and you will get a photo that is unique and attention-grabbing. Having your own style is like giving yourself a branding when it comes to photography.

7. Try it in black and white.

Try it in black and white
Image: Jan Gravekamp

Aside from taking pictures that is full colored, you can also try doing it in black and white. It can also look good and would even manage to unveil more beauty and clearer details. It can easily drive the viewer’s eyes towards your subject because there are no bright colors to get their attention. So, try using black and white for your photos and you would certainly love the result.

8. Try non-human subjects.

Try non-human subjects
Image: Mete Baskocak

Humans are not just the only interesting subject that you can see on the street. Animals can also be a good subject and might even look more interesting especially if they are doing some unique things. Objects can also be good subjects. It depends on you on how you can give life to these objects. That makes street photography challenging and fun at same time. You can’t say that you will run out of subjects because there are so much stories in the streets. You just have to look for them and get a picture in an instant.

9. Let the picture tell a story.

Let the picture tell a story
Image: Giovanni Bicerna

A subject can give an interesting story in just one glimpse depending on how you take the picture. It depends on the frame you use, the angle and others. So, see to it that your manner of taking a photo is not just the ordinary everyday picture taking but it is unique and would surely get the attention of the viewers. It should also bear a story that could either inform, impress, entertain or relay an emotion.

10. Know some technical details.

Know some technical details
Image: Isik5

Well, street photography could be free of so many rules but there would still be photography stuff that you need to know. You have to study about the techniques of photography and what are the right tools to use. You should also know how to use your camera and how to set some settings. You have to know what needs to be used for outdoor photography since you would be trying street photography.

It’s Your Turn Now

You will surely get a great output for street photography if you take note of the tips above. But aside from those stated, there could also be some points that we failed to mention. Please feel free to add that on our comment section below. We would greatly appreciate it if you share your thoughts to us.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. Very good tips. Shooting people, for me, feels intrusive. I’ve got to get over that. I hate getting home and regretting the shot I didn’t take.

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