Fashion photography is more of showing aesthetics and beauty of trendy clothing, accessories and others. It is usually used for commercial purposes. These are the elegant pictures of men and women that we see wearing fabulous clothing and great makeup. These are placed in brochures, magazines,billboards, websites, televisions and others. You can see a handful of fashion photography everywhere and for sure you were impressed on how these are done.

If you are into photography and you would like to try fashion photography, then we could help you with the basic tips below. The points we have below are simple things that could help you to have attractive fashion photography outputs. If you try to consider these, you can surely have a great start for fashion photography. Take a look at our tips below so you can be guided.

1. Look for inspiration.

Look for inspiration

There are so many fashion photos that one can see on magazines, billboards, posters, websites and many others. You can look into these and learn from it. Be observant on what these fashion photos look and what makes them unique. Look into their style, lighting, framing, clothing, color choices and others. This way, you will have an idea on what to do with your fashion photo.

2. Be prepared with ideas.

Be prepared with ideas
Image: Jazz Your Soul

It is important that before the photo shoot, you already know what to do and what you like. So, before the photo shoot, sit down and brainstorm. Think of what you want and what you need. Then speak with your team and brainstorm with them, too. This is the key for successful fashion photography. You should know everything beforehand. That would include the kind of models you need, the clothes you need, the location, the props, and even the angles of how the images can be taken.

3. Light and shadows.

Light and shadows
Image: Silent Order

In fashion photography, light doesn’t have to be complicated. But you can experiment with the lighting and shadows in order to get the shot you want. See to it that you look into where the shadow will cast in a way that it will not distract the image and the model as well. Observe what is good for your shot if we speak about light and shadows. It would also vary if you do it outdoor or indoors.

4. Choose a good location.

Choose a good location

Your location would depend on the style, motif and concept of your fashion photography. You can actually try any location. It would look good as long as your model could play the role well. If you want brighter areas, you can opt for open places like parks or even tourist spots. For darker photos, you may try stairwells, alleys, tunnels and others. But you can always have a photo shoot in your own studio.

5. Choose your models well.

Choose your models well
Image: Kurakuraku

If you want to have a great output, you need to get the right model. Do not just pick a model because that one is available. Asses your models well and try to look into how they appear both in the photos and in person. You have to make sure that your model looks right for the kind of fashion photography you will have.

6. Supervise model’s hair and makeup.

Supervise model’s hair and makeup
Image: Afvoetomath

Since you are the one who knows how your model would look like, try supervising hair and makeup. If you have makeup artists, then do the instructions on how you want the model will appear and what kind of aura you want the model to have. But it doesn’t mean that you have to be there looking at how everything is done. You have to talk to your artist first before the model arrives so that everything would be smooth sailing.

7. Show the clothes.

Show the clothes
Image: Z Emotion

When we speak of fashion photography, that would be about trends on clothing, accessories and others. So, make sure that you show the clothes. See to it also that the lighting you will use will enhance the texture of the materials for your model’s clothing. If there are stones and gems that glitter, let it glitter in the picture. Show the audience what the clothes are made of.

8. Every element should complement with your image.

Every element should complement with your image
Image: Wywiur

It is not just the clothes and the model wearing it that matters. It is everything in your photo shoot. That would also include the makeup of your model, the props, the location and everything around you. Make sure that they all go together as one so that the output would surely have a good and strong impact.

9. Be ready for changes.

Be ready for changes
Image: Monicaeng

During your photo shoot, there would be some adjustments that you need to make. This may be due to some circumstances that will occur during the photo shoot. It could be that some of the props you need where not available or just anything that suddenly popped up. Do not be discouraged. Instead, let your creativity come out and try something new and different.

10. Use updated equipments.

Use updated equipments
Image: Lara Fairie

Have a good output by using up to date camera equipments. Look for items that can help you improve your outputs. These days, new camera models with better features are out in the market. But if you do not have enough budget to get one, then you can still use yours and still get great outputs with your photography skills.

It’s Your Turn Now

No doubt, fashion photography is one of the types of photography that had become very popular due to its demand for both commercial and personal purposes. Others consider it as a hobby while others choose it as a profession. But whatever it is, fashion photography is one of the most colorful world in photography. Feel free to add some tips above if you think we failed to include some to this list.

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