There is so much to see, so much to check and so much to explore when it comes to the world of Art and Design. One of the coolest ones is Painting. But there are several types of painting and that includes Face Painting. This is applying cosmetic paint to one’s face artistically and there are particular cosmetic paints that are water-based meant to be used in this form of art. The face is also considered one of the most precious treasures one can have and it thus speak more than a single art.

Today’s collection will allow you to explore the vastness of the creativity in Face Painting as there are plenty of designs you may even want to try; even with your kids. Being an artist, you could even combine a couple of styles to make up your own unique one like this artist’s project. So feel free to click on and let the artists’ creativity inspire you through.

2014 Update:

For this update, get to see more of these amazing face paintings as we have added cool artworks that will give you mixed emotions. Scroll down and check them all out below. As always, Enjoy browsing!

Fantasy Face Art
Incredible Face Painting
Image: paintonyourface

Tribe Brilliant Eyes
Amazingly Detailed Face Painting
Image: maiwen

Nicely Done Face Painting
Image: maiwen

Creative Face Painting Design
Image: qpkarl

Wolfe Face Art
Beautiful Face Painting
Image: Wolfe Face Art & FX

Two Face Batman
Unique Face Painting Design
Image: bodypaintingbycatdot

Joker Full Face
Cool Face Painting Style
Image: thisisevolution

Why So Serious
Cute Face Painting
Image: thepinupgirl

Charming Face Painting Design
Image: Anna Wilinski

Interesting Face Painting Design
Image: ksandrkreations

Green Man
Amazing Face Painting
Image: qpkarl

Demon Face
Demon Face Painting
Image: vanzvire

Elf Face Painting
Indeed Splendid Face Painting
Image: bunnygopoof

Night Owl
Fantastic Face Painting
Image: bunnygopoof

Fevered Fuzz
Witty Face Painting Design
Image: bunnygopoof

Stay strong Japan!
Exciting Face Painting Design
Image: PureBlackLove

Aka Oni
Expressive Face Painting
Image: PureBlackLove

All That You Love Will Be Carried Away
Delightful Face Painting
Image: PureBlackLove

Face painting
Amusing Face Painting Design
Image: pemmi

Really Inspiring Face Painting Design
Image: qpkarl

Whats The Matter? Cat Got Your Tongue!
Wonderful Face Painting Design
Image: hawhawjames

Fun with Pookie
Glamorous Face Painting
Image: Lima~Beans

Leia B.
Magnificent Face Painting
Image: Mirjam Ouwehand

A striking portrait
Thoughtful Face Painting
Image: james_at_middleage

Painted Face
Meaningful Face Painting Design
Image: cdn17

David Hasselhoff
Realistic Face Painting Design
Image: hawhawjames

Mysteriously Nice Face Painting Design
Image: paintonyourface

Bright Butterfly
Attractive Face Painting Design
Image: lygicaphisalogue

Hand To Mouth
Really Cool Face Painting
Image: hawhawjames

Face Painting Dragon
Very Nice Face Painting
Image: Anna Wilinski

Poster Face
pop art face painting
Image: umbrellasareforsunnydays

Woman with tiger face
tiger face painting
Image: Muy Femenino

Comix Face
comics face painting
Image: umbrellasareforsunnydays

Glasgow face painting
Image: basseca

Top notch beauty
cool face painting
Image: gigi50

scary face painting
Image: Alberto Lama

The Mask
abstract face painting
Image: umbrellasareforsunnydays

Toxic Cyberpunk Zombie
zombie face painting
Image: psychoren

Mona Lisa
 pixel face painting
Image: umbrellasareforsunnydays

face painting
tiger face painting
Image: DGJvlzqz

Details doesn’t really have to be that much when it comes to an artwork. It just has to have the spirit of what you are trying to express. In this collection, which among them captured your artistic hearts? Which do you think is the coolest? Or have you ever tried face painting yet? Share your artwork with us!

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About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


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