You could have done so many design projects already and you have considered them successful since you have achieved the design your client wanted to have. But is that really all? Some designers are contented with merely doing their task as a designer but they have skipped an important part which is giving an excellent service to the client. It is not the design that only matters but it is also how the designer of the project treats them that is included in the counting.

If you are able to create great designs and you have also given a good service to the client, then you are a complete package and you will undoubtedly succeed in your business. But if you are not yet doing this, we have prepared some tips to help you attain an excellent client service for your design projects. Read on our tips below and start working on this so you can become a better designer because a design business is not merely about design skills. Here are our tips for you:

1. Study the project details well.

Study the project details well

The first key to achieving a good client service is by checking the details of the project. Study it well so you will know what the client really wants. If you have doubts about something, ask the client. Always make sure that before you begin with the project, you have perfectly understood every single detail of it.

2. Interact with clients.

Interact with clients

Good client interaction is very much important. You have to talk to them in a friendly, respectful and professional manner. Listen to what they want to say all the time. Remember that these clients are busy with their own careers. So, make sure that you are making good use of the time they are allocating in talking with you. Have a good client relationship by interacting well with them. This can be of help to you and your business not just today but in the future. You can also check our Tips for Effective Communication with Design Clients.

3. Ask questions.

Ask questions

Nothing is wrong with seeking some clarifications. Ask questions when needed. If there are unclear details of the project, ask your client. They will even appreciate it that you are making sure that things will be okay for the entire project. On the other hand, they might get mad upon seeing a wrong output just because you were hesitant to ask them. So, ask questions. It is better to know everything first before starting a project. Clarify every detail so you will not have problems in the end.

4. Be honest when something goes wrong.

Be honest when something goes wrong

You really cannot do away with some mistakes during the creation of a project. If something goes wrong, tell your client at once. Do not be saying some alibis because it will only make matters worse. They will appreciate it even more if you just tell them honestly. Explain things well to them and for sure they will be able to understand it.

5. Correct your mistakes.

Correct your mistakes

Admitting a mistake is good but it is not enough. You also need to fix the mistakes that you have done. See to it that you have informed your client if you noticed some mistake in the work. Do not wait for them to complain about the design you have done. Telling them at once by the time you noticed it can help lessen the problem. You have to correct it at once also so you can send it to the client in exchange of the erroneous design.

6. Help them with other services outside your business.

Help them with other services outside your business

Your client will appreciate it a lot if you can help them with other services as well. Like if you do not print the designs, you can refer them to someone who does cheap yet quality prints. They will surely be happy that you went beyond your way in helping them. This can be a good start in establishing a good relationship with your client. They can appreciate your service even more.

7. Keep your promises.

Keep your promises

Rendering an exceptional service includes being true to what you have promised them. So, do not leave some words if you cannot actually do it. Make sure that everything you say will be done because if not, they will be discouraged and look at you as a liar. Being honest and keeping promises are important in every business.

8. Update your clients.

Update your clients

Your clients will also be glad if you update them regarding the progress of the project. They will feel important and they will know that you are really working hard on the project you have with them. They will also feel that you are giving value to them as a client. Successful designers are those who give regular updates to their clients since they are able to establish a good reputation for their business and also a good relationship with clients.

9. Deliver on time.

Deliver on time

Of course, it is always important to finish your designs on time. If not, it might no longer be used by client because they have certain needs for an important event and other transactions. So, do not fail them by sending the designs on time. Your good design will be useless if they will not be sent on or before the due date.

10. Appreciate your clients.

Be true to your words

If your client has given some good ideas for the project, appreciate them. Also, after the project is done, say thank you. Well most designers will forge doing this since you are very much eager to finish a project so you can move to the next one. But giving a simple thank you note can leave a mark on your client’s mind and this can even increase chances of more business transactions with them.

It’s Your Turn Now

Giving an excellent client service is very much important. This is part of your branding and how your clients will look at you. So, make sure that you do not just give a great design but you also give an excellent service to your clients. Doing that can also guarantee you returning clients.Do you think there are still other tips that can be added to the list above? Feel free to add some.

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.