A logo is an important branding tool that gives identity and distinction to a company. In a way, it may be considered as the face of the company. With that said, it is vital for a logo design to have the characteristics of the company or organization it represents.

Crocodiles and alligators are considered one of the most dangerous animals of the wild, but in branding and designing world, they may be linked to luxury and style. However, they are just as viable for logo design as the next symbol. They can be used in every businesses and organizations of various purposes. It all just comes down to the design.

This post will show you a collection of crocodile logo designs that were handpicked and put in one place for you to conveniently see. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and enjoy browsing.


This logo has a simplistic yet creative design that is perfect for branding.
alligator logo design

Crocodile aligator

Here we have a flat design of an alligator logo.
simple crocodile design


Dendis has a cute logo design that is perfect for kids and therefore suits well for a toy business.
cute logo design


This logo uses the company’s name while adding an alligator head on top with its fang matching well with the typography.
word logo alligator


This app logo comes with 3 variations for you to check out.
app icon logo


Corocgyle’s wordplay is well illustrated with this logo design. It has a figure of a crocodile with an argyle pattern on its back.
creative logo desgins


This one stylizes a letter A with a figure of an alligator. It also has 3 designs that vary in color combinations.
letter design alligator

The Croco

Here we have a fun and playful design of a croc seemingly playing with a beach ball.
fun logo design

Alligator Alarms and Home Security

This logo illustrates a fierce alligator head inside a shield in retro style.
logo illustration crocodile


This concept showcases an alligator lurking in the shallows – creatively using some negative space.
alligator logo illustration


This illustrates another fierce logo design of a crocodile, this time with a full body.
crocodile logo design

Crocodile Tears

This design represents its title well. Its body is curled up to shape like a teardrop.
creative crocodile graphics


This logo utilizes negative space of the alligator’s head on its body.
negative space crocodile


Acceler8’s logo utilizes its name in the logo by creatively placing it on the crocodile figure.
crocodile alligator logo

Alligator Farm

Alligator Farm uses grunge texture to add some depth to its logo.
grunge texture logo


This logo is for websites and apps that help restaurants pinpoint allergens on their menu, hence the name of the logo.
web logo design

Crocodiles Films

Here you have with a seemingly cool personality with its swag sunglasses.
cool crocodile logos


This is a simplistic logo design of a crocodile with clean linings and a few details.
simple logo crocodile

Caymann Entertainment

This logo has a crocodile’s body bent to form a letter C for the company’s name ‘Caymann’.
company logo alligator


Here you have a very neat & clean design but still up the alley for great branding.
simple crocodile logo


Here is logo of a cool crocodile chilling while half of its body is ‘submerged’.
cool alligator design


This one is a beautiful white alligator design with simple yet impactful details on its back.
alligator logo design

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