A freelance brand experience is not just what you think it is. There is more beyond creating a logo or designing a blog. It is about how your client will feel when they do business with you. It also includes how your followers and fellow designers feel when they interact with you. Remember the saying “no man is an island”? That means that you will not be able to succeed in your business alone. You would need other people in order to reach your goals. Giving them a good freelance brand experience is one way of doing it.

Freelance brand experience is like buying a yummy burger from a burger stand. You know that they are selling a delicious burger that is why you want one. But is the personnel in the burger stand friendly and accommodating? Or did he grumpily prepared your burger and just tossed it towards you? The burger can be your designs. Your clients are aware that you are good at designing but the way you treat them is also important. Having great design outputs and being able to give a good brand experience give you five stars as a freelance designer. So, if you think this is one lacking thing you need to learn, look into our tips below.

1. Have good customer service.

Have good customer service

Giving an excellent service to the client is the best thing that one can offer. It is the brand experience that only you can give to your client. Every person has different ways on how to handle a client. This makes him unique from other designers. It would really be nice if you will be able to handle your clients well. Being friendly yet maintaining professionalism is a good thing.

2. Acquire good communication skills.

Acquire good communication skills

Without good communication skills, there is a great chance for misunderstandings. See to it that you are able to express yourself well when talking with your clients and also in your blog. When you submit proposals and send emails, you should also make sure that you have the right tone and you use the right words. Communication is a vital thing in freelancing. It one aspect that could complete a solid brand for you.

3. Be friendly and accommodating.

Be friendly and accommodating

Part of having a good brand experience is by being friendly and accommodating to clients. Whenever you receive inquiries, answer them. You have to treat everyone well including your followers, friends and fellow designers. If you are friendly, you will be able to have a good name in the industry since people are happy dealing with you.

4. Always practice professionalism.

Always practice professionalism

This one is also relevant. Professionalism should always be there in every business no matter what it is. It is part and parcel of one’s brand. A brand will not be successful if the person who is involved in the transactions is not professional. So, practice professionalism all the time. You should also make your designs look professional and neat.

5. Have a strong freelance brand.

Have a strong freelance brand

This refers to your logo, company colors and others. Before you get into freelancing, these are one of the things that you need to prepare. Make sure that it can well represent your freelance business and that it can also give a good perspective for those viewing it. Choose branding that can perfectly tell the audience who you are and what you do. Read our tips on How to Get Started with your Freelance Branding so you will know what you need to do to come up with a strong brand.

6. Give importance to clients.

Give importance to clients

Your freelance business will be worthless if you do not have clients. So, give value to them. You can make them feel how important they are by giving them your time. Whenever they have concerns about a project, entertain them. Also, call them for update about the project you are working on. This way, they will feel valued. You can also give them some little favors if you want. But make sure that they will not abuse those favors you give them.

7. Acknowledge other’s idea.

Acknowledge other’s idea

It doesn’t mean that just because you are into design business that you already know everything. Learn to acknowledge other’s ideas like that of your friends, clients and fellow designers. You can even ask for their opinion regarding a certain design. This can help you improve. How can this affect your brand? People will be impressed that even if you have that know-how, you still consider other’s ideas which mean that you are open-minded.

8. Stand as an expert.

Stand as an expert

Show that you know what you are doing. If you will not be able to do that, no one will trust you. So, be an expert in your field. You can show that in your blog or by answering questions on forums. You can also post advices, tips and tutorials in your blog.

9. Give valuable inputs.

Give valuable inputs

This can be done by sharing information, techniques and others in your blog or in your social media accounts. This will be greatly appreciated by your followers. They will also be glad to know that you are not greedy by keeping your techniques to yourself. This gives you a good name and brand, too.

10. Produce an excellent output.

Produce an excellent output

Of course, along with a good service is a good design output. Your good service and good reputation will be put to nothing if you cannot deliver excellent designs for your clients. Always take note of design do’s and don’ts depending on what you are working it. Also, always make sure that what you are doing is what the client need for the project.

It’s Your Turn Now

It isn’t really hard to come up with a good freelance brand experience. The tips we have above could help you to improve your service to your clients. It will surely boost your business and this can also give a good name and brand to you as a freelancer. How about you what do you do to offer a great freelance brand experience?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


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