Designing is your thing and you are making a living through it. You could have a design business in your local area and you could also do freelancing at the same time. But what else can you do aside from designing? Well, there are so many things that you can do! These things are still related to your design skills or you can also go beyond that. You can either learn new things or develop your existing skills or reach out to help other people using your design knowledge.

So, if you are bored and tired of doing the same routine every day and if you want to try new stuff, you can to try doing a lot more exciting things. Can’t think of anything to do beyond designing? You don’t have to go far. We have here a list of the things you can do apart from making designs. These can help you earn more and it can also develop your skills even more. You will even be branded as an expert once you have succeeded in the different activities we have below. Check it out.

1. Write a book.

Write a book

Since you already have enough experience in designing, you will be capable of writing a book. Choose which topic you are comfortable with. Make sure also that you have enough knowledge about the topic. This way, you will be able to share valuable information, new ideas, strategies, tips and many others. Your readers will surely be glad to have a book like yours that is not just informative but also helpful. You can either have it printed or you can also make it an eBook. When making an eBook make sure that you take note of some eBook design mistakes that are commonly committed.

2. Create a tutorial.

Create a tutorial

Tutorials are very much helpful online. Many newbies resort in looking for online tutorials for it is more convenient for them especially if the tutorial is well written or well created. Tutorials can either be a video or in written form with supporting images to guide the users. You can create one like how you make a particular item using Adobe Photoshop. Doing this can help promote your design business and this can also make you an expert in the field which is also good for your design career.

3. Blog about your works.

Blog about your works

Have a blog of your own where you can share your projects. You can also try sharing some other informative materials online so that it can be used by the readers. Create some tips to help the designers on their design works, business transactions, client interactions and many others. There are so many things to write about. Blogging is a good way of promoting your design business, too.

4. Do guest posting.

Do guest posting

Guest posting can also be good since you will be exposed to different readers and audiences that a certain website has. You will also be able to share some ideas to these readers which can be of help to your design career. There would be additional followers and readers for your own website or blog. Guest posting is a win-win situation where you and the site where you are doing a guest post can both benefit.

5. Have a training program.

Have a training program

Another good way of using your design skills and knowledge is by conducting training programs. You can organize a seminar on designing. For sure, many designer wannabes will attend. It can also be an addition to their certifications of trainings attended. So, conduct one. You can even have additional income from doing that if you charge registration fees. But you can also have a free training if you want.

6. Do online teaching.

Do online teaching

If you want to merely spend time indoors, you can do online teaching instead of training programs in your area. Look for job boards that need online teachers. It could either be in line with your design career or it can also be on a different field where you are also good at. Online teachers are in demand these days same as freelance designers are.

7. Pursue a new hobby.

Pursue a new hobby

Aside from designing, you can try a new hobby. This can make you learn new things and it can also help you improve yourself. Since you are already good in designing, it would be good to try other things that you will love. It can be painting, playing a musical instrument, a new sport or just anything that you can think of.

8. Open consulting services.

Open consulting services

You can also offer consulting services for designing. This can help many people who would need your opinion on a certain project. They might even ask you to work for them if they find your ideas good. Consultation would also benefit other designers who need the idea of experienced designers.

9. Create design resources.

Create design resources

You can also try creating design resources like textures, patterns, and many others. You can give it for free to use or you can also sell them online. You can be well known for the resources you design and for sure many designers will be glad that their job became a lot easier since there are existing resources they can find from you.

10. Open an online shop.

Open an online shop

Like what we have mentioned above, you can create design resources which you can also sell. You can even open an online shop where you can post all those resources and other design stuff that you think of selling. This can be an added source of income for you.

It’s Your Turn Now

See? You can do so many things aside from designing stuff. It can surely help boost your self-trust as a designer and can also help promote your design business. Doing it can also make you an expert in the field which is very good for your business. Have you tried any of the items above? How does it feel to be doing other valuable things aside from designing?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. awesome post and give new direction to career thanks for sharing i love this blog

  2. Its an awesome post, It gave me a good motivation, I am not an expert writer but I could do some videos and blog post, thank you for the great post.

  3. Thank you Rahul and Rimaz! 🙂 We hope you guys will be able to do more than designing! We are glad you liked our tips. 🙂

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