When you are into business or you are occupied working, you need self-confidence since you will harvest many advantages if you are confident. Self-confidence is an important thing for everyone. It is related to one’s self-assuredness in his own decisions and actions. When a person is confident, he believes in his self and also ends up giving value to himself which can also lead to self-care. But being confident isn’t merely about one’s self but it can also affect those people that surrounds a confident person.

Confidence brings in positive attitude for the person which can even be contagious. Once you are confident, you are like giving off a bright light that lets you stand out making a good impression to others. This is surely good for freelancers since self-confidence can help you attract more clients. So, today, we will give you the benefits one can get in having self-confidence. Here we go:

1. Happiness.


If you are confident, you will feel good about yourself and you will surely be happy. Confidence can help you to have more energy and determination, making you more work productive and you will also have better relationships with people. You will have a positive outlook in life and you will even be able to influence other people with your positive attitude. Your happiness will come from within you if you are confident.

2. Reduces stress.

Reduces stress

When you are confident, you do not have to worry if you did something wrong or not. You are certain of what your actions are and you also know that you did it rightly. If you are not confident, you tend to worry much, thinking that your outputs are incorrect. But once you are confident, you are so sure of your output which lessens stress on your part. You wouldn’t be thinking about it anymore. Instead, you move on to the next task happily. If you feel stressed sometimes, you can check on the 12 Ways to Stay Away from Stress for Graphic Designers.

3. Better work performance.

Better work performance

Confidence is one key to have better performance in work. Having self-confidence can help one to achieve the peak performance in designing or in other tasks. It can also help you overcome obstacles in work making you more efficient and effective. People who are confident are not hesitant to apply certain techniques to their work. They are not afraid to try different things to make the work look better.

4. Overcome challenges.

Overcome challenges

In every job, there are always challenges that one may face. For freelancers like you, there are lots of challenges that you encounter but you can successfully go through all of themif you are certain of what you are doing. The reason why you can overcome these challenges is because you can carefully think of the matter, look for solutions, and tackle it well confidently. You will not be hesitant to pin point what you can do in order to overcome these challenges.

5. Strong self-worth.

Strong self-worth

Confidence can give one a strong self-worth. You will remain convicted in your own decisions without being affected to other people’s negative opinions. You will value yourself more and you will realize that every action you make will turn out well as long as you think well about it. You will also realize that once you have self-trust, you will be able to do anything as long as you believe in yourself.

6. Make a better impression.

Make a better impression

When you feel confident, not just you will feel that. Even other people can see it. Your clients and friends will be able to see that you are confident of your works. This can create a good impression on you. People will look at you as a confident person who is competent to work. If you are oozing with confidence, your clients will come to you. You will be like a magnet to your clients.

7. Not afraid to take risks.

Not afraid to take risks

Some people are afraid to experiment with stuff and would opt to stick to what they normally see. They are afraid to take chances on something and would settle for simpler ones. Like when you are working on a design, do not just stick on what you can see from your inspirations of your art work. Do not imitate what they are doing. Instead, go beyond what you can see from their work. This way, you are creating your own name in terms of design. Taking risks needs confidence for without it, you will not be able to do excellent things. Only people who are not afraid to take risks can excel.

8. Acceptance of rejection.

Acceptance of rejection

We have to face the fact that we cannot please everyone. So, be ready to face rejections. When you are confident, even rejections are easier to deal with. You know that what you did was good and is right. You do not worry about your work. The only thing is, the design just didn’t match with the taste of the client. There are really times that no matter how excellent your design is, your client will still reject it. Confident people just brush it off and get right back on track.

9. Creates social ease.

Creates social ease

People who are confident feel at ease when in a social setting. So, if you are confident, you will find it easy to deal with people of different kinds of personality. When you meet new people, you can easily adjust and mingle with them. You will also not be afraid of being rejected by people. You have a higher level of comfort when socializing. This way, you are giving off a positive energy which is contagious and attractive to others.

10. Good health.

Good health

A person of positive outlook in life and has self-confidence is said to have good mental health. So, when you are confident, you are healthy. It is also shows that you were brought by your parents to be a confident individual. Another thing, since you worry less and have lesser stress, you are of course healthier. Stress causes sickness. So, when you get rid of it, you will feel a lot better. Freelancers have to stay fit and healthy all the time. Get to know What Freelancers Get from Staying Healthy.

It’s Your Turn Now

See? Self-confidence can really bring you a long way! So, if you think that you still lack self-confidence, then try rebuilding it now. It’s never too late to do that. You can always develop self-confidence as a designer and freelancer. You would need that to deal with client and to have a better output for your design projects. Do you have self-confidence? How did you benefit from it? What can you do because of having confidence?

Sarah Corres

About the author: A graduate of both Business Management and Nursing who simply chose to engage herself in Web and Graphic Design with that passion for art and writing.


  1. for now i think I’m not totally confident, sometimes I’m afraid of doing more to improve myself especially that i am a busy mom…i don’t have much time for it for now but i hope i can achieve it someday…hehe

  2. Self confidence can be the best tool for a man to achieve great things in life. But from my experience, to be confident in the most difficult times in life is the most important part of all. Don’t have any kind of negative thoughts if you ant to be successfull.

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