In this busy world, most people spend so many hours working. There are even people who sleeps so late at night especially for freelancers who does their work at home. This happens since tons of work is needed to be done and working on late hours can allow them to finish more design projects. But for some, they prefer to sleep early and wake up early to do their work. It is even said that they are more productive than those who stay up late to work.

Well, if you are a night owl and you are happy with it, then we will not stop you. But you can still take a look at the benefits you can get if you will become a morning bird. You will surely be amazed on how big is the effect of waking up early to a person. You will even be more amazed if you will try it and personally get these benefits. Here they are:

1. You can be more successful.

You can be more successful

Being an early riser can make one successful. This is because he is able to work on many things and have a lot of time to look into the events that will happen every day. Every successful business man wakes up early. When you wake up early, you have so much time to settle the things you need to do for a day. Also, you can surely be able to finish more tasks than waking up late. Same can also be true when it comes to freelance and design work. You can even stay inspired and you can also be more creative as a result of waking up early. This for sure can make you more successful as a freelance designer. For more points on creativity, read our article on 15 Tips on How to Retain Designer’s Creativity.

2. Better mood.

Better mood

Nothing would be more satisfying than waking up with fresh air and the morning sunrise. It can certainly lighten up your day. If you try to observe, older adults who wake up early are happier than younger adults who spend more time working during the night. This can be a proof that people who have enough sleep in the evening and wakes up early in the morning can really be happy.

3. Given time to exercise.

Given time to exercise

If you think exercise is not important, you are wrong. Some people schedule exercise after work but there are disadvantages to that. You can be so tired from work already that you will no longer be able to exercise. There is also a great chance for cancellation of after work exercises especially if you have some work or meetings to attend to. Having it early in the morning is relaxing to the body and can give you more energy for the day. Also, it is less likely to be cancelled.

4. Time to meditate.

Time to meditate

Everyone needs their own quiet time. This can give you time to think deeply. Also, it is a time to leave your mind blank with nothing to worry about. It can be fulfilling for someone to have a quiet time alone. This makes your mind ready for the busy day and can also motivate you to work more.

5. Lesser stress.

Lesser stress

Waking up early can also give lesser stress to you. You will be able to greet the day with a good mood. Having a good glimpse of the sun can make a huge difference for your day. It can make you feel relaxed, making you prepared for the day’s hustles and bustles. Since you are able to do a lot of work, you will no longer be thinking other tasks for you have done them already. You also have enough time to settle problems which lets you end the day better.

6. You can be more productive.

You can be more productive

As said above, one will be able to do a lot of things when he wakes up early. You will be able to follow your schedule for the day. And since your mind and body are in good condition, you can finish tasks of good quality in a lesser period of time. Having enough sleep is like being able to charge your cellular phones with full battery. This can allow you to work doubly and get good results at the same time. There are also fewer distractions during early hours which can give you much time to work.

7. Better health.

Better health

Being able to get ample sleep can give one better health. Of course, that includes waking up early. Mere exposure to early morning sunlight and being able to breathe in fresh air is already a good thing for your health. How much more if proper diet and exercise is added to it. One will surely become healthy. Try to look into our tips on How Can You Stay Fit and Healthy as a Designer.

8. More organized schedule.

More organized schedule

As you have prepared your schedule, you will be able to follow it well if you start early. You won’t be able to miss commitments and you can even add some if you still have enough time. You will also have time to prepare for you work, meetings and many other tasks. While if you wake up late, you will no longer have enough time for the entire day to finish all your schedules. Your to do list will end up in the trash bin since it wasn’t followed.

9. Time for breakfast.

Time for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day since it is where one gets his energy for the entire day. Eating breakfast can also help build up healthy eating habits. People who eats breakfast most likely do not eat junk food for the entire day. Breakfast is like your fuel for your busy work. You can even practice your cooking skills by making your own healthy breakfast.

10. Ability to deal with problems.

Ability to deal with problems

When one wakes up early, he can anticipate problems and will be able to minimize them efficiently. This makes one more successful and also leads to lesser stress. With a good mood, one can also handle problems better and deal with people well even if there are already some issues arising.

It’s Your Turn Now

Waking up early or being a morning person can surely give great advantages to you. But if you are not a morning bird, do not worry because you can actually still become one if you try. Look forward to our tips on how you can be an early riser. Anyone can do that as long as he is determined to do so. What can you say with the points we have above?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. While technically accurate for people who have to work set hours, or stop working at a set time of day, this is factually incorrect as a blanket statement.

    Even if you’re a night owl you can still enjoy most of these benefits by structuring your day to accommodate your sleep schedule. It’s just as quiet if you’re up late as it is when you wake early. There is no problem with exercising later in the day rather than first thing in the early morning with the rest of the larks.

    The only real drawback I can see is if you work with other people in a normal ‘office’ environment or your clients require you early in the day.

    1. Hi Heather, we are not saying that being a night owl is not good. In this article, we were just trying to point out the benefits one can get from being a morning bird. As what we have said in the introduction, we won’t stop you if you are happy for being a night owl. Each one of us has different time preferences when we speak of work. Nothing is wrong with working late at night or early in the morning. Another thing, we are not generalizing that being a morning bird is good for everyone. We are merely stating the good points one can get for being a morning bird. Thanks for your feedback Heather!

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