Along with the boom of smartphones and tablets came millions of apps.From timers to games to finance, there are apps out there that are ready to fulfill your needs; some are already part of our daily routines that we don’t remember how we lived before without them.

Almost all of these apps has a website for branding and promotion. If you’re an app owner wanting to create your own app site (or microsite) or a designer who has client, then this post is for you.

We have gathered some of the best mobile app websites with striking web designs to help you come up with some ideas and inspiration for your own project. Scroll down and check out these handpicked websites. Come, take a peek, and enjoy your browse!


Dots is a game app that uses beautiful flat and minimalistic designs, which evidently shows in its web design.
app web designs


Timeless is a clock and calendar app that offers a unique and vibrant design. It website has modern feel too with its minimal designs and clean sans font style.
clock calendar app


Kredo’s website utilizes a dark theme that is great for showcasing portfolio. It has a clean layout design and interface that is easy to the eyes.
portfolio app site


Pennies is a financial app that helps you manage your personal budget. With its clean layout and white theme, it definitely emits a professional ambiance, which leaves a great impression to its visitors.
finance app website


This app is similar to Facebook’s feature where you can enjoy looking back to your previous photos according to the date of their creation. The website uses a minimal design with flat elements to put some spice to the mix.
photo app

Urban Walks

Urban Walks utilizes fullscreen backgrounds that makes the whole website interesting. It is also impressive in functionality and navigation through slideshow, parallax effect, and more.
one page app site

Supper Club

Supper Club is a social app for foodies. Its web design incorporates a light theme with minimal thin-lined elements that fits well to the whole layout.
food app sites

Cutest Paw

Here is an app that shows you adorable photos of animals everyday. The site has parallax scrolling along with sans font and beautiful pet images.
animal photo app

Napkin Sketch

Here we have an ultra minimal web design backed up with a clean scroll animation. This is a great example of elegance and functionality in one.
minimal app website


This next website uses a color gradient with a hint of low poly pattern. It has alternating white and gradient strips to keep things interesting while scrolling.
investing app mobile


Weatherton’s website has a box layout and is designed with a clean and concise web design.
weather app apple

Tha Fly Nation

Tha Fly Nation website incorporates a blue theme with a clean & crisp minimal design and sans font style for optimal readability.
blue website design


This app helps you become more productive through a technique called ‘Pomodoro’. Pomodrone’s site is a one-page layout with a minimal and flat design. Its dark background helps direct the visitors’ focus more on the content.
timer website design


Here we have a fitness app measures your progress and keep you on track with fitness selfies. The site also uses a gradient background in green hue.
fitness app web design

Peek Calendar

Here the header has a video link that shows a summary of the app. It also has a minimal design with beautiful strips to make it more interesting.
calendar website app


Similar to Pomodrone, JibJab also has a one page website. However, JibJab places the anchor links on the left side of the site and they use colored background, which makes the site more vibrant.
onepage app site


Kanvas is a combination of Snapchat and Periscope. Its site’s header uses an image background with purple hue gradient and its content displays a collection photos and GIFs.
portfolio web app


Visionare uses a flat header illustration with a grungy texture. The website is a one page theme with flat illustrations as well.
app web designs


Shyp has a clean and concise design that is short yet effectively covers all the essential things that are needed in a site.
shipping app design


Mosaic showcase an elegant and clean website with a one page theme and boxed layout.
photo app website

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