In art, abstract uses the form of visual language, color, and line creating a composition that exists with a degree of independence from visual references in the world. Abstract creates interesting and unique artworks that catch the eye of viewers. When abstract is used as an after-effect, a new type of artwork is created. With this, it is a great advantage for a designer to learn and create stunning effects using Adobe After Effects.

Another set of After-Effects Templates are posted right here! This new set is composed of the coolest abstract-themed templates. Browse through our 30 Abstract After Effects Templates from VideoHive and more free templates that you can use for your project. check out their features. You may just stumble upon your next after-effects. Enjoy!

2019 Update:

Art and design is always in a continuous change. As designers look for newer resources , we meet these needs as we add more abstract templates that you can check out below this post. Scroll down and take a peek on some of the newest and most beautiful After Effects templates.



• A template with great abstract design.
• Easy to customize to your preference.
• Has a modular structure.
• Created with dynamic animation.
• HD resolution of 1280×720.

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Abstract Quotes

abstract quotes

• Includes fullHD 1920×1080 & 1280×720.
• Has Particular v2.0 required if you want to adjust the particles.
• Includes original and pre-rendered versions.
• Media edia presentation with an abstract approach.
• Well-organized and includes nice color coding.

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Abstract Form

abstract form

• This includes 2 projects for you to use..
• First uses plug Optical Flares.
• Second uses only pre-rendered images Optical Flares.
• Both need plug-in Trapcode Particular.

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Abstract Earth

abstract earth

• Naturally independent and modular.
• Consists of 27 scenes with 11 pre-rendered footages.
• Also features 8 very customizable ‘display elements’.
• optical flares are pre-rendered as images.

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Abstract Room

abstract room

• This works completely for CS4, CS5 , CS5.5.
• Everything can be customized to suit your taste.
• Includes 7 textholder.
• HD Resolution (720p) 25 fps.
• NO plugins are needed.

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Abstract Model

abstract model

• Works for CS4 to CS6 Project.
• HD(1280×720 Resolution)
• No plugin (pre-render Optical Flares).
• Easy to Customize for your personal preferences. ( You may edit/change photos, video and/ or text).
• Music is included.

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Energetic Abstract

energetic abstract

• Compatible for After Effects CS4 project file.
• All elements are customizable in AE.

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• No plugins needed.
• This includes 11 placeholders.
• 3 text/logo-holders.
• Easy adjustments of colors.
• Easy to edit elements inside placeholders.

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Spectrum After Effects CS3 Project

spectrum after effects

• This project is nicely organized and color coded to make navigation smooth.
• Compatible with AE CS3 and all of the elements can be customized within AE.
• Prepared in HD quality at 1920×1080.

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Cool Abstract Logo Reveal

cool abstract

• This project is in HD.
• consists of 5 seconds video.
• No need for any plugins.
• user-friendly customization
• tutorial file included.

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Hello there! Just want to let you know that you can drown yourself with more of these stuff here.

Elegant Abstract Timeline Displays

elegant abstract

• HD Resolution 1920×1080.
• Detailed Video Tutorial.
• 10 Image/Footage Placeholders.
• Logo Placeholder.
• absolutely no extra Plugins needed.

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Black Abstraction Logo Reveal

black abstraction

• Compatible for After Effects CS4 Project.
• Comes with full HD resolution.
• No need of Plugin.

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The Abstract Intro

the abstract

• This Template includes a cool dynamic Introduction.
• Includes impressive abstract animation and is fully responsive to the camera moves.
• All elements can be customized

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Abstract Metal Balls

abstract metal balls

• VC Optical Flare and Trapcode Particular 2.0 is required.
• A project that consists of pre-rendered footage in the zip file.
• Has a 1280×720 resolution/ 25 fps.
• Includes 5 different scene,designs , and metal ball renders.
• Also includes 5 title/text placeholders.

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Abstract Spheres Logo Reveal

abstract spheres

• HD resolution at 1280×720.
• No required plugins nor Cinema 4D.
• Includes 2 version: white and Colored Version (unlimited Colors available).
• Fully editable background.
• Also includes a video Tutorial.

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Abstract Logo Identity

abstract logo identity

• This project has additional resolutions of Full HD and PAL
• completely composed of After Effects.
• Very quick render-time.
• No Plugins needed.
• music is Included.

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Abstract Particles Logo

abstract particles

• The project only compatible for CS5 AE version.
• For this project a Trapcode Particular v2.1.2 plugin is required.
• Video lasts for 12 sec.
• HD resolution at 1920×1080 px 30fps.
• Very easy to edit with the detailed guide included in the main file.

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• No plugins required.
• Includes a wide array of sounds that synchronize with this video.
• Font is included for free.
• This video lasts for 10 seconds.
• FULL HD at1920×1080.

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Abstract HD Opener

abstract opener

• This project has a complex animation for your logo.
• You may also apply this logo animation for any kind of intro , Presentation , etc.
• Does not require any external plugin.
• Lense flare are prerender file.
• Includes sound effects and read me file.

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Abstract Water Drops Logo Reveal

abstract water drops

• Project Template for After Effects CS4 /CS5.
• Does not require any plugins except for the Cycore plugins included in After Effects
• Full HD 1920×1080 & HD 1280×720.
• Lasts for 8 seconds by default.
• Very easy to customise.

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Ident Abstract Reveal

ident abstract

• Simple for customization.
• No more plugin needed.
• Pre-rendered the swoosh visual and particles.
• Very easy to edit the colors.
• Has a resolution of1280 – 720P.

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Abstract Video Display

abstract video

• A project for After Effect CS4.
• Includes 4 placeholders and 4 textholders.
• Has one logo string with web textholder.
• 5 additional little textholders.

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Abstract Flag Logo

abstract flag

• This project is compatible for AE CS4 and CS5.
• This project needs Trapcode Form (not included in the package).
• pre-rendered optical flares.
• User-friendly project.
• Full HD resolution at 1920×1080 px and 1280×720 px.

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Hello again! Please excuse me while I crack to you these templates that you can use for your works. Enjoy!

Abstract Disperse 2

abstract disperse

• Comes in full HD 1080p at 1920×1080 px.
• video lasts for 11 seconds long.
• Requires Trapcode Particular 2.1
• Compatible for After Effects CS4/CS5/CS5.5.
• Tutorial is included.

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Particle Logo Formation V2

particle logo

• Includes video tutorials that show how to manage most things in this project.
• Has 1280×720 HD resolution.

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Bittersweet Titles

bittersweet titles

• Created in After Effects CS4.
• Includes video tutorial.
• PAL DV Wide screen.

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Abstract Style Promo Part 1

abstract style

• Made in After Effects CS3 in (1280×720).
• Easy to personalise.
• Plugins not required.
• Complete tutorial.
• Audio file is included.

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Digital Retro Title Logo Opener

digital retro

• Techy abstract opener/title sequence/logo revealer.
• Trendy appearance, digital sound, distortion with IDM /Glitch audio track.
• Very imaginative animation that works great as a logo and keyword revealer.
• Modern digital glitch.
• Glossy and extruded 3D titles.

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Abstract 3DD Rain Logo

abstract 3d rain

• This project has 1280×720 HD resolution.
• Trapcode Particular 2 needed.
• Easy to customise.
• video lasts for 18 seconds long.

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pop after effects template ” width=

• This project is pop-inspired with vibrant and lively colors.
• Has many placeholders of video, image, and text.
• Easy to customize and change colors.

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Radiolaria Trailer

trailer after effect template” width=

• Requires Trapcode Particular, Optical Flares, and Element 3D
• NASA-inspired video.
• cool old VHS effect.

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Typography Titles

typography titles template after effect” width=

• Compatible for After Effects CS5 and later versions
• No need of plugins
• Consist of 15 animations
• User-friendly customization
• PDF guide included.

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Life In Motion

life motion template” width=

• Video lasts for 57 seconds
• Completely after effects
• No plugins required
• User-friendly customization.

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Ink Motion

ink motion template after effects” width=

• Compatible for AE CS4, CS5, CS5.5, and CS6
• 24/7 support
• No plugins required
• User-friendly customization
• Quick render.

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Digital Interference

digital interference template” width=

• Compatible for AE CS4, CS5, CS5.5, and CS6
• Completely AE
• Plugins not required.
• User-friendly
• lasts for 1.16min.

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