Business cards have continuously circulated through the society for the past years. It has been considered one effective way of advertising and getting in touch with important people for business or for pleasure. From the regular cardboard paper filled with information to the cute and unique designs published today, this simple way of getting business has indeed come a long way. To date, many designers have innovated the business card look through the expansion and unlimited fuel of our imagination and creativity. Try browsing through the net and you will not be disappointed on how business-minded people have turned their formal business cards into great and unique vessels of information.

This next post entitled A Showcase of Blue Business Cards Design is one of those many collection of cool business cards. Check out how the color blue can spice up your existing biz-cards… Get inspired!!!

Jae Salavarrieta

jae salavarrieta
Author: jae salavarrieta
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DJ Business Card

dj business card
Author: kallidesign
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Slim Plastic Card

slim plastic card
Author: BlueQ Designs
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Boost Card 2

boost card 2
Author: Claudio Meira
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BS Divers Business Cards

bs divers business cards
Author: jooyousef
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Hear Agency Cards

hear agency cards
Author: Hear Agency
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Circular Business Cards

circular business cards
Author: Well Dressed Vandals
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Ice Drink Business Card

ice drink business card
Author: muriloVM
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KKI Creative Business Card

kki creative business card
Author: Clarissa Medeiros
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My Cards

my cards
Author: timelikeit
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Business Bbards III

business bbards iii
Author; VoidGFX
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Synyster Personal Card

synyster personal card
Author: Synyster
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DOF Shots Business Cards

dof shots business cards
Author: justin flood
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Nimble Graphics Cards

nimble graphics cards
Author: Nimble Graphics
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Milky Interactive

milky interactive
Author: Olivier Pineda
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New Business Cards

new business cards
Author: sketchy pictures
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Onescreen INC Card

onescreen inc card
Author: James Hsu
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Kula Design Card

kula design card
Author; Rita Kristjansdottir
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Wokomon Design Card

wokomon design card
Author: Brigada Creativa
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Goonpay Business Card

goonpay business card
Author: GoonPay
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Furniture Business Card

furniture business card
Author: Mihai Ragea
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Desginer Business Card

desginer business card
Author: Designer Foo
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Business Card

business card
Author: Laachi

Green Recycled Business Cards

green recycled business cards
Author: Sullivan Higdon & Sink
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Creative Juice Business Card

creative juice business card
Author: Creative Juice
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Personal Business Card VG

personal business card vg
Author: VG Design
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PVC Unique Business Card

pvc unique business card
Author: Alexey Kondratiev
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Reshad Hurree Card

reshad hurree card
Author: Reshad Hurree
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Tag Communication Services

tag communication services
Author: Johnston Duffy
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Ocean House

ocean house
Author: Mucca Design
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Qobe Group

qobe group
Author: Ghostlight Creative
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Steven Bonner

steven bonner
Author: Steven Bonner
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Dance the Dream

dance the dream
Author: Mtwo Design
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Travel Start

travel start
Author: Apartment Studios
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My Business Cards

my business cards
Author: Cuman
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Ploc Media

ploc media
Author: Ploc Media
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Garth Humbert

garth humbert
Author: Garth Humbert
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Mark Dormand

mark dormand
Author: Mark Dormand
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Author: Adhesive
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Blue Bird Design

blue bird design
Author: Blue Bird Design
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  1. I like the design of the last card, Blue Bird. Up till now I always think that laminated business card is the most attractive card. But I fall in love with the Blue Bird Card design. Anyway, what material used for this card?

  2. One thing I notice about these cards is that they are all very clean and minimal type on them. Try working in the printing business where common business folk don’t understand that and they try to put every little bit of information they can think of on there. Different when it is designers and artists that understand that clean space is very good.

    Great designs!

  3. I was thinking about getting new business cards for myself, and this blog caught my eye and definitely convinced me that my new business cards are going to be blue ! “Furniture Business Card” is the one I liked the most. So minimalistic, yet not too boring. Very representative. Just something like the one I was thinking about. Thanks for posting these. It helped me a lot with the decision.

  4. I really love the different variations of business cards. I find my business cards very boring, looks like i should update them with blue cards

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