From time-to-time a web designer needs a little help with their creative related projects, and rest assured, there is a lot of it out there! Sometimes, it’s unrealistic to spend hours and hours editing or designing a single graphic for your client, it can take up valuable time and ultimately lose you money! This post comprises of various resources that are available to us web designers, and all for free!

From websites that provide free PSD’s to websites that provide us with a quick and easy way of finding a perfect icon. This post has been put together as a resource for web designers for the times they need a little help and inspiration. Enjoy!.

Free Photoshop Resources


365PSD provides you with Incredibly high quality PSD files from contributing authors.
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Free Photoshop Download

Free Photoshop Download is a large resource of Photoshop files. From brushes to website templates.
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Download PSD

Download PSD offers various files for use with Photoshop.
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Free Vector Resources


QVectors have everything from floral patterns to funky polka dot patterns all in .ai format.
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One of the Internet’s largest websites for vector resources.
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Vector Art

Vector Art has a very nice collection of good quality vectos from around the web.

Free Icon Resources

Find Icons

Hundreds of icons and icon packs to help aid in your designs.
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Icon Finder

Probably the most used icon search on the web. Thousands of icons and icon packs.
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From stationery sets to flags of countries. Thousands of useful icons of IconsPedia.
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Free Font Resources

Addictive Fonts

With fancy preview and plently of inspiration, find free fonts on addictive fonts.
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Font Squirrel

Lots of handpicked fonts for you to browse through on Font Squirrel.
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Urban Fonts

Browse through this extensive list of free fonts on UrbanFonts
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It’s important to thank all the contributors from around the world that makes the above sites possible, it’s with them and each other that we can make our web designing days that little bit better (and easier).

Nicholas Craig

About the author: A freelance web developer based in the UK with several years of experience under his belt. He's always on the look out for new ideas and he loves to talk business! During his spare time he likes to keep active and share his findings, experience and knowledge by writing articles to share with other designers.


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