Frequently, we have showcased several posts on images that uses amazing Photography techniques. This posts were accomplished to give out overwhelming motivating effects to readers and aspiring photographers out there… As our addition to the numerous posts on Photography, here is A Showcase of Stunning Infrared Photos in Photography that you can refer to whenever inspiration is needed to create astonishing photos ..

Feel free to check out this wonderful collection we have compiled for you… Be inspired as you browse through this images and get insight from testimonials given by the author by clicking the images to get to main source. Explore your capabilities and let the creative juices flow… Have fun!!!!

Solid Foam IR

solid foam infrared photo

By : Caithness155

Stockton Infrared

stockton infrared photo

By : ComprehensiveOne

Orchard Infrared II

Orchard Infrared Photography

By : Dingodave

Parc de Martreil I

cool Infrared photography

By : Anrold

InfraRed – BOtanical Gardens 2

botanical gardens infrared

By : Shin-ex

Cloudy Day

Cloudy Day Photo

By : RoieG

Some Black and White Infrared

black and white infrared

By : Ilimel

White Umbrella

White umbrella Infrared

By : D-minutiv

Venise Verte Pot du Vanneau

Venise verte Photo

By : Anrold

Le banc

canon Infrared photography

By : Anrold

Laguna de Plata Infrared 005

Laguna de Plata Infrared

By : Otas32

Infrared Landscape

Infrared Landscape

By : Knechtrootrecht

Infrared Garden Path

Infrared Garden Path

By : Clockwork-zero

Infrared Photography Looks Like ChristmasTime

Christmas time Infrared

By : RogerDman

Crazy Car

Crazy car Infrared

By : Anrold

InfraRed – bOtanical gardens 1

Infrared Gardens

By : Shin-ex


blue infrared

By : Netherl

Infrared Waterscape

Infrared Waterscape

By : Lorni3

Early Winter Snow

winter snow infrared

By : Guspath

Infrared Fairytale Towers

Infrared Fairytale Towers

By : Lorni3

Dreams of Summer

dreams of summer photography

By : ComprehensiveOne

InfraRed – Chinese Gardens 4

Chinese Gardens Infrared

By : Shin-ex

Green River Infrared 2

Green River Infrared

By : GothicAmethyst

Final Destination

Final Destination Photography

By : Livingindarkness

Infrared 4

Infrared River Photography

By : GothicAmethyst

Infrared Forest Line

Infrared Forest Line

By : Suricata5


Breeze infrared Photo

By : Nxxos

Infrared 72

infrared way photo

By : Sanddragon

Lake Cumberland Infrared 2

Lake Cumberland Infrared

By : GothicAmethys

The Lonely Wheelbarrow

Lonely Wheelbarrow  Infrared

By : RoieG

Infrared Landscape Part III

Infrared Landscape Photo

By :Knechtrootrecht

InfraRed series – terengganu 1

Infrared Series

By :Shin-ex

InfraRed series – terengganu 3

Unique Infrared Photography

By :Shin-ex

Straightforward Path

Straightforward Path Infrared

By :Ilimel

InfraRed series – cHinatOwn 3

china town infrared  Photo

By :Shin-ex

The Passage

the passage Photo

By :Anrold

The Dark Tree

The Dark Tree Infrared

By :Nxxos

Sunday at the Lake

Lake Infrared Photography

By :RoieG

InfraRed series – cHinatOwn 7

china infrared photo

By :Shin-ex

Infrared Tree Standing Alone

Infrared Tree standing alone

By :Panoram

How to Achieve Infrared Photos?

Here are some resources where you can learn the basic tips and tricks to attain Infrared Photograhy.

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Getting Started with Infrared Photography

If you have knowledge on Infrared Photography, or any tips and techniques you can add, feel free to share your experiences. We would love to hear your comments.

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