These days, with the fast paced working environment due to advanced technologies, more and more distractions are being created. Some people will find ways to distract you from work. Even the television and the internet can distract you from what is important. You may have tons of work to do everyday and it is hard for you finish all of them because you cannot focus. Maintain your focus so you could have a better output and you could have more accomplishments.

To help you stay focused, here are 20 tips for you:

1.Reflect everyday.


Image: Degenetron

When you wake in the morning, reflect first before you start your day. You’ll a have a better output in all your activities including your designs if you start reflecting at the beginning of the day. Think seriously of what you need to do and be totally determined to finish your entire task brushed with joy and satisfaction as you go along the way. Reflecting awakens your inner self and makes you reveal a stronger, better and more creative YOU!.

2.Make a clear task list.

clear list

Image: celestefrittata

Plan your day by keeping your own daily planner. Make a list of the things you need to do and make sure to follow them. Write on your planner before you go to sleep at night and make sure to write everything that are important.

3.Post reminders.

post reminders


If you think you are the type of person who needs to be reminded, you can do that by using post-its. You can grab colourful post-its which also come in various shapes. This way, you are not merely keeping yourself on track but you are also making your work space look artistic!

4.Do the most important thing first.

first thing first

Image: ezekielbruni

First things first. Before you proceed to other things, make sure you are done working on the first project you have started. Finish everything you have started. In this way, you could accomplish a lot.

5.Allocate time for a certain project.

allocate time

Image: Cookieater2009

To make sure you’ll finish everything, allocate a particular time for a project. Let us say you will work for a design for an hour or a couple of minutes. Then you really have to finish working on it on that certain period of time. This way, you are not only saving time but you are also trained to focus on your work.

6.Have a quiet time for yourself.

quite time

Image: Alex Rozhenyuk

Once in a while, spend time alone thinking about whatever things that may refresh your mind. Sometimes, you can think of nothing just to relax yourself from the busy work. This will help you focus more because your mind has loosened up and is now ready to face another challenge when you go back to work.

7.Have a break.

eye direction

Image: Wishard of Oz

When you think you had been stuck in a particular part of the project, like you can no longer understand what you need to write or you do not know what to do with your designs, then it is time to have a break. A 10 minutes break is enough to just stand up, stretch, grab a snack or do whatever you want in a short span of time. Then go back to work and you’ll be able to figure out what to do now.



Image: Ghanui

It is very important to learn how to relax for it is the only way to fight stress. When you are stressed out, you are killing your focus and risking your health. Stress can lead to serious illness like heart problems. So, don’t let your world revolve around work. Find some time to relax for it will not only help you focus but it can also protect yourself from health problems.

9.Choose which music to listen.


Image: Roman Barelko

Some people opt to work while listening to music. Choose the kind of music you listen to. Make sure this inspires you to work. But if you want some quite time while working, just wear your head phones with the music off so that you won’t hear the noise around you and therefore will help you work without disturbances.

10.Drink water.

drink water

Image: Eduard Titov

Drinking water keeps you fresh and you won’t be disturbed by the uneasy feeling you might have because of work. It is always refreshing to drink water. So, always have a bottle of water near you so you can easily grab it when you need to be refreshed.



Image: doug88888

There are some who brings with them lots of snacks to work to keep them awake and focused. They work while eating which can also be good. Though, sometimes it might make you fat. Just don’t eat too much. Bring along snacks like candies, chocolates, or chips. At least, even if you are eating, you can still work ‘coz eating those doesn’t require a spoon and fork.

12.Do simple exercises.


Image: All Pet Naturals

Even if you do not go the gym, you can do some exercises even while working. By merely swinging your legs and rotating your ankles and wrists, you are already exercising. But some would prefer doing some jogging early in the morning and others go the gym every week. Whatever choice you make, it is good to exercise. This will make you healthy, happy and always ready to work.

13.Have a nap.


Image: Philip.Simmons

A 15 minutes sleep will help you refuel your brains for you to work effectively and focus on what you are doing. It is not good to work if you are feeling sleepy. Take a little nap and you’ll be more vigorous in doing your projects.

14.Have a massage.


Image: dwanearmbruster

Tickle your nerves once in a while. Have a massage and this will make you feel more relaxed. Believe me, you’ll have more energy to work and you can even finish everything in a shorter time after you have a massage.

15.Limit time on Facebook and other social network sites.

Image: pyoryp

Close Facebook, Twitter and other social network sites while working. This consumes most of your time. If you keep on reading updates and notifications or chat with your friends, then you won’t be able to finish your work. You can actually “Go Offline” even if your online and make your status “busy” in Yahoo Messenger. People will respect this and won’t disturb you knowing that you are busy.

16.Make work fun and exciting.

fun work

Image: sstartsman

To stay focused, you have to learn how to make your work more exciting. Just love your work and be truly interested in what you are doing. This way, it will be easier to wither away all the distractions around you coz you are so “into” your work.

17.Keep your environment neat and clean.

clean work place

Image: s_macdo

A clean workplace will make you work better. It is a visual distraction to see papers everywhere and stuff not well arranged. So always make sure that your work place is clean and neatly arranged. Make it a habit to clean first before and after working.

18.Seek inspiration.


Image: Eduard Titov

There are many ways to be inspired. A mere picture of a loved one on your desk may be a good source of inspiration. Some people read to get inspired and still others walk, run or listen to music. I’m pretty sure you could determine what moves you to work, so go get it!

19.Have the will power.

will power

Image: Eduard Titov

If you have the will power to finish your work, you can really do it even without these tips. But if you want to follow these tips, you also need the will power to really follow it. It is like when you make a daily planner, make sure you are determined to do what you have planned.

20.Reward yourself.


Image: o5com

After accomplishing something, reward yourself. You might want to go have coffee or shop something for yourself. This helps to keep you motivated to work. So when working, think of a reward for yourself. For sure, you’ll get it when all your work is done and you will feel compensated with your efforts.

Staying focused is indeed a big challenge for there are lots of distractions around us. But it can also be very simple. Why not choose one tip and commit yourself to do it. You’ll find it truly satisfying to stay focused on your work which spurs you to accomplish more. Do you have other tips to share to make one stay focused?

Kareen Liez

About the author: A Civil Engineer who has a construction business and a youth volunteer for a civic organization. She also contributes for a local newspaper due to her unwavering passion to write.


  1. After reading this article feels like im inspired to go out right now and start doing those tips..Thanks for this tips really helpful !

  2. “Quite time” should be “Quiet time”.

    Grammar Nazi signing out.

  3. Love the article and really love the mix of images with text. One thing, though, that really helps with staying focused is having the right neurochemistry in order for your prefrontal cortex to process as you want it. There are several food supplements that help with this and a few good dietary supplements also. Probably the best formula is: rest, proper food supplemented with an effective nutraceutical (e.g. neurapex) and exercise.

  4. Thanks for the tips, it’s time to stay focused, i liked the first tip.

  5. Great article, really useful tips for all the design community, of course for me as well:)

  6. Pray every day should be replaced with reflect, meditate, or pray. We’re not all of the same religion, and some of us are atheist. And I understand your response will be “This is my blog and this is what I do” but good designers must appeal to all groups, not just the ones we are a part of and be careful not to offend other groups in our message.

    1. i think parrish is right and her comment is appreciated but i believe meditation and reflection are two the same entities which best comprises the intention to engage in contemplation and quiet moment to search the inner self and listen to the soul.but while meditation and reflection are of the same nature, the two, however happens at two different levels of the quiet moment and ultimately, achieved only through the most sincere prayer.

      this is just matter of definition, to each his own. but i still believe that the most powerful way of calling on the divinities and or channeling the presence of the greater being, yet still the easiest is to go down on your knees, hands folded together and head down to show reverence, and its called prayer, to whichever greater god one may believe in. 🙂

  7. Wtf?
    What this article tells us? Nothing.
    Heres my 20 tips :

    1. Dont read this kind of articles
    2-18. Do nothing.
    19. Go sleep.
    20. Do nothing.


  8. Kind of a bummer post for atheists considering your number one point. Stopped reading right there.

  9. I must agree with @Michael and @Parrish – Pray as a number first point will draw a lot of people away, myself included, I continued only because I read regularly and I usually like a lot articles at NaldzGraphics. You could put it at the end and formulate in a different way, just a suggestion.

  10. Since it is our aim to cater positively and encouragingly to our readers, we have considered some of your comments and therefore changed “Pray everyday” to “Reflect everyday.” We apologize for it. We’re greatly and genuinely thankful for all those who have given comments for it has helped us a lot in up-building our site. We assure you that Naldz graphics will continue giving the design community more valuable articles. We are most grateful.

  11. These tips apply to everyone: whether you’re a designer or someone who just happened to read this article. Just like any other articles posted all over the Internet, this doesn’t single out those who don’t practice “praying” or whatsoever. Taking into consideration that not all believes in deities, the author in my belief didn’t intentionally discriminate those non-believers. The purpose of writing this article is to give us, we who read this article, ways on how we can stay focused not only in graphic designing but in everything we do in general. Point has already been taken and “pray” was changed to “reflect”. It is appreciated and hope this may serve as a lesson to each and everyone of us. 🙂

  12. This article is very motivating and inspirational
    Great job!

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