Working on a Futuristic Design on a graphics or web design in Photoshop mostly requires a more techy feel. Using circuits,linings,wiring or even blueprints could help achieve better futuristic results. The problem is it will usually take time looking for quality brushes among the many available brushes in the net. To work more with ease and save time, we have gathered several collections of Photoshop brushes that you can use. Now check out this 850+ Super Cool Tech Brushes for Photoshop.

These Tech Brushes were made by dedicated designers who love doing free stuffs and are good enough to share them to others for free, so go ahead and feel free to download. To those who doesn’t know yet, here’s a quick n’ easy guide on how to load a brush/ABR file on Photoshop.

2014 Update:

Below this article we have added fresher tech brushes that you can take your designs to another futuristic level. They are all free to download and it is always better to have more resources to enjoy using with, so go ahead, scroll down, and get whatever you like to use.

Tech Brushes

tech brushes
A set of 23 Brushes.Compatible in Photoshop 7+, Photoshop Elements 2+, GIMP 2.2.6+.

200 Tech Brushes

brush tech
A set 200 tech brushes

Tech Brushes

tech brush
100+ brushes for Photoshop 6+

Tech Brushes

cool tech brush
A set of 15 tech brushes.

2Bit Twilight

brushes tech
12 Tech Brushes in a set

Tech Brushes

tech brushes free
9 Tech Brush High Resolution

Tech B1

photoshop brush tech
15 cool tech brushes for enjoyment.

Z-design Tech Brushes Set v5

futuristic brushes
25 Tech Brushes in a set

Z-design Tech brushes set v2

futuristic brushes photoshop
30 tech brushes are included in this set, 5 circle brushes are added along with it.

Hi there! How’s search goin? Here’s some examples on how you can use Photoshop brushes in web designs.

Tech Brushes for you

free tech brushes
56 Tech Brushes in a set

Cyber Brushes

free brush tech
26 brushes, made in photoshop 7.0

Basic Tech Brushes

hud brushes
Almost 20+ Tech Brushes on a set

Advanced Tech

photoshop 7 brushes
50 Tech Brushes in various sizes.

High Tech Brushes

photoshop 7 brush tech
This is a pack of high resolution brushes, and they are really big, 1500×2500 pixels!

Tech Brush Set V2

circuit brush
Cool Tech Brushes

Corrupt Tech Pack 2

tech brushes pack
4 Tech Brushes

Tech 01

tech style brush

Blue Print Brushes

blue print tech brush
11 Brushes


free download tech brush

BB 200 Tech Brushes Vol. 2

Photoshop CS brush tech
200 High Quality Tech Brushes

16 Free Tech Style

free tech style brush
A set that includes 16 useful tech brushes that can be used for personal and commercial designs.

TC T E C H 1 0 2 19

hi res tech brushes photoshop
This set has 19 brushes that works for all CS versions and up. You can use these for personal and commercialdesigns.

55 Abstract Tech Brushes

abstract tech brushes
55 awesome brushes perfect for abstract/tech imagery.

High tech shapes photoshop

high res tech shapes Photoshop
This is a set of 12 high resolution tech shapes that you can use for your techy designs. For personal use only.

Tech Brushes

photoshop cs6 tech brushes
This brush set is compatible for Photoshop CS6 and up and can be used for your personal design.


complex tech photoshop brushes
This brush set consists of 13 complex tech brushes

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


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