Ever thought of handing out business cards to your business associates or clients? If you have, then you must have been thinking of the information that you will be enclosing on your b-cards. Of course, the details of how your business cards will look should also be considered. How a business card appears creates an impact and an impression to the recipient and therefore, should not be taken lightly. Since it represents the person, the business, or the organization as a whole, business cards are intended to reflect what the company aims and stand for…

For our next post, 50 Examples of Green Business Cards is a showcase of business cards created with the green color. Check out how the business or the organization is represented and how the color green highlights what the color stands for. Sit back and bask in this green compilation! Enjoy!!!

Krkoska hotel business card

hotel business card
By: strny

Cuckoo Story business card 3

Cuckoo Story business card
By: OvelhaNegra

Plat Raiser Business Card

Plat Raiser Business Card
By: prkdeviant

New Business Card Back

business card 32776
By: Lisa Bardot

Nation Toys Business Cards

nation toys business cards
By: Duo

Oregonian Business Card

oregonian business card
By: Hunson Nguyen

Sloorp Business Cards 2

business card 4469
By: Sloorp


sino business card
By: Public

CreativeWitty – Business Card

CreativeWitty Business Card
By: alvito

QR Code Business Card

wanda digital biz card
By: Ugur Akdemir

Alienfoot Business Card

alienfoot business card
By: Alienfoot

Etiquette Business Card

Etiquette Business Card
By: Alley9

Efis Design Bussines Card

efis bussines card design
By: Efis Design

Business Card – CSM

Business Card CSM
By: ivanradosavljevic

Unique Shaped Business Card

unique shaped business card
By: In60Seconds

Mojo Themes business card

Mojo Themes business card
By: robbythedesigner

a bit burlesque business cards

a bit burlesque business cards
By: amithystblade

SuggarCane Logo

SuggarCane Logo

sean kiefer
By: Erin Wallace

Pixxlz Mini Business Cards

business card 3762
By: Pixxlzz.com


Namecard Green
By: Madmenu

Greenstone Business Card

greenstone business card
By: Cody Paulson

Nation Toys & Tees

nation toys tees
By: Carbon Media Design Inc

Green Cross Code

business cards 76
By: What what

Graphic Farmers Market Business Card

business card 6179
By: Inkdphtos

House of Monks

house of monks
By: House of Monks

Studio Nine

studio nine
By: Jeff Nine

40 Sardines

40 sardines
By: Barkley Evergreen & Partners


By: Leschinski Design

Filament Creative

filament creative
By: Filament Creative

Steiner Graphics

steiner graphics
By: Rene V. Steiner

Ordered List

ordered list
By: Tim O’Connor

Green Peace business card

Green Peace business card
By: Sion Elliott

Sherwin Techico

sherwin techico
By: Sherwin Techico

Kudzu Design

kudzu design
By: kudzu design

Smart & Glam

logo business card
By: Sophia Georgopoulou

Gooru Interactiva Business Card

gooru interactiva business card
By: Adrian Ramos

Jessica genest business card

jessica genest business-card
By: Nicolas Menard

Kenn Wilson

business cards kenn-wilson
By: Kenn Wilson

Gold Foil Business Card

gold foil business card
By: Garth Humbert

Stella Dot Die Cut

stella dot die cut
By: Premium Cards

Hindukusch Identity

hindukusch identity
By: Robinsson

Film InFest Identity Card

film infest identity card
By: Moximedia

Es Developed

business cards es developed
By: ES Dev


By: Ctoverdrive

My Photos

business cards my photos
By: ntonio Cruz


etbikez bc
By: Radek Broz

Business Card Concept Render

business card concept render
By: Hello Pixel

Realmac Software

realmac software
By: JamFactory

Toxic Puppy business cards

toxic puppy business cards
By: Marki San

Marvi Ocampo

About the author: Founder of a osmiva.com. Despite her busy schedule, she always find time to read books, Photography and write articles during her spare time.


  1. Nice list.good variety really inspiring thanks Marvi for the great post!.

  2. Good representation of creative design in business cards well done.

  3. unique design of cards. u just saved me and my precious time ! thank u so much ! 🙂

  4. A wonderful selection of green business cards. It’s nice to see the creativity. Thank you.

  5. Working with so many clients here in California that want that “natural, green look”, these were a big help for inspiration. Thanks so much, Marvi!

  6. I would like to have a business card like Kudzu Design’s business card.

    Thank you for your time and effort.

  7. THis is wonderfully inspiring. I never seen green so beautiful. thanks for the post.

  8. Loved the Gooru and Infest cards! (both simple but cute)

    BTW The 3rd card is labeled as “Plat” when it should be “Plant”

    But thanks for posting this inspiration source!

  9. I really like your post. mY surprise? Not much sustentable green cards…
    thank you!

  10. A wonderful selection of green cards. It’s nice to see the creativity.
    Thank you.

  11. I like this collection. Green color represents environment and i think designers should use more of green color in business card designs to promote enviroment

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