Icon freebies is one of the common item that a website mostly offers. Designers are given the option to download the icon of their choice. This freebie is great since it would not require work to the designer. Hence, it will provide available resources for the design.

As a “level-up” offer, we here have decided to collect some cool adobe illustrator tutorials for icon-making. This will be a great treat for all icon-lovers out there who wants to make their own icons for everyone to see… Check out our 40 Excellent Adobe Illustrator Icon Tutorials that you can learn for expanding of knowledge!!! Enjoy!

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Create a Tasty Burger Icon in Illustrator

tasty burger icon

This tutorial shows how to make a three-dimensional image by using Adobe Illustrator.

iTune Icon

itune icon tutorial

By means of assorted blending techniques and blending modes to duplicate the iTune icons is what this tutorial is all about.

Create an Aperture Style Camera Lens Icon

camera style icon tutorial

The tutorial will produce a thorough camera lens that is akin to the one used Apple Aperture photo-editing software logo.

How to Create a Shiny Bucket Icon

kshiny bucket icon tutorial

Learn how to create a rational vector bucket icon with this tutorial.

Create a Stylized GPS Icon

stylized gps icon tutorial

This is a beginner/intermediate tutorial which will show you how to construct a stylized GPS icons with uncomplicated gradients and shapes.

Illustrate a Fun Magnify Zoom Icon

magnify zoom icon tutorial

Create an exceptional Magnifying Glass showing an enlarge selection of a text with this tutorial.

Craft a Delicious Chinese Food Icon

Chinese food icon tutorial

The tutorial exhibit how to make a tasty icon set of a Chinese food.

How to Turn Glasses into a Great Geek Icon

glasses icon tutorial

We will demonstrate how to create a geeky or cool glasses icon with this tutorial.

Icon Design Tutorial: Drawing A Pencil Icon

drawing pencil icon tutorial

Not all the things that you should know on how to master icon design will be shown in this tutorial but we hope that it will assist you in creating an icon.

Create a Documents Icons

document icon tutorial

Learn how to craft a pretty common icon in this tutorial.

Tutorial: How to Create a Television Icon

new icon tutorial

How to produce a retro television icon using the basic shapes and gradients will be publicized in this step by step tutorial.

Create A Briefcase Icon

briefcase icon tutorial

The tutorial demonstrates how to craft a briefcase icon through ellipses, gradients and rectangles.

Design a Vector Audio Speaker Icon in Illustrator

audio speaker icon tutorial

This tutorial shows ho to make a vector speaker icon.

Make a Mailbox Icon Using Adobe Illustrator

mailbox icon illustrator tutorial
Learn how to create this icon by implementing pro techniques in Adobe Illustrator.

How to Create a Magic Wand Icon

magic wand icon tutorial

This tutorial is an Illustrator tutorial that will show you how to craft a magic wand icon and at the same time will utilized gradient feathering and some simple shapes.

How to Create a Transparent Battery Icon

transparent battery icon tutorial

The tutorial will illustrate in creating a meticulous battery icon that is used for the iPhone touch.

Make a 3D Vector Film Roll, Drawn in Perspective

3d film icon tutorial

This tutorial shows how to portray a rational film roll, drawn in perspective.

Abracadabra, How to Create a Magic Hat Icon

magic hat icon tutorial

Create an icon of a magic hat with a cute bunny inside of it using this tutorial.

Design A Coffee Mug Icon

coffee mug icon tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to design a coffee mug icon.

Make 3D Yet Flat Looking Shopping Basket Icons

3d yet flat basket icon tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to make an icon of a custom shopping basket combining 3D qualities with a flat look.

How to Create a Gearbox Settings Icon Using Simple Shapes

gear box icon tutorial

Making an icon that is suitable in portraying settings, options, preferences, etc. with this tutorial.

How to Create a Nice Emoticons Icon Set

emoticons illustrator tutorial
Learn an easy-to-follow workflow for creating each of these little emotional character faces in Adobe Illustrator.

Create a Vintage TV Set Icon in Illustrator

vintage TV set icon tutorial

In this tutorial feature soundtrack.

Create an Envelope Icon with a Satin Feel

cool adobe icon tutorial

Form a simple envelope using the basic tools of illustrator with this tutorial.

How to Make a Vector Military Cap Icon

military cap icon tutorial

Learn how to create a rationalistic military style cap icon with the help of blends, predominately gardients, and the Gardient Mesh Tools with this tutorial.

How to Create an Academy Icon From Simple Shapes

academy icon tutorial

The tutorial is all about how to create an icon of a cool academy by using the simple shapes that can be found in the Illustrator and then applying layer effects on them in Photoshop.

How to Design a Set of Multicolored Buddy Icons

multicolored buddy icon tutorial

Create a multicolored buddy icons set using some basic shapes, feather, gradients, and the Illustrator’s powerful Live Color feature with this Illustrator tutorial.

Design a Stylish Wallet Icon in Illustrator

stylish wallet icon tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make a wallet icon from a Women’s Icons with the help of Adobe Illustrator CS4.

Icon Design tutorial: How to Make a Calendar Icon

calendar design icon tutorial

The tutorial will show you how to make an icon of a calendar.

Adobe Bridge CS2 Icon

adobe bridge icon tutorial

This tutorial will demonstrate on how to duplicate the Adobe Bridge icon using the Illustrator CS2

Create a Cute Panda Bear Face Icon

cute panda bear icon tutorial

Learn how to craft an icon of a cute face of a panda with this tutorial.

Create a Detailed Camera with Photo Icon

camera with photo icon tutorial

The intermediate Adobe Illustrator artist will be shown on how to make a lustous web 2.0 style icon with this tutorial.

Create a Simple Paperclip Icon

paperclip icon tutorial

Learn the seven steps in crafting a paperclip icon with the aid of this tutorial.

How to Create an Hourglass Icon in About an Hour

hourglass icon tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use simple shapes, vector textures, and gradients in making an hourglass icon.

How to Make an Opulent Chair Icon

opulent chair icon tutorial

Using gradient mesh, the appearance panel and the pathfinder tool,you will learn how to make a chair icon with this tutorial.

Create a Simple Storefront Icon

 storefront icon tutorial

With this tutorial, we will show you how to craft a store font icon using the Illustrator Effects, gardients and rectangles.

Icon Tutorial: Windows 7 Icon with Illustrator

window 7 icon tutorial

Using Adobe illustrator CS4 in this tutorial, we will be able to make a music icon of the windows 7 style.

Create a Vector Film Slate Icon

vector film slate icon tutorial

This tutorial will use some gradients, some basic shapes, and even a blend to create a vector film slate icon.

Computer Display Windows Vista Icon Adobe Illustrator Tutorial

new cool adobe icon tutorial

In this tutorial we will make a computer display windows vista icon using Adobe Illustrator.

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