One of the first thing a visitor notices when going in a website is its header. A lot of websites maximizes this by adding attractive elements to the design including eye-catching images, slideshows, background videos, and more. As the trends go on, so are the elements come and go.

Design trends are always dynamic. If you want to be on the top of it, it is desirable to keep an eye to design innovation.

To help you be in pace with the latest, we have gathered some if the inventive header designs that are sure to put some additional spice in your modern website design. Sift through the list and indulge your eyes with these fresh and exciting designs.

Algolia Saas

Algolia Saas’ header has a lively ambiance that has a wavy border that jives to its design.
wavy header design

I Code Your Design

Here we have a monochromatic design of the header with a diagonal border at the bottom.
diagonal header design

Personal Trainer

This website’s header has a curvy bottom that makes it appear larger and is designed with gradient overlay for a more vibrant look.
gradient curved header

Education Platform

The header has a clean gradient effect with an interesting irregular border at the bottom.
irregular header design

Design Agency

Design Agency has a clean and minimal design with a sleek diagonal border.
dark theme website

Design Agency

Here is a blue-purple gradient header design with a vibrant combination of diagonal borders.
purple gradient headers

Everchron 2.5

Everchron 2.5 has also a diagonal header with a great blend of geometric designs and gradient overlay.
geometric gradient design

Website Homepage Concept

This concept has a blue-themed header with a diagonal design that continues beyond the header design.
header concept design

Sussex Downs College

Sussex Downs College’s header has diagonal border that depresses on the middle.
arrow header style


Cooxed has a greyscale image background with also a sharp diagonal border at the bottom.
diagonal header styles

Responsive eCommerce Webstore

Here you have a clean and minimal design of a header with diagonal border.
online shop design


Algolia has a green-themed header with a ‘pixelized’ pattern and a border that blends with it.
pixelized green header

Abbey Moore Photography

Abbey Moore Photography has a full background image for its header and made more attractive with a diagonal border.
image background header

Sports Tech

This website has a concave border for its header and a purple gradient overlay.
concave purple headers


Fantastiko has a header with a curvy border that is similar to an edge of its hexagon designs.
modern header designs


Hardcore’s website header has a full image background with color overlay. It also has a wiggly border at the bottom of the header.
full image back

Landing Page

This website has nothing but beautiful modern design. Its header utilizes a rounded parallelogram in a tilted position.
modern web design


Here is another great example of a clean web theme that uses a diagonal header design.
clean diagonal headers

Sound Control

Sound Control’s design uses diagonal strips and a color gradient that has a good mix of chill and lively.
modern diagonal header

One From The Archive

Here we can observe an angled header border that is similar to the Fantastiko design minus the rounded edge.
angled header border

Amsterdam All Week!

Amsterdam All Week! has an minimal web theme and is mixed well with a diagonal header, which elegantly shows a modern look.
modern diagonal header


Here is a clean design concept with some cool colors and shapes.
modern website header


Here the header design also has a diagonal border with a bit of a concave accent.
personal portfolio website

Music Streaming Apps

This web design has a purple-themed header with a convex border.
convex app web


Ami has a diagonal segment in the header that extends beyond the header area.
creative web template

Landing Page

This page design has a wavy element to its header that makes it seem dynamic and lively.
violet gradient headers

Digital Agency

This site has a transparent background image and is overlaid with a blue gradient.
transparent image overlay

Landing page

This website’s header has a wave of various blue shades and a border that follows its pattern.
wave header border

Creative Landing Page

Here we have another good example of a website that uses a diagonal header. It brings elegance to a design of simplicity.
black overlay page


Pixelmatters has a header design with an angled border at the middle.
angled header design


Here you can also see another example of a header with a convex border at the bottom.
convex curve headers

Creative Landing Page

This creative layout design also has diagonal border.
diagonal header border

Pukka Landing Page

Pukka also has gradient overlay with a bit wavy border
elegant header gradient

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