Photoshop may be one of the popular (if not the most) software for graphic designers in making design projects due to its very versatile functions and useful tools. One of these tools are Photoshop brushes that have the potential to put impressive effects and design to the picture when used creatively. They help graphic designers a lot and it could be really handy to have a wide array of brushes in your design arsenal. Hey, we’re here to help you have some of the best brushes that you need.

Today, we have gathered another collection of brushes for your easy browsing. Below are Lips brushes for Photoshop and can be downloaded for free. Scroll down and check them all out below. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

Lips Kisses Brush Set
lips brush set
These brushes were made in Photoshop CS2.

Lips – Mouth Photoshop Brushes
lips mouth photoshop brushes
This set includes 23 lips brushes in various emotions.

Lips Brush
lips brush photoshop free
This set of free lips brushes were made from Photoshop 7.

Lips and Lashes brushes
lips photoshop brushes free
These brushes were made in Photoshop CS3.

Lip Brushes
lips brushes photoshop free
A set of 11 lips made with Photoshop CS2.

Lip Brushes
lips photoshop brush free
This is a set of 15 lips made with Photoshop CS3.

Kisses brushes
kisses photoshop brushes
This a huge set of 100 brushes made with Photoshop CS.

Lipstick Kisses Brush Set
lipstick kisses brushes photoshop
6 brushes Created in Photoshop Elements 2.

Smily Lips Brushes
smiley lips brushes
A set of 5 smily lips brushes PS7.

lips brushes
lips brushes photoshop
This set includes 12 different lip brushes.

Brushes Lips 01
brushes photoshop lips
This set contains 5 high resolution Lips Brushes suitable for Photoshop CS.

Lips Brushes
lips brushes photoshop free
This set includes half-open lips and kissing lips as well.

Brushes Lips
photoshop brushes lips free
A set of lips brushes in different forms.

brushes lips photoshop
This brush set has a total of 9 lips.

35 Cool Lip Real Brushes
real lip brushes photoshop
This is a set of 35 Real Lip photoshop brushes made in PS7.

14 Cool Real Lip Brushes
real lip brushes
Here is a set of 14 Lip brushes made in Photoshop 7.

Lips And Kisses BRUSHES
lips kisses brushes
A set of 8 lip shaped brushes for Photoshop.

Seductive Lips
seductive lips brushes free
A set of 15 brushes in Photoshop 7.

Kisses Brushes PS6
kisses brushes photoshop
A nice set of lips Photoshop brushes in kissing form.

Kissable Lips
kissable lips brushes
A cool brush of a kissing lips for Photoshop.

Kissed Brush
kissed brush photoshop
Another single brush that you can download for free.

Kisses & Lips Brushes
kisses lips brushes
A nice pack of lips and kisses brushes compatible with Photoshop CS and up.

cute lips brushes
27 lips brushes compatible to Photoshop 7 and later versions.

Lipstick kiss brushes
lipstick kiss brushes
16 brushes of different lipstick kisses created in photoshop cs.

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