Inspired by the 30+ Weirdest Animal Photo Manipulations, I made a list of Photoshop Tutorials for you to learn how to make your own photo manipulation. Here is a 30+ Most Wanted Photo Manipulation Tutorials in Photoshop to help you enhance more techniques on manipulating images. There will be a Part II on this showcase so make sure to watch out for it.

How to Create a Flaming Photo Manipulation


On this tutorial, you’ll manipulate a picture so it looks like a woman burning in flames. The idea behind this manipulation was to create a nice looking illustration, only by using simple techniques and tools such as the Brush tool and Warp command.

Alien Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial


Turn a woman into an alien by combining two photos. This tutorial will teach you several photo manipulation techniques for creating scary photo manipulations.

Landscape photo manipulation


In this tutorial,you will learn how to create your unique wallpapers using photo manipulation.Using some images you’ll learn how to blend in different landscapes creating a surreal effect.

How to Create an Abstract Photo Manipulation


In this tutorial you will learn how to create an abstract photo manipulation that looks like you’ve just painted the subject, This include lots of useful techniques for creating impressive abstract pieces.

Create a dynamic butterfly inspired photo manipulation


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a digital illustration using just stock images, Photoshop and your design skills. This tutorial can get tricky and is a bit long so some good knowledge in Photosop is a plus. If your a beginner, then you will learn some great Photoshop tips and tricks!

How to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation with Twisting Water


In this tutorial, you’re going to create a fantasy photo manipulation mixing different images and learning to use and modify the stock images in a creative way. The idea is to get a compact image that looks absolutely real, and at the same time, absolutely impossible!

Combine Photo Elements to Create a Surreal Photo Manipulation


In this Photoshop tutorial, you will learn how to use a variety of color, lighting, and cut and paste techniques to create a surreal photo manipulation. Combine your creativity with these Photoshop techniques to create your own photo manipulation artworks.

Alien Invasion


In this tutorial, you will learn how to manipulate an alien invasion scene in photoshop.

Blissful Landscape Photo Manipulation Photoshop Tutorial


Create a breath taking scenery by combining two photos and applying several photo effects. When you follow this Photoshop tutorial, you’ll learn masking techniques and several photo effects.

How to Create a Cute Green Apple Photo Manipulation


Here is a tutorial where you will learn how Create a Cute Green Apple by manipulating some photos.

How to Create a Fantasy Photo Manipulation


In this tutorial, you will learn how to work with a few images and create a really interesting photo manipulation.

Create an Explosive Cover with Precise Photo Manipulation Techniques


In this tutorial, you’re going to make a creative illustration in a style meant for a video game cover or sci-fi book cover. you’ll create this with mostly photo manipulation techniques. With some cool Photoshop options you can turn all the photos you chose, into one stunning looking explosive cover.

Design an Epic Fantasy Scene with Photoshop


In this tutorial we are going to create a photo manipulation inspired by Valhalla, one of Mariusz Karasiewicz`s works.

Creating Medusa With Photo Manipulation


This tutorial will teach you how to create the piece ‘Medusa’ using a range of techniques including photo manipulation.

Vibrant Photo Manipulation


A photoshop tutorial on how to use lots of vibrant color to create a slightly abstract photo manipulation using pencils and fruit. you will learn how to use the pen tool effectively and also some freehand brushing which looks good.

Design a Photo Manipulation from Sketch to Color


This tutorial will describe how to make a colorful photo manipulation using only four stock photos and a texture background. You’ll look at using the Pen Tool, making colorful rainbow designs, and showing the correct way to pick out stocks to use in our photo manipulation.

Create a Magical Image using Photo Manipulation


This tutorial will teach you how to use advanced photo manipulation techniques to create a magical landscape.

Surreal Photo Manipulation Of A Dancer In Photoshop

photo manipulation photoshop
Learn how to use Photoshop to create this amazing photo manipulation using several clever techniques such as using the Liquify tool to bend twigs and branches.

Texture Photo Manipulation


Create this photo manipulation using various filters and layer mask techniques.

Making of a Forest Magical Scene


Learn how to create Forest Magical Scene in Photoshop.

Making of a Mythical Encounter


In this tutorial you’ll gonna learn how to create a mythical scene using a photoshop action to make it look like ancient.

Create a High Flying Snowboard Illustration


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a High Flying Snowboard Illustration.

Scared Photo manipulation Tutorial


In this tutorial, you will learn how to create a scary scene photo manipulation in photoshop

How to turn Tom Cruise into an alien


An advance photoshop tutorial where you will turn Tom Cruise into an alien.

How to Design a Dramatic Winged Dragon with Photoshop


In this tutorial you’ll gonna take an image of a baby iguana and another of a bat, then combine the two to create a fantasy dragon.

Photo-Manipulating an Image Into a Realistic Night Scene


This tutorial teach you how to create realistic lighting and the use of the right perspective. You’ll also be changing the purpose of an object and using Adjustment Layers to finish it all up.

Create a Face Shattering Effect


In this tutorial you will learn how to create a face shattering effect photo manipulation in photoshop.

How to Apply Textures to Uneven Surfaces


In this tutorial you will learn how to manipulate an image and make it look like a wood texture skin face.

Creating a Touching Story Scene in Photoshop


In this tutorial, you are going to create a story scene using photo manipulation and a lot of color adjustments.

The Making of Mystic


This tutorial focuses on the big picture steps taken to create this image. You’ll learn some incredible techniques in this tutorial, and get a view into how Nik creates beautiful photo-manipulation based images.

What tutorial do you like the most on this list? feel free to leave your comments below.

Ronald Bien

About the author: A Graphic Designer and the founder of Naldz Graphics. He launched Naldz Graphics to help the Design Community in providing quality design resources and tutorials.


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