1. Um, Seoul Food and Chili Pep look awfully similar… 😉

    Interesting post with some clever ideas though, thanks.

  2. Nice roundup! Particularly love this as my own brand name has the word “Chilli” in it (Rachilli) 🙂

  3. All due respect Marvi, but I need to say it.

    This is the perfect example of where we are going with lists… if there was an award for the dumbest list of the year I think you would win.

    Please, write real good content and forget about lists, you can do it!

  4. @ Antoine Gillot – I disgree with you. I’m 100% sure that there are lists on the web that’s dumbest like this as what you’ve said. And regarding about the list, this post is a visual graphic presentation of a particular logo design/ for inspiration, so why need to write long boring contents? direct to the point is much better.=) I appreciate the feedback though. =)

  5. I agree and disagree with Antoine. This article is interesting and I like it. However, I like to see non-list, high quality articles also.

  6. Sure we will post high quality contents in the future =) thanks for the suggestion:)

  7. Hi Ronald, thanks a lot for your reply.

    Writing lists is much easier, anybody can do it, actually is what all blogs make today. It´s cheap and quick, just need to go to a site like this thelogomix.com or logopong.com and pick some featured logos.

    Writing elaborated good content is time consuming and don´t necesarily needs to be boring and long but I understand not everybody can do it so it´s expensive.

    Maybe the solution is post less but more quality posts.


  8. right!! very interesting list and really high quality content !! i like it too…

  9. @Antoine Gillot

    you care for this site, and that’s very good, but please be remind that this post a showcase of good logos inspired from chili peppers, and they did compile the best from their point of view, they have spent hours to sort it out and pick what’s good and what’s not. visiting site like logopond,thelogomix.com or logopong.com are good too, but still if you search for a particular logo design, this kind of showcase would be very helpful. and as a web designer, we need to find inspiration as fast as we can… 😀

  10. “Seoul Food”/”Chili Pep” and “Hot Bolt” are the best blend of creativity, recognition, and retention, in my opinion. They are bold and simple without lacking artistry.

  11. Hate to say this, but I don’t see the value of this post. If anyone wants “inspiration” they can go to LogoPond.com directly.

    Just my opinion, but I think your time is better spent creating content, versus just grabbing some logos and hoping for pageviews.

  12. Nice design and nice ideas they are what they are they do the job there intended what more do they need to do. People look to much into things sometimes.

  13. hi nalds,

    we’ve been friends on facebook for about several weeks and this is my first time to comment on your blog. Simple things to say, i like your blog. Very inspiring and helpful and i wish i could do the same dedication as yours. 🙂 Keep it up friend.

    warm regards,

    ven francis
    web ninja wannabe

  14. Hello Antoine Gillot – Yes but I think it will be easier like if you’re looking a particular concept in 1 list:) saves time =) but I respect your opinion and thanks for the concern btw 😀

    @Ven – thanks for the visit bro. Hope to see you more often 🙂

  15. I really like the chameleon. Looks really cool. I reckon thats the next tat.

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