Inspiration is one thing a designer will need if he is aiming for a design that will make a great mark to its clients. Good thing in today’s technology is that we can have a great access to it though the internet. We can find a lot of designs from other great designers that can give us some unique insights and the inspiration you need. The drawback is that it may take more time than you intend to spend just to look for the right design that will kickstart your imagination – that’s when we come in to your service.

Today we have yet another compilation that can help you get the ideas and inspiration you need to start your creative process.

If you have a design project that involves a nautical theme, then we have something to give you.

We have gathered some of the best Anchor Logo Designs for you to see.

Scroll down and check them all out below. Who knows, maybe one of these featured designs will be the key to break your creative block. Come, take a peek, and enjoy!


This logo was made for a local brewery company. The history of this design is about the interaction between fisherman and wild dolphins.
brewery anchor logo

The Net 2

The Net 2 comes up with a logo that incorporates a nautical theme. It has an anchor and a typography in the middle encircled by a rope.
anchor logo design

PHP Rotterdam

Here is a logo based in the harbor city Rotterdam. Its design basically has a P that also looks like an R with the clever placement of the anchor.
nautical logo designs

Ben & Billy

This next logo design is used for the branding of the company Ben & Bill. The Anchor is used as an alternate to the ampersand.
branding logo

Cruise Night

Cruise Night has an added ribbon element to the nautical anchor theme.
ribbon anchor deisgn

Edwards Bros Southern Clothing

This Logo is created for a clothing brand named Edward Bros. It has an anchor and 2 flags that holds the letters of the company.
clothing anchor logos

Captain A

Here is a flat logo design that also incorporates an anchor and a ribbon that holds the typography.
flat logo design


This logo was created for a party cruise. It utilizes an anchor that is mixed with a fork holding a hotdog. It is then encircled by a “lifebuoy”.
anchor food logo

ROKN New Media Team

This one is in minimal design that still perfectly represents the sea.
minimal design


This is great for a maritime consultancy group/agency.
maritime logo


Here is a logo for a ship trading company. It is an anchor with the arrows representing trade.
creative anchor logo design

Providence Roller Derby

This logo is a rebrand concept for Providence Roller Derby.
nautical design

Pen Y Graig

This anchor logo is creatively designed to also look like a ship.
blue logos

Dunmore East Harbour

This one uses some negative space which adds to its appeal.
harbor design


Ache’s logo has a design that combines the anchor, compass, and a hat.
anchor compass

Anchor Trust

Here we have a logo that is used for an insurance agency. The design attempts to show integrity and professionalism.
wave logo

Hama Noma Food Truck

A logo made for Hama Noma, a beach side food truck in Panama City Florida.
food anchor logo

Mediterranean Cruise

This logo was created for a sponsorship excursion to the Mediterranean.
cruise logo


Here is another example of an anchor logo that is creatively designed to look like a ship.
ship logo


This next feature is created for a restaurant or any food store that has a nautical theme.
boathouse design

Mr Sailor Cafe

For our last feature on the list, we have a fun and creative logo of an anchor turned into a face; created for a café with a sailor theme.
cafe  anchor logo

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