33 Premium Retro and Vintage Text Graphic Style for Illustrator

This is a beautiful collection of handpicked text graphic styles with vintage and retro designs for Illustrator.

Adobe Illustrator is one of the tools loved by many designers. It has a lot of powerful features that make design processes easier and a lot faster. One of these features is graphic style, which can bring wonders to designers’ projects in instant.

Graphic styles allow designers to swiftly change the look of texts and shapes with just one click.

This retro and vintage text styles gives you a quick & easy way to apply high quality, old-style design to your text at an affordable price. Scroll down and check out the collection below. Come, take a peek, and choose your pick.

1. Vintage Text Styles Bundle

This first feature gives you four styles for a fraction of their price. It includes vintage & retro, circus text, black&white, and engraved vector text styles. The patterns are includes as well and they can be used separately.
vintage text illustrator
See Vintage Text Styles Bundle Preview

2. Vintage and Retro Style

The AI file comes with 10 various text styles and 10 backgrounds AI files as well. They are compatible to Adobe Illustrator CS3 and later versions.
bundle vintage texts
See Vintage and Retro Style Preview

3. Retro Vintage Text Styles

This Retro text styles also come in 10 designs that can be great for posters, flyers, typography, website banners, magazines, and more.
premium illustrator styles
See Retro Vintage Text Styles Preview

4. Retro Neon

It comes in 1 AI file with 10 styles for Adobe Illustrator CS5 and later versions. It comes with help file for assistance in using them.
retro style texts
See Retro Neon Preview

5. 1980s Graphic

Time travel your design back to 1980 with these 15 text styles that are compatible to Illustrator CS5 to later versions.
80s style illustrator
See 1980s Graphic Preview

6. Pop Art

This pack contains AI and EPS files with a help file to help you use these 6 styles.
comics text design
See Pop Art Preview

7. Retrohat

Retrotype is a set that contains 26 Graphic Style for Adobe Illustrator that enable you to instantly add retro text effects to your vector designs. They comes in AI and EPS formats.
graphic styles premium
See Retrohat Preview

8. V12

This is a pack of 10 different vintage and retro graphic styles that are suitable for web designs, posters, typography, and other graphic designs.
pack illustrator styles
See V12 Preview

9. Geometric Triangle

This set offers geometric effects that will definitely add eye-catching assets to your texts. It comprises 30 styles to choose from that are compatible to CS5 and later versions.
geometric text effects
See Geometric Triangle Preview

10. V9

This is a pack of 10 different vintage and retro graphic style for Adobe Illustrator. You can apply these styles to your text/artwork with just one click.
vintage retro texts
See V9 Preview

11. Retro Vintage Text Effects

The main file contains 10 styles for text and 5 styles for background for a total of 15 graphic styles.
illustrator graphic styles
See Retro Vintage Text Effects Preview

12. Stitch Effect

If you love a stitch effect to your texts, then this premium is perfect for you. It also includes 60 PNG files in 2000x2000px.
alphabet graphic effects
See Stitch Effect Preview

13. V8

This pack contains 11 AI files, 10 JPG files, and a PDF file with documentation on how to use these styles.
beautiful retro styles
See V8 Preview

14. Text Illustrator Styles

This pack will give you a total of 20 vintage text effects with 7 vector patterns in AI format.
text illustrator styles
See Text Illustrator Styles Preview

15. Halftone

Easily mimic the look of misaligned, off-set print with these retro styles.
retro style typography
See Halftone Preview

16. Vintage & Retro Style

Here are 8 high quality vector styles for Illustrator CC.
illustrator effects premium
See Vintage & Retro Style Preview

17. Vintage and Retro Styles

This Bundle contains 50 Retro-Vintage Styles that can be easily applied to your design through Adobe Illustrator.
cartoon vintage effect
See Vintage and Retro Styles Preview

18. Retro Vector Graphic Styles

Here we have a set of 5 clean retro text styles in AI for Illustrator CS3 and EPS10 files.
vector retro styles
See Retro Vector Graphic Styles Preview

19. V10

This pack includes 11 AI files of these beautiful retro styles and a help file as well.
vector styles design
See V10 Preview

20. V6

These styles are suitable for poster, typography, web, banner, illustration or your next project.
grunge text effects
See V6 Preview

21. Vol 2.0

This set has 8 styles that you can use for design projects. It includes 1 AI file that contains the 8 text effects and a help file for instructions.
retro style illustrator
See Vol 2.0 Preview

22. Vintage & Retro Text Styles

These 12 styles are easy to customize and can be used for text as well as vector images. It also comes with 40 patterns and instructions on how to use them.
customizable text effects
See Vintage & Retro Text Styles Preview

23. V11

This pack carries 10 various vintage and retro text styles that can be used for any graphic, web, and app designs.
retro typography designs
See V11 Preview

24. Vintage Movie Style

This set offers 9 movie-inspired vintage styles with vector quality. It is compatible to Adobe Illustrator CC and later versions.
movie vintage designs
See Vintage Movie Style Preview

25. V4

This pack holds 10 styles that can be applied to texts and vector shapes. It also has 10 backgrounds that you can add to your designs.
vector illustrator presets
See V4 Preview

26. Retro graphic styles

This pack will get you 28 styles plus seamless patterns that you can apply on your projects through Adobe Illustrator CS6 and later versions.
awesome pack illustrator
See Retro graphic styles Preview

27. V7

This next feature also gives 10 stylish effects with various textures that can add some kick to your design.
full vector premiums
See V7 Preview

28. Retro Text Effects

The main file contains 10 graphic styles for text that are very easy to apply, just one click away.
illustrator text effects
See Retro Text Effects Preview

29. Vintage and Retro Styles

These set gives 10 various styles that are applicable for texts and shapes. It also comes with 10 bonus seamless backgrounds that you can also use for your designs.
retro effects styles
See Vintage and Retro Styles Preview

30. Retro Megapack

This next feature offers 20 text styles and 20 background styles for a total of 40 styles for you to use for your design projects.
pack styles background
See Retro Megapack Preview

31. Vintage and Retro Styles #2

Here is a huge pack that contains 50 various graphic styles with vintage/retro designs.
grunge retro texts
See Vintage and Retro Styles #2 Preview

32. Black and White

This pack will definitely give your designs an old-fashioned, classic look with ease.
greyscale vintage styles
See Black and White Preview

33. V2

This last pack of the list contains 2 AI files and an EPS file that holds 10 well-designed styles.
text vintage presets
See V2 Preview

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