50 Well-Designed Business WordPress Themes


Internet has been one of the most frequently used media today. With more or less billion users around the world, it may also be considered as one of the biggest markets around. For this fact, it will be a big advantage to make your own business website that will showcase your products to the whole world. But then again, in order to optimize your business website, it is always superior to have a good design layout for your website. With this matter, wordpress theme would be a good option to start with.

Premium wordpress themes are considered the most prominent and trusted CMS themes today. For a reasonable cost, you are insured of a theme with beautiful designs, amazing features, and better customer support than a free wordpress theme. A website which comprises these following elements is likely to attract more viewers/visitors and may result to a higher sale. Now that’s a sensible capital to invest on.

In our next post, we will showcase 50 Well-Designed Business WordPress Themes. In here we have collected some of the finest Business wordpress themes that will surely enhance your website. This collection comprises a variety of design for you to choose your best choice.

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Business WordPress Themes

Elegant Estate

Elegant estate business wordpress

• Shortcodes collection.
• Five unique color schemes.
• Advertising management.
• Support and updates.

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Estore wordpress theme

• Opera compatible.
• Threaded Comments.
• Custom thumbnail images.
• Netscape compatible

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Myapp wordpress theme

• Optional Blog-style Structure.
• PSD files.
• Safari compatible.
• Gravatar ready

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Myproduct wordpress theme

• Theme Options Page.
• WordPress 3.0 compatible.
• Firefox compatible.
• Custom thumbnail images

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TheCorporation wordpress themes

• five unique color schemes .
• optional blog-style structure.
• automated thumbnail resizing .
• advertising management

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Ebusiness wordpress themes

• advertising management.
• ePanel theme options .
• shortcodes collection .
• support and updates

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Unite wordress theme

• 5 pre-made skins.
• Compatibility (IE 6, IE 7 , IE 8 , Firefox, Opera, Safari, Chrome).
• Portfolio with themed preview windows.
• Superfish Dropdown Menu

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Minibuzz wordpress theme

• Unlimited Color, easy to change color in theme options.
• jQuery Fancy Transition.
• Cross Browser Compatible.
• Well Documented

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Bluelight WordPress

Bluelight WordPress theme

• Installation Screencast!.
• Quick Change Color Schemes.
• jQuery Fading Slider.
• Easy Portfolio Management

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Vulcan wordpress theme

• Jquery Image Slideshow with different stage style for each slideshow.
• 6 Custom Page templates.
• 8 Widget Places.
• Poweful Admin Theme Options

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Vilisya wordpress themes

• 6 Theme Color Scheme.
• Dynamic Sidebar Widget Creation.
• Custom Vilisya Widgets.
• Cross Browser Compatible

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Vivee wordpress theme

• 7 Color Options.
• Auto Image Resizing with New Post Thumbnail.
• jQuery Cycle.
• WordPress 3.0 Menu Manager

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RT-Theme 6

RT-Theme 6 wordpress theme

• 7 Widget Areas.
• Add/Edit Your Products via WordPress Admin.
• Supports unlimited box on homepage with different variations.
• WP3 Menus

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Portfolius #12

Portfolius #12 wordpress theme

• Unlimited Number of Featured Pages.
• Customizable Style.
• Promo Section.
• Mini Features

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Universe wordpress theme

• 3 Custom Category templates.
• Portfolio page templates with Pop up Lightbox.
• 12 Custom Widgets.
• Poweful Admin Theme Options

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Memex Business WordPress Template

Memex Business WordPress Template theme

• Change the 10 themes.
• Search Engine Friendly.
• Homepage Styles Services 1 on homepage and 1 in services page without images.
• TimThumb for automatic thumbnail generation

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Maxi wordpress theme

• 11 skins available.
• Support The new WordPress 3.0 menu.
• Recent, Popular posts widget.
• Full width page and normal right side bar page style.

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Distinct wordpress theme

• 7 page templates.
• Cool AJAX Portfolio that loads different projects without page reload.
• Automatic image resizing and WordPress post thumbnails.
• Easily customizable modular design thanks to custom theme options page

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Birghtster wodpress theme

• Unlimited Color Options.
• 6 Page Templates.
• jQuery s3Slider.
• Multi Level Dropdown Menu

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Black Box

Black Box wordpress theme

• 7 Color Options.
• Cross Browser Compatible.
• Auto Image Resizing with New Post Thumbnail.
• 7 Sidebar Position

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Advanix wordpress theme

• New Custom Post Type for Slider.
• 5 Page Templates.
• Option to use lightbox when clicking portfolio item.
• Cross Browser Compatible

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Enterprise wordpress theme

• HTML5.
• jQuery Cycle.
• Multi Level Dropdown Menu.
• Auto Image Resizing with New Post Thumbnail

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PixelBlob  wordress theme

• 7 Color Variations.
• jQuery Cycle.
• Contact Page that compatible with Easy Contact plugin.
• Cufon font replacement

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Doubtfire Modern Business WordPress Theme

Doubtfire Modern Business WordPress Theme

• 50+ Custom options for extreme customization.
• Page Template: Full width.
• Two Category/Search Templates, one or two columns.
• Short-codes for columns and boxed content which work on all page templates

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Prosto wordpress theme

• Unlimited sidebars.
• Unlimited portfolios.
• WP3 menu support.
• JQuery animated drop down menu

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Display wordpress theme

• Multiple Page templates.
• Huge admin area to customize the theme from your WordPress backend.
• Extensive Documentation Included.
• jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off

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Showtime wordpress theme

• 6 Slider Types.
• Gallery and Gallery Fullwidth Page Templates.
• Classic and Fullwidth Page Templates.
• Unlimited Levels in Dropdown Menu

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Sensation wordpress theme

• 14 Unique Page Templates.
• Powerful Easy-to-Use Admin Panel.
• Many JQuery Enhancements.
• Custom Shortcodes and Widgets

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Traject wordpress theme

• 8 pre-made skins.
• Unlimited Blogs.
• Unlimited Portfolios.
• Custom Logo Placement

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RT-Theme 9

RT-Theme 9 wordpress theme

• Amazing Sidebar Tool.
• Widgetized Sliders.
• Many backend options.
• Product Showcase with tabbed product details

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Avisio wordpress theme

• Automatic content installation for a fast and easy setup.
• Style switching with color picker and multiple layout and font options.
• Slideshow & portfolio custom post types.
• Unique Portfolio Sorting/Filtering with a custom jQuery script

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Europa wordpress theme

• XHTML Strict 1.0 and CSS 3, table-less layouts, 960 Grid System.
• Reliable and simple contact form.
• Code optimized for getting the top results in the Search Engines.
• Portfoilio functional even without javascrpit

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Simple Business

Simple Business wordpress themes

• Special iPhone Version.
• 5 Home Page Layouts.
• 8 jQuery Sliders.
• Advanced Options Page to change pretty much anything

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NextElement wordpress theme

• 54 usefull shortcodes.
• Unlimited Featured Pages.
• 8 custom & multipliable widgets.
• 4 templates for Portfolio category

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Good Business

Good Business wordpress theme

• 6 Color Schemes.
• Huge Tabbed Admin Area.
• Tested and working in all major browsers.
• Extensive Documentation Included

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Webworker 2.0

Webworker 2.0 wordpress theme

• 10 Color Variants.
• Working Contact Form: With JS Validation.
• Unique Portfolio Sorting/Filtering with a custom jQuery script.
• Dropdwon Menu, improved with jQuery

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Elegance wordpress theme

• New Menu Manager.
• Option to use lightbox when clicking portfolio item.
• Contact Page that compatible with Easy Contact plugin.
• Multi Level Dropdown Menu

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RT-Theme 11

RT-Theme 11 wordpress theme

• 10 color options.
• Custom Shortcodes.
• Supports slider on product categories.
• Tabbed Single Product Page, 6 tabs capacity

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RT-Theme 10

RT-Theme 10 wordpress theme

• Custom Product Posts.
• Custom Shortcodes.
• Supports unlimited box on homepage with different variations.
• jQuery Improved

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CleanCut  wordpress theme

• Automatic content installation for a fast and easy setup, can be activated optionally.
• jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off.
• Sleek Image preloader.
• Slideshow, portfolio and testimonial custom post types (new WordPress3 feature)

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Eunice wordpress theme

• 10 Additional Page Templates.
• 960 Grid System.
• Animated portfolio with category filtering.
• 40+ custom easy to use Shortcodes

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Twicet Business & Portfolio

Twicet Business & Portfolio wordpress theme

• Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design.
• jQuery 100% unobtrusive wich degrades gracefully if javascript is turned off.
• Gallery Page with lightbox.
• MANY Backend options to customize the Theme

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Levitation WordPress Business & Portfolio

Levitation WordPress Business & Portfolio theme

• Valid XHTM Strict1.0 and CSS 2 .1, tableless Design.
• Multiple Page templates.
• 2 different Portfolio/Item slider, supporting unlimited items.
• Font Replacement for headlines with cufon

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Tesla wordpress theme

• 11 Pre-made background patterns.
• 29 style shortcodes + lots of layout shortcodes .
• Unlimited Blog – main blog and sub-blog.
• WordPress UI based admin options

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Sprout wordpress theme

• 3 Home Page Layout.
• 6 Color styles.
• Multiple admin options.
• Full width pages

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Asylum wordpress theme

• 7 preset color schemes.
• Many shortcodes.
• Display multimedia content with prettyPhoto.
• Unlimited colors for background and links

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Explicit wordpress theme

• 6 Additional Page Templates.
• 30+ custom easy to use Shortcodes.
• Contact Form Widget with ALL possible fields.
• 8 Custom Fonts to Choose From

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Across wordpress theme

• Unlimited sidebar placement.
• SHORTCODES (unlimited color boxes and buttons).
• Support image and video for portfolio item, flexible size.
• Powefull admin option and custom fields

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Pang wordpress theme

• 3 Homepage featured content slider styles.
• 7 Cufon fonts with font switcher in admin panel.
• Ready made pages.
• Dynamic sidebar. Create and select sidebar for each of your page

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wpPrecious wordpress theme

• Visual style editor with more than a lot of options for uploading backgrounds, changing fonts, sizes, colors, borders, paddings and many more.
• Upload and tweak logo position directly from the theme admin.
• Nivo slider with slides generator in the theme admin.
• Embed post videos directly from the custom post meta boxes

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